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Best Latex Mattress Reviews

If you’ve wound up on this page, you’re likely on the prowl for a new latex mattress. And who could blame you? These beds are bouncy, naturally cooling, and strike a satisfying balance between pressure relief and support. If you’re the kind of sleeper who want to soothe aches and pains at sensitive spots along the body, but doesn’t want to sink too deeply into your mattress, a latex model could be the one for you. Nowadays, there are dozens of different latex options available on the market, but that doesn’t mean all of them are going to work for every kind of sleeper. So… how do you figure out which one’s right for you? Well, we’re so glad you asked!

Below, we’re going to introduce you to some of our favorite latex mattresses on the market. Then, we’ll discuss the methodology behind our selections, pointing out all the important factors you need to consider as well as a few tricks you can use to make your search a breeze. Without further ado, let’s get into our picks!

Best for Back Pain

Lucid Hybrid

For back pain sufferers, there may be no better latex option on the market than the 12” Latex Hybrid from Lucid. Built with layers of responsive latex and premium steel coils, this mattress is designed to support the hips and lumbar region to prevent spinal misalignment while you doze. Plus, a gentle memory foam topper helps to bring a little extra dose of pressure relief to the shoulders. 


  • I think folks suffering from joint pain could find a lot to love in this mattress! Not only is the memory foam comfort layer soft enough to cushion spots like the shoulders and hips, but the latex and coil sections are bouncy enough to lift heavier body parts up and out of the structure. 
  • Combo sleepers in particular should enjoy this Lucid model, as the overall springiness of the design makes it incredibly easy to move around and change positions. 
  • The mattress also sleeps fairly cool, thanks to the combo of naturally cooling latex and breathable coils. 


  • Unfortunately, the mattress may be a touch too soft for strict stomach sleepers. These folks tend to go for firmer beds that position the hips in a straight alignment with the shoulders. 
  • If you want your latex mattress to feel extra latex-y, you may want to consider another model, as this one features a lot of different types of materials. 
Lucid Hybrid
Lucid Hybrid
Lucid Hybrid

For back pain sufferers, there may be no better latex option on the market than the 12” Latex Hybrid from Lucid.

Best Hybrid


A hybrid mattress can be great for folks who want a ton of bounce, as they complement the natural buoyancy of latex with a system of bouncy coils. There are a lot of great latex hybrids on the market, but our favorite is the 10” Latex Hybrid from Linenspa. Why? Because of its straightforward construction, which is really just composed of latex and coils i.e. nothing gets between the sleeper and the lively lift they’re after. 


  • This mattress was made for combo sleepers, who need to feel supported enough by their bed to move around and change positions throughout the night. 
  • In general, I think this bed could be great for younger folks who need to be able to spring up and out of their mattress. 
  • It’s also a solid value buy, so might work well for college students or people moving into a new apartment. Additionally, it could be a nice purchase for a spare bedroom. 


  • There’s not a lot of contouring to this mattress, so may not be a great fit for folks who need deep pressure relief at the shoulders or hips. 
  • Specifically, side sleepers may find the structure too firm for their needs, as it won’t do much to cushion their body as they push into the mattress.

With a value price point, the Linenspa Hybrid is ideal for those on a budget.

Best for Combo Sleepers

Classic Brands

Combo sleepers — folks who doze in multiple positions throughout the night — tend to love latex mattresses, because their bouncy nature produces excellent mobility. And of the options available online, the best latex bed for combo sleepers might just be the Celadon from Classic Brands, which combines a thin foam top layer with a 10.5” wrapped innerspring system for an ultra-supportive vibe. 


  • Though technically a hybrid mattress, this bed really has more of an innerspring feel, which could do wonders for those after a traditional vibe. 
  • Folks who sleep in multiple positions throughout the night will likely enjoy the tremendous mobility and bounce of this bed.
  • Additionally, I’d say stomach sleepers will likely respond well to the firmness of the mattress, which will help lift their hips in alignment with their shoulders. 


