Viral TikTok Puts Sleeping in Jeans in the Spotlight – What’s All The Fuss?

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Some of us enjoy slugging before bed, while others like sleeping naked. But, TikTokker Julia Crist has other ideas about her bedtime routine. She sleeps in jeans – *gasp*.

Crist, known as @juliakcrist on TikTok, posted a video back in September 2021  captioned, “Can’t believe I’m exposing myself like this,” before revealing her big secret. The video has since resurfaced, and well, as often happens on the Internet, it’s now gone viral, with people weighing in from all over on whether sleeping with jeans is a “thing” or not. This is “criminal,” one user commented, with another saying “Illegal,” and one more typing, “[Okay] that’s just- terrifying.” It seems that many feel quite strongly about snoozing in denim.

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Why is Sleeping in Jeans Bad? 

So what’s the big deal? Well, SmartSleepingTips states that it’s fine if you’re comfortable, but there could also be some downsides. 

  • They could make you too hot while you sleep, leading to skin irritation, chafing, or sweating
  • They also warn that due to the structure of the garments, you may also wake up in the middle of the night because many pairs lack stretch and the ability to allow you to extend your body.
  • Finally, there is also a risk for slowing down blood circulation, which can happen with jeans that are tight around the waist.

Alyssa Dweck, a New York-based gynecologist, also told Metro her take on the sleeping in jeans debate for women. She actually advises that patients sleep without underwear and warned that if that area, “is constantly covered – especially by a fabric that’s not moisture-wicking or absorbent – moisture collects, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria or yeast.” 

She also stated that jeans could exacerbate infections from ingrown hairs. She suggests pants for bedtime that are a little roomier and even advocates for breaking out the “granny panties.”

Sleepopolis Alternatives for Sleeping in Jeans

While sleeping in jeans is a personal preference (you do you, girl!) and a controversial topic online, we would like to offer some alternatives for sleepwear.

  • If jeans are too hot for you, try the new thermally efficient line of sleepwear and bedding by LifeLabs.
  • If you’re an athlete who needs comfort and stretch, check out our picks for the best recovery pajamas.
  • And if you’re not sure what materials are best to sleep in, see what science has to say.

We reached out to Julia Crist for comment but have not yet received a response. 

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Carley Prendergast

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