Sleepgram Pillow Review

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If you’re a combo sleeper, you might find that you need several pillows offering different levels of firmness so that, no matter which position you land in, you’ll be properly supported. The Sleepgram pillow is a customizable pillow wherein sleepers can enjoy either soft, medium, or medium-firm levels of support depending on how you arrange the inner pillows (yes, there are pillows inside this pillow). It’s like having three pillows in one!

In this Sleepgram Pillow review, I’m going to thoroughly test the feel and support of this pillow from every level of firmness. Will this pillow be the answer combo sleepers have been dreaming of? There’s only one way to find out! No time to read the full review? Click here to click to the review summary!

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Sleepgram Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow

With three different firmness levels, this customizable pillow is great for combo sleepers. Take 10% off your entire Sleepgram order!


The cover fabric of this pillow is made from 100% cotton, and it feels super soft and light. A zipper spans the side of the pillow allowing sleepers to easily remove the cover when it’s time to be washed.

Inside the cover are two separate pillows covered in 100% polyester and filled with a fluffy down-alternative called poly microfiber. These inner pillows are labeled with a blue marker, and a red marker, denoting soft and medium firmnesses respectively. This allows the sleeper to mix and match pillow configurations in order to customize firmness.

Sleepgram pillow review
The Sleepgram pillow

Leave only the blue pillow in for soft firmness, only the red pillow in for medium, and leave both in for medium-firm.

The SleepGram pillow was designed so that folks can adjust their pillow according to the firmness they need for their preferred position, so that sleepers of all styles can enjoy a comfy night’s rest.

Sleepgram pillow fill
The inserts for the Sleepgram


The light, cotton cover fabric feels soft to the touch and cozy against your skin. The feel and support of the Sleepgram changes according to how you customize it, offering a range of soft to medium-firm levels of support.

The soft (blue) level of support was markedly squishy and flat. It’s designed for sleepers who like a very malleable, thin, super soft pillow. Stomach sleepers might especially benefit from the blue level of support as they need a softer, flatter pillow to help keep healthy posture when in the prone position. When the Sleepgram pillow has only the blue pillow inside, it’s at its most foldable.

When using only the medium (red) level of support, the Sleepgram feels fluffier and has a bit more loft. Still, the support feels on the softer side of medium and it’s still very easy to shape, fold, and flatten. Back sleepers might be the most compatible with this combination as it offers cushy pressure relief, but is not so firm that it elevates the head.

Holding the Sleepgram pillow
Checking out the inserts for the Sleepgram pillow

The medium firmness level of the red-only configuration is very fluffable and possibly the most versatile as it offers comfortable pressure relief and posture support for back sleepers (who don’t need lofty, firm support) and stomach sleepers as well.

The combination of both red and blue pillows offers the firmest level of support — medium-firm. This combo provides the loftiest, fluffiest build that the Sleepgram has to offer. By mixing the soft and medium pillows, the Sleepgram becomes more supportive and less shapeable. The fluffy poly microfiber still offers a nice sink into the pillow, but it no longer feels so soft and malleable.

Side sleepers who need a firmer, more lofty pillow might be best suited to the medium-firm support offered by the red and blue configuration. The balance between soft and medium builds a nice cozy pillow that provides that fluffy cloud-like comfort that both back and side sleepers can enjoy.

Holding the Sleepgram pillow filling
Both inserts of the Sleepgram pillow


Take 10% off your order!
Sleepgram Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow

With three different firmness levels, this customizable pillow is great for combo sleepers. Take 10% off your entire Sleepgram order!

Right off the bat, I found the concept of the Sleepgram to be really cool. Stuffing pillows inside a pillow is as nifty as it is resourceful — it’s kind of like the Inception of pillows. When my Sleepgram arrived, I noticed it came with an ever-so-charming pamphlet that illustrated all the fun ways in which I can customize and clean the Sleepgram. I thought this level of extra care was a really nice touch.


I began testing this pillow with only the blue in for soft firmness. I knew it was going to be soft, but this setting was very soft. I started in the supine position, and my head nearly sunk right to the bottom of the pillow to rest upon the mattress — and you know what? I didn’t hate it! The fluffy down-alternative offered a thin layer of cushion so that my head was propped up just enough to keep it off the mattress, and my posture in healthy alignment.

Some folks might find this setting to be too soft for anything but stomach sleeping, but if you’re someone who likes a softer pillow in general, you might find this to be pretty cozy for back sleeping too. When I rolled onto my side, however, the soft, squishy support sank under the weight of my head, and provided no pressure relief for my shoulder.

I’ll be honest: I spent little time testing the soft blue pillow in the lateral position as it was immediately uncomfortable. Side sleepers need that extra firmness and loft in order to relieve pressure in their shoulders and keep their spine in alignment. None of this happened with this particular firmness level when I was on my side, so I quickly moved to my stomach.

Ahh, now we’re talkin’! As I suspected, the soft blue felt best in the prone position. The cover fabric felt nice and soft against my cheek, and the thin, squishy poly microfiber offered the right level of support for this position. I didn’t feel like my neck was craned in any way, but I still felt comfortably cradled.

Stomach sleeping on the Sleepgram pillow
Lying on my stomach on the Sleepgram
Take 10% off your order!
Sleepgram Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow

With three different firmness levels, this customizable pillow is great for combo sleepers. Take 10% off your entire Sleepgram order!