  • As we discussed above, this bed is bouncy, which means it transfers a lot of motion across the surface, making it a poor choice for couples. 
  • The firm, supportive nature of the mattress could also pose a problem for side sleepers or any other folks looking for pressure relief as they push into the structure. 
Classic Brands
Classic Brands
Classic Brands

The best latex bed for combo sleepers might just be the Celadon from Classic Brands, which combines a thin foam top layer with a 10.5” wrapped innerspring system for an ultra-supportive vibe.

Best Natural

Pure Green

Looking for an all-natural, eco-friendly bed? Then you may want to consider the Pure Green all-latex mattress. Here, two layers of natural latex foam meet a cozy quilted cover of organic cotton and wool. The result is a bouncy yet gentle structure that’s as comfortable as it is easy on the environment. 


  • Eco-friendly sleepers could find a lot to love in the organic design, which combines natural latex foam with organic cotton and wool. 
  • Since this bed is built entirely of latex, it’s going to be quite bouncy, so could work best for combo sleepers or those who need to move around and change positions in the night. 
  • The all-latex design also means that the bed is going to sleep incredibly cool, as latex foam has natural thermoregulating properties. 


  • There’s not a lot of body-contouring here, so if you’re in need of deep pressure relief at the shoulders and hips, you may want to consider a different bed. 
  • Additionally, latex can be a pretty heavy and dense material, so having two layers of the stuff in this mattress could make it difficult to handle/move around.
Pure Green
Pure Green
Pure Green

Looking for an all-natural, eco-friendly bed? Then you may want to consider the Pure Green all-latex mattress.

Best Latex Topper

Pure Green Topper

If you like the idea of latex, but don’t want an entire bed built of the stuff, you should check out a latex topper like this one from Pure Green. By adding this onto your existing mattress, you can get all the great benefits of latex (its bounce, cooling, and lift) without having to fork over money for an all new bed. 


  • The Pure Green Topper could be a fantastic accessory for folks who want to tap into the benefits of latex, but don’t want or need to buy a new mattress. 
  • Combo sleepers could especially benefit from the extra bit of bounce and lift they’ll likely get with this topper. 
  • Latex is also a naturally cooling material, so throwing this topper on top of your otherwise stuffy mattress could help regulate temperatures throughout the night. 


  • Though the topper should add some pleasant oomph to your mattress, it’s not going to totally change the way your bed feels, so if you’re looking for a complete overhaul, it may not fit the bill. 
  • Additionally, toppers can sometimes slide around, which can make for a slightly awkward user experience.
Pure Green Topper
Pure Green Topper
Pure Green Topper

If you like the idea of latex, but don’t want an entire bed built of the stuff, you should check out a latex topper like this one from Pure Green.

How We Picked

Now that we’ve gone over our picks for the best latex mattresses on the market, let’s chat a bit about the methodology behind those selections. Below, we’re going to walk through some of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a brand new latex mattress.

Types of Latex

Latex begins its life as a milky substance derived from the hevea-brasilienis rubber tree, which is removed in a process similar to maple tapping. When transformed into a foam, the substance can either be manufactured into Dunlop Latex or Talalay latex. While the two types are similar, there are some key differences between them that could affect your purchasing decision:

  • Dunlop Latex: Dunlop latex has a denser feel to it than Talalay latex as it’s formed in a single pour. While not as airy as its latex sister, one major advantage of Dunlop foam is that it’s the only type of latex that’s 100% all-natural. If you’re into latex for its organic properties, you’ll want to make sure you see Dunlop somewhere in the material description of the bed.
  • Talalay Latex: Talalay Latex is a newer form of latex production and is sometimes marketed as being more “advanced” than Dunlop. To make talalay latex, the milky substance we discussed above is poured into a mold, but only partially so. The mold is then vacuumed, which expands the liquid latex, thereby creating an airy and light material. Though slightly more uniform than Dunlop, it’s very difficult to make Talalay in a way that’s 100% natural.

