Customers Should Immediately Stop Using OmvedTherapies Baby Pillows, According the CSPC 

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Baby sleep safety has always been a topic of concern, and news of recalls or warnings of products can be unsettling for parents. 

This morning, customers that have purchased the OmvedTherapies baby pillow for their infants were warned in a press release that the pillows pose suffocation risks to babies. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) stated, “stop using the infant pillows immediately, separate the pillowcase and pillow, and dispose of the pillowcase and pillow, as well as the lavender and mustard seed contents.” (1)

If you’re not sure if this is a pillow that you’ve purchased, the product can be distinguished by its light gray pillowcase and bright yellow zipper marked with the Omved logo on its corner. This logo is best described as a large circle with a smaller circle directly above it. And, the pillow comes in two sizes, with measurements of 7.5 inches by 9.8 inches and 7.9 inches by 13.8 inches for the small and large pillows, respectively. (1)

Though the CSPC stated that this product violates the infant pillow ban, the manufacturer has not recalled the infant pillows, which were sold on Amazon and the Omved Website under the name “Baby’s First Pillow” — and could have been purchased individually or as part of a bundled set. 

Customers should note that the Omved website says that this pillow is safe for newborns and to stop use when your baby is old enough to roll on its stomach. That said, this pillow checks every box of the infant pillow ban. For reference, the ban says that pillows cannot have a “flexible fabric covering”; cannot have a loose filling of “granular material”; cannot be “easily flattened” nor “capable of conforming to the body or face of an infant”; and may not be “intended or promoted for use by children under one year of age.” (2)  

If you currently have an infant pillow that meets this criteria, it’s a good idea to stop using it as it could pose a threat to your baby. And, it may be helpful to read up on these infant sleep safety tips, as recommended by Safe to Sleep

Baby Sleep Safety Tips That Parents Should Know

In addition to helping your baby get adequate, healthy sleep, it’s crucial that parents are aware of safe sleep practices that can help to reduce the risk of infant injury and death. 

Tragically, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) causes 3,400 infant deaths each year in the United States, and 27 percent of these deaths are caused by accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed, according to the CDC. (3

Safe to Sleep suggests that parents keep their infant’s sleep environment flat, firm, and level. While it may be tempting to place your baby’s favorite stuffed toy or blanket in their crib, Safe to Sleep warns that any items in the crib, aside from a fitted sheet, can pose a risk to your baby. (4) This helps to explain why the pillow described above is dangerous for infants. 

Any product recall can be nerve wracking for parents, especially when it poses a significant risk to their little one’s health. The Consumer Product Safety Commission announces product recalls and warnings on their website which may be helpful, and it is always a good idea to discuss infant sleep safety with your pediatrician to address product and environment safety concerns.


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