Customers Are Complaining About Oura Ring Shipping Delays

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Oura Ring in Box

When you purchase something as exciting as a shiny new Oura ring, you might be tempted to check your order status on repeat until it arrives at your front doorstep. With that in mind, you might expect that Oura ring customers are pretty upset about recent Amazon shipping delays.

Customers have taken to Reddit, spewing their frustration with unexpectedly long waits for their new wearable sleep trackers.

Oura Ring Customers Take to Reddit

We dared to enter the Reddit thread dedicated to the delays, and found 78 comments on the initial post, which said that Oura just started selling on Amazon with same day delivery and a cheaper warranty than the brand site. (1) This same day delivery piece seems to be a bit of a stretch, according to the Reddit thread. 

One user (PhillipTheGirlNickel) replied saying, “I ordered my ring on 2/8 and at that time the wait was 7-14 days. A day after 3 weeks, I emailed them telling them to cancel my order. Later that day I got my shipping confirmation.” (1

Another Reddit user (sun_set22) said, “I’m so aggravated by this. I just hit three weeks of waiting on my gold size 7 heritage that I ordered on 2/15 with no updates from Oura or responses to my inquiries — but Amazon has it in stock and can get it to me Saturday?” (1

It’s safe to say that people are pretty upset, which speaks to the rise in popularity of the sleek sleep tracker this year.

What’s Oura Doing About It? 

These comments caught the attention of the health tracker company, to the extent that CEO Tom Hale, addressed the shipping issues on the Oura site. “The last few months have been extraordinary and unexpected for us. The demand for Oura Ring is higher than we anticipated, and it’s taking time for us to catch up,” explained Hale.  (2)

“I want to assure you that we have been working around the clock to build more inventory to get your ring packed and shipped,” Hale added in the announcement. (2)

The Oura CEO also noted that their work to meet the consumer demand for their rings won’t impact quality, easing the concerns of customers that are looking for accurate and reliable sleep and health data; “Rest assured, we are building and shipping as quickly as possible while upholding our strict quality standards, and we are directly addressing longer delays.” (1) 

What Is the Oura Ring, Anyway?

People are making a big fuss about this because the Oura Ring has some pretty exciting features. The lightweight ring tracks multiple sleep variables, including sleep duration and sleep stages, and gives users a “readiness score,” giving insight on their recovery. 

With the steep price tag, it’s understandable that customers want the gadget on their hands as soon as possible. 

It sounds like the health ring manufacturer is on top of the delays, hopefully meaning shipments and sleep will be back on track soon.


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