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Are you the type of person who absolutely hates when your fitted sheet comes untucked? Or maybe you toss and turn a lot at night, causing your sheet to pop off your mattress? Then you just might be interested to learn about the Bed Scrunchie, the 360-degree bed sheet holder, tightener, and extender.

Jack Nekhala, CEO of Luxor Linens, created the Bed Scrunchie to hold a fitted sheet tight to a mattress after becoming frustrated with fitted sheets that pop off the bed and trying other, more difficult-to-use products to solve the problem. The Bed Scrunchie promises to be a simple-to-use, one-and-done solution to the “fitted sheet problem,” but is it really?

I put the Bed Scrunchie to the test and in this review, I’ll go over everything you need to know about it. Keep on reading to learn more or you can always skip ahead for a review summary.

Bed Scrunchie
Bed Scrunchie
Bed Scrunchie

The Bed Scrunchie is a 360-degree bed sheet tightener, expander, and holder.

Is The Bed Scrunchie Right For You?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of this unique product, let’s go over who I think should and shouldn’t try the Bed Scrunchie.

Who Should Try The Bed Scrunchie

  • If you hate your fitted sheet coming loose from your bed, this product is for you! Your sheets should easily stay secured with a Bed Scrunchie.
  • If you have fitted sheets that are a bit too big or too small for your bed, this scrunchie can help you keep them in place, so you don’t have to invest in an entirely new set of sheets.
  • If you love the look and feel of a wrinkle-free sheet, you will appreciate how the Bed Scrunchie pulls your fitted sheet tight to eliminate wrinkles.

Who Should Not Try The Bed Scrunchie

  • If you aren’t overly bothered by your bed sheets popping off or you have a well-fitting sheet set already, you may want to evaluate whether this product is really worth it for you.
  • If you don’t want to add an extra step to making your bed, the Scrunchie might not be your best option. You have to attach it to your fitted sheet every time you make your bed, as it should be washed unattached from your fitted sheet.
  • While the Bed Scrunchie is compatible with most bed sizes, sleepers who have larger or taller mattresses should be aware they will likely have to purchase extra clips to make the Bed Scrunchie work effectively with their mattress.

How To Use The Bed Scrunchie

The Bed Scrunchie consists of a large elastic band with clips. This attaches to your fitted sheet and goes under your mattress to keep the sheet from shifting. On one end of the elastic band is a wheel lock with pull ties that allow you to tighten the elastic.

Here’s how to set up your Bed Scrunchie:

  1. Lay your fitted sheet on the mattress or floor so the elastic is facing you.
  2. Take your Bed Scrunchie — the big white elastic band — and lay it on top of the fitted sheet, lining it up with the elastic band of the fitted sheet. Ensure the wheel lock with pull ties is at the foot of the fitted sheet.
  3. Then, attach evenly across the whole length of the Scrunchie. The clips have two sides — attach the tabs with snaps to the elastic of the Scrunchie. Then clip the plastic white clip onto the elastic of the fitted sheet.
  4. Put the fitted sheet over the mattress as you normally would, ensure the Scrunchie goes underneath the mattress.
  5. Then pull the draw-cord pull ties to tighten the elastic and turn the wheel lock to secure it.

That’s it!

set up
Lay the sheet on your bed and align the Bed Scrunchie with the elastic.
Attach the clips to the Scrunchie and to the sheet.
After you put the sheet onto the bed, pull the ties and lock the wheel lock.
Bed Scrunchie
Bed Scrunchie
Bed Scrunchie

The Bed Scrunchie is a 360-degree bed sheet tightener, expander, and holder.


The Bed Scrunchie costs $39.95 on Amazon. You can also purchase a two-pack for $74.95 or a crib size for $24.99. Additional fabric clips cost $12.95 for a set of two.

Bed Scrunchie
Bed Scrunchie
Bed Scrunchie

The Bed Scrunchie is a 360-degree bed sheet tightener, expander, and holder.

My Experience Using The Bed Scrunchie

After testing out the Bed Scrunchie, I was impressed with how effective it is and how easy it is to use. While I was a little confused the first time I set it up, I quickly realized how simple it was and knew it would be an easy process to replicate in the future — I definitely wouldn’t need to reference back to the directions the next time I put it on my bed. 


The tightening system is easy and doesn’t require much strength. I also appreciated how you don’t have to lift your entire mattress to use the Bed Scrunchie — you only have to lift the edges of your bed as you normally would to put a fitted sheet on.

I think this is a great product for anyone who wants to ensure their fitted sheet stays in place. Whether your current sheets fit your bed poorly or you toss and turn a lot at night, this bed sheet holder should be effective at keeping them secure. I also appreciated how the Bed Scrunchie made the fitted sheet completely wrinkle-free. If wrinkly sheets are a visual or sensory bother to you, I think the Bed Scrunchie will be a great sheet tightener for you.


While I found the Bed Scrunchie to be super effective, sleepers with larger or taller mattresses should note they may have to purchase additional Scrunchie clips. It is a one-size-fits-all product and a larger bed will put more strain on the clips. 

Bed Scrunchie Policies and FAQs

How does the Bed Scrunchie ship?

The Bed Scrunchie is eligible for free shipping on Amazon.

What is the Bed Scrunchie return policy?

The Bed Scrunchie can be returned within 30 days on Amazon. If you buy through Bed Scrunchie’s website, it comes with a 100-night sleep trial and money back guarantee. Email their customer service team to coordinate a return.

Can the Bed Scrunchie be used for anything other than sheets?

You can use the Bed Scrunchie for a mattress protector or mattress pad, as well as sheets. You can also use Bed Scrunchies to make flat sheets into fitted sheets.

Is the Bed Scrunchie machine washable?

Yes, the Bed Scrunchie can be machine washed and dried in a dryer. However, Bed Scrunchie does not recommend washing your sheet with the Bed Scrunchie attached. Unattach the two and wash separately.

What bed size is the Bed Scrunchie compatible with?

The Bed Scrunchie is designed to fit twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king size beds. They also specify it can be used with hospital beds, bunk beds, waterbeds, camper beds, adjustable beds, RV and boat beds, and more. However, if you have a larger bed size, you may want to purchase additional clips for your Bed Scrunchie.

Is the Bed Scrunchie vegan?

Yes, it is. There are no animal products used to make the Bed Scrunchie.

Bed Scrunchie
Bed Scrunchie
Bed Scrunchie

The Bed Scrunchie is a 360-degree bed sheet tightener, expander, and holder.

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