To test this pillow with medium firmness, I took the blue pillow out and put the red one in. Right away, I marked how the Sleepgram got loftier and fluffier. It still felt soft and shapeable, but definitely had that extra bit of support that, in my opinion, made this level the most versatile. My posture wasn’t thrown out of alignment in any position, and I found its foldable nature to be useful in molding the loft to my liking.

In the supine position, I could feel the fluffy down-alternative softly conforming to my head and neck and allowing a nice little sink into the pillow. I felt supported, and the medium firmness allowed me to turn my head from side to side with considerable ease. I did notice that I wasn’t really feeling that cool breathability that I’ve felt with some pillows, and the Sleepgram did seem to trap a little bit of heat.

Moving onto my side felt better than it did with the blue, but still, I need a little more support for lateral sleeping. Since the red pillow has a nice shapeability to it, I was able to bunch and fold it in a way that offered me the lofty support that I need when laying on my side. Once I propped myself up a bit, my posture realigned and I felt pretty comfortable using the red-only configuration for this position.

Using this pillow for stomach sleeping didn’t feel very comfortable at first. However, I was able to flatten and shift the fill in such a way as to make the pillow thin enough. That’s the nice thing about this malleable material — with the right effort, it’s pretty easy to achieve the loft you need for each position. Because the medium firmness does provide a bit more loft, stomach sleepers should definitely test this pillow out first just to be sure it’s not going to elevate your neck in an awkward way. Every body is different, after all!

Side sleeping on the Sleepgram pillow
Lying on the Sleepgram


Stuffing both the red and blue pillows into the Sleepgram made this pillow much more lofty and fluffy — I could barely close the zipper! I knew I had finally found the combo best suited to side sleeping, so I began testing it in the lateral position.

Sure enough, the loft and support was just what I needed for side sleeping. I could feel that nice pressure relief for my neck and shoulder that I was missing in the red and blue combinations, and I felt totally supported. My posture felt in neutral alignment, and I was still able to squeeze an arm beneath the underside of the pillow without adding too much extra height.

Rolling onto my back, I felt almost a little too propped up. I needed to really pull the pillow under me so that my shoulders were resting on the bottom, or else my head was just a tad bit elevated. Folks who prefer a more firmly supportive pillow might exclusively stick to the red and blue medium-firm support as it’s quite a bit more supportive than its softer counterparts.

Lying in the supine position felt comfortable, but I prefered the other pillow combos for this position as they are a bit softer and more shapeable. I never felt uncomfortable using the red/blue combo for back sleeping; it really comes down to a matter of preference.

I found stomach sleeping to be the least comfortable position for this firmness level. The loft is quite high and much less foldable than the other levels of support, and it put my head right out of alignment with my neck as soon as I laid down. I didn’t test this position for too long as it doesn’t take much time for your neck to ache when you force it into an awkward angle.

Back sleeping on the Sleepgram pillow
Lying on my back on the Sleepgram with both inserts


The soft firmness level disappeared between the weight of my legs, and offered very little support for hugging, so I wouldn’t use the blue-only configuration for either of these styles.

Side holding the Sleepgram pillow
Hugging the Sleepgram pillow

The medium offered a bit more support, but still, I like my pillow to be as fluffy and supportive as possible when enjoying between-the-legs and under-the-arm comfort.

That being said, I found the medium-firm support of the red and blue combination to be the best for both of these styles. It’s fluffable and huggable which makes it great to hold under your arm, and it’s supportive enough to relieve pressure in my lower back when I hold it between my legs.

Testing the Sleepgram pillow
Testing how the Sleepgram can align my back by keeping it between my legs


  • Designed in California
  • 100 Night Money Back Guarantee — Not sure this pillow is for you? You’ve got 100 nights to test it out!
  • Standard/Queen — 18″ x 26″ w/ 2″ gusset
  • King — 18″ x 33″ w/ 2″ gusset
  • Wash Instructions Included — This pillow is machine washable, and if you’re not sure how to do it, Sleepgram provides detailed instructions!
  • $79.99


Take 10% off your order!
Sleepgram Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow

With three different firmness levels, this customizable pillow is great for combo sleepers. Take 10% off your entire Sleepgram order!

This is a fun, customizable pillow that sleepers of all styles could enjoy. However, you might be especially compatible with this pillow if you’re a sleeper who:

  • Loves Animals — If you’re a sleeper who loves the fluffy feel of down, but loves animals even more, you might find this lush down-alternative to be right up your alley!
  • Is a combo sleeper — The customizable nature of this pillow offers a range of firmnesses, so combo sleepers can adjust the support they need for each position.
  • Is down with the softness — While the Sleepgram does range in firmness levels, two out of three are on the softer side (one being incredibly soft). So, sleepers who love the squishy-soft support of a thinner, softer pillow might love this one!


How much does a Sleepgram pillow cost?

A Sleepgram pillow can be purchased for $79.99. That is within the average price range for a pillow with the types of features offered by the Sleepgram pillow.

Can Sleepgram pillows be washed?

Sleepgram pillows can be machine washed on the gentle cycle using a mild liquid detergent on medium or low heat. For best results, wash two pillows at a time to balance the load. Tumble dry on low or no heat with dryer balls (or clean tennis balls).

How long will the Sleepgram pillow last?

Most experts will say that swapping out a pillow every six months for hygienic reasons is a good idea. If well cared for and washed when needed, most pillows including the Sleepgram pillow can last two years or more.

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Sleepgram pillow logo
Both inserts for the Sleepgram

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