All-Latex vs. Latex Hybrid vs. Foam Mix

Another important thing to consider is whether you want an all-latex mattress, a hybrid that combines latex foam with bouncy spring coils, or a bed that employs a diverse array of foams. There’s no right or wrong way to go here, it just depends on your personal preferences. Below, I’ll detail the big distinctions between the three design types and who might benefit from them most.

  • All-latex: A mattress built entirely of latex foam is going to have a gentle feel to it. The bed is likely to be quite bouncy, but in a subtle way that feels uniform throughout the structure. An all-latex design could work best for combo sleepers after pressure relief at the shoulders and hips or green sleepers looking to snag an all-natural mattress. Additionally, all-latex beds sleep incredibly cool, so could be great for hot sleepers.
  • Latex Hybrid: Latex hybrids typically feature a layer or two of latex foam over a tall system of either pocketed coils or steel springs. The main draw of this type of design is the tremendous bounce it produces, so could be a great fit for combo sleepers in need of excellent mobility. These types of mattresses are typically firmer than all-latex ones, so may not work for those after something a little softer.
  • Foam Mix: If you need to sink into your bed for pressure relief at the shoulders and hips, you may want to consider a bed that features both latex and another foam material, such as memory foam. Though not quite as bouncy as the other two designs mentioned here, mixed foam mattresses generally have a more “balanced” feel that could work well for side sleepers or those who want a light hug from their bed.


It’s fairly common to see latex mattresses marketed as being “adjustable,” which means their interior latex layers can be moved around to achieve different levels of firmness and comfort. While this might be a big selling point for some sleepers, others will find that wrangling all these individual layers can be time-consuming and annoying. So, it’s important to take note of whether your latex mattress is adjustable or coming in a pre-arranged set-up.


As a general rule of thumb, latex mattresses typically fall within the medium firm to firm range, from about a 6.5-7.5/10. However, that doesn’t mean all latex beds are going to have the same firmness. If you need something softer, look for mattresses that combine Talalay latex with gentler materials such as memory foam or wool fill. If you need something firmer, keep the focus on Dunlop latex and coils.

Motion Transfer

Considering how bouncy latex mattresses are, it’s not surprising that they also have high rates of motion transfer, which means that movement on one side of a latex bed is likely to be felt on the other side. While not a big deal for single sleepers, this factor could pose a problem for couples or those who sleep with a restless partner.

If you fall into either of those categories, we recommend going for a latex mattress that features a layer of memory foam over latex. Memory foam has a much slower response to pressure than latex, so helps to dissipate motion evenly throughout a structure.

Sleepopolis Tips

Still confused about how to land on the latex mattress of your dreams? No worries! We’re going to wrap up this guide with a few tips you can use in your search.

  • The type of latex mattress you’ll want can change a lot depending on how you sleep. In general, this is how different kinds of sleepers should approach latex:
    • Side Sleepers – Try to find a mattress that’s got a top layer of memory foam over latex. This should provide you with some pleasant sinkage and body-contouring, which will help bring some much-needed pressure relief to your shoulders and hips.
    • Back Sleepers – An all-latex mattress could do wonders for you! Not only will the top layers of latex foam fill in the space at your lumbar region, but the bounce of the material will keep your spine in a nice, healthy alignment.
    • Stomach Sleepers – We recommend going with a latex hybrid. These mattresses tend to be quite firm, which helps promote a straight alignment between the hips and shoulders — very important for strict stomach sleepers!
  • If you’re going latex for the green benefits, read the fine print! In addition to making sure the bed’s built with Dunlop latex, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for any organic certifications the mattress has received. Greenguard Gold Certification is a popular one, for example, and ensures the bed is free of fire-retardant chemicals.

Wrapping Up

Well folks, that’s officially a wrap on this guide to the best latex mattresses on the market. Whether you’re looking to bounce for days on a latex hybrid or want to sink into an organic, all-latex structure, you’re now equipped with all the knowledge you need to find the latex bed of your dreams!

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