Hatch Is Launching “Dog Channels” to Help Relax Your Four-Legged Friends: What to Know

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These days, it seems like everyone is dying to get their hands on a Hatch alarm. On June 27, the Hatch craze has finally come for your pets. Believe it or not, Hatch has launched Dog Channels on its adult Restore devices. These new Dog Channels are aimed at calming dogs down, which can be particularly helpful during fireworks shows, thunder storms and other events that can cause some anxiety in dogs. 

According to Hatch, Dog Channels will feature “a curated collection of vet-backed sound and light pairings” to help soothe your dog if it’s experiencing a period of increased anxiety. The new feature will launched, June 27. Dog Channels arrive just in time for the Fourth of July, which can be a stressful night for your pups. 

Hatch’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Pallotta, told Sleepopolis that, “over the past few years, we’ve seen a ton of Hatch customers posting on social and talking about how well our devices and sleep sounds work on their pups”. This engagement prompted Hatch to create “an official science and vet-backed content channel to support our customers’ furry family members.” (1)

How Can Hatch’s Dog Channels Help Calm My Dog? 

If you have an anxious pet, you might already be familiar with several popular approaches calming your pets. These remedies might include pet-safe CBD, compression vests, or even prescription medication. It might surprise you to learn that pets can receive some of the same benefits that people do from sound and light machines.

Dr. Molly Brinkmann, DVM, told Sleepopolis that, “There is ample research that shows music/sound therapy is beneficial for humans with anxiety and now growing evidence that soothing sounds can also have a calming effect on dogs.” Brinkmann continued “Studies show that sounds with pure tones and regular rhythms as well as tempo that mimics a dog’s resting heart rate may keep dogs quieter and calmer which may be especially beneficial during times of stress.” (2)

Like any anxiety intervention, Hatch’s Dog Channels won’t be a silver bullet for your pet’s anxiety, instead, Brinkmann says the new feature is “a great addition to the toolbox pet parents have to help calm their pets who struggle with anxiety in response to fireworks, separation from their owners and other times of stress.” (2)

How Can I Use The “Dog Channels” Feature on My Hatch Alarm? 

Starting on June 27th, users who are subscribed to Hatch+ will be able to access the Dog Channels on their Restore. Users will be able to search for the Dog Channels on their Hatch app. For those who aren’t familiar, Hatch+ is Hatch’s subscription-based library that gives consumers access to other Wind Down channels, meditations, stories, music, and other features.

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