Bear Mattress Unboxing

Meet the Bear mattress! Bear is a new online mattress start-up company that’s very quickly growing in popularity. Their namesake mattress, the Bear, is a 10″ universal comfort all foam mattress. The Bear is aimed at sleepers with lead active lifestyles and require a mattress that provides truly restorative sleep. The Bear mattress is designed to provide balanced comfort, medium firmness, great support, and exceptional cooling. It utilizes a 3 layer design of graphite gel infused memory foam, rapid response foam, and a high density support foam.

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Enough of the intro though. Watch as my wife and I unbox the Bear mattress!

Initial Thoughts

Below are my initial thoughts on the feel, support, and cooling after my first few nights on the Bear mattress.

  • Medium Firmness – the Bear strikes a medium firm feel at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm. Its medium firmness feel is designed to be suited for the majority of sleepers (~70-85% of sleepers prefer a medium feel, 5-7 out of 10).
  • Good Bounce & Responsiveness – the Bear mattress has one of the best degrees of bounce and high responsiveness of any foam mattress I have tested over the last year. Bounce is tricky…you need enough, but not too much. Not enough and you’re sleeping in quick sand, and too much can create issues with motion transfer (which could lead to partners disturbing each other during the night). The Bear has a just enough that it’s comfortable, creates responsive adaptive support, and improves amorous activity.
  • Celliant Cover – there are few special materials that impress me as much as Celliant. Celliant is a thermoreactive mineral thread that turns body heat into infrared light. Not only does this reduce the temperature on the sleeping surface, but infrared light has been shown in a number of studies to improve oxygenation by your body…this translates into better internal temperature regulation, reduces muscle pain, and improves cellular regeneration.

After the first few nights I’m quite impressed with the Bear mattress. I will be sleep testing the Bear for the next several nights. Check back later this next week for my full review on the Bear mattress. Or if you just can’t wait visit for more information.

As always, if you have any comments or questions that I can help with please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment down below. Happy sleeping!

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24 thoughts on “Bear Mattress Unboxing”

  1. Hi Sleepopolis, if we love the Tempur Flex Supreme and Flex Supreme Breeze do you think we will like the Leesa and/or the Bear? I am about 200 and husband is about 250. We are both side and back sleepers.

  2. I just went from a sleep number bed to this mattress based on reviews. I find this bear mattress to be a little too firm and that it sleeps hot. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now and the heat is going to be a deal breaker for me. What are the coolest sleeping mattresses with medium softness that you’d recommend?

  3. Hey buddy. Any other updates on the bear mattress. There isn’t alot of reviews out on these yet. Im torn between a Leesa and a Bear from this new magic fibers they claim. Ive had a back surgery years ago and im hoping a new bed will save me from seeing another surgeon.

  4. Is anyone else amused at the marketing angle about Bear Mattress being the mattress for those who are active people? I am dating myself but it is like when in the late 90’s, everything was painted “x-treme yellow” and then labeled as being a sport edition. Sport Edition Ford Trucks, Sport Edition CD Walkmans, Sport Edition x-treme lunch boxes.

    I may end up getting one of these mattresses as it sounds pretty nice but I don’t know if I would prefer it to the Yogabed or even the L&L?

    I need a support for my aching back and definitely get too hot at night. All the mattresses are starting to have a similar price point. I just hope I pick the right one.

    • Bear & Leesa have a similar feel. The Yogabed is a little bit firmer, so bear (no pun intended) that in mind.

  5. Hey Sleepopolis,
    I’ve been checking out your reviews for a week or so and I decided to give the Nest Alexander a go. My first choice was the Loom & Leaf but the Alexander was slightly cheaper. That said, I stumble upon this Bear mattress and wonder if I made the right choice. Can you share some thought on your experience between the Alexander and the Bear?

    Feel free to email me too…thanks for all your help!

    • Hi John, the Alexander is a great mattress and one of my top choices. I would be surprised if you are disappointed. The biggest difference between the Alexander and Bear comes down to the feel resulting from the cover. The Alexander’s cover is a thick padded traditional cover. It creates a very cloud like type of support and comfort. The Bear is more of a modern Tempur-pedic style cover. The cover is very thin, which allows you to feel the contour and hug of the foams more. I wouldn’t say either is better or worse, as it comes down a personal preference.

  6. Hi Sleepopolis,

    I am looking to purchase either Leesa or Bear – I see that Bear has Celliant material. How do you think this compares to Leesa as Leesa does not have one? I read that Celliant improves sleep in a way that you can fall asleep up to 15 minutes faster. What is your experience with Bear compared to Leesa? Did you go back to Leesa?


    • Hi JP,

      Celliant makes some pretty bold claims. Many of which are really impossible for a single person to test. I quite simply don’t have enough data to say it’s definitely going to help me fall asleep 15 minutes faster.

      However, Celliant’s cooling features are one that I can confirm. I have tested 4 different mattress with Celliant covers. On all 4 I have felt a noticeable cooling difference between the covers with and without Celliant.

      Compared to the Leesa cover I would say that both covers breathe exceptionally well and are very well made. It’s hard to go wrong with either option. I’d say the Bear’s cover is slightly cooler due to the Celliant.

      I am constantly testing new mattresses, so I rarely get to go back to my favorites. But I will say the Leesa is still among my favorite mattresses. I would definitely put the Bear in that category of top picks as well. I would have really liked to see the Bear utilize 4″ of comfort foam vs. 3.5″, as this would have further improved the deep compression support, but that’s only a major issue for sleepers who are 200+ pounds.

  7. Regarding the plush topper; does adding the plush topper negate the design of the mattress, in regards to cooling and design? I just purchased a bear mattress and I am not getting the comfortable feeling of my previous sterns and foster pillow top mattress. My sleep has been restful, but it’s not comfortable to sit in when I am not sleeping. I have had the mattress for 1 week.


    • Couple of thoughts.

      1) You just made a huge change in your mattress. To go from a padded pillow top to a thin cover direct foam contact mattress is a big change. It can take your body 3-4 weeks to get fully adjusted to a new mattress, especially when making a big change like this. I would recommend giving it a few weeks before passing judgement either way. This will help to give your body time to adjust.

      2) If after the adjustment period you’re still finding that it’s just not the right feel then you can look at adding a topper. The topper you get will determine if it changes the feel and cooling. I’ve been really impressed with the E Luxury bamboo topper. You can find it here It adds a nice degree of softness and would be a good in-between pure thin cover and a pillow top mattress. It doesn’t cause the mattress to sleep any warmer in my experience. You can also grab 15% off this topper (and everything on ELuxury) with code “SLEEPOPOLIS”.

      Let me know if there are any other questions. Thanks!

    • Hi Sleepopolis,
      Thanks for all of your great reviews. I sent an email yesterday and just wanted to be sure it was received.
      Thanks again, Devin

    • Hi Devin,

      Sorry, it doesn’t look like it made it through. I’ll send you an email now and we can talk.

  8. Would you say this is softer mattress when compared to the Leesa? I recently purchased the Leesa and I’m not sure I’m in love with it or I’m just adjusting more slowly than I thought I might. My back feels great but I’m initially feeling like it may be just a tad too firm.

    • No, I wouldn’t. It’s firmness and feel are very similar to the Leesa. If it’s been anything less than 3 weeks, your body is probably still adjusting. It can take 3-4 weeks to get used to a new mattress. If it’s been more than 3-4 weeks and you still think it’s not right you may need a mattress that’s a bit softer or just has a different feel. If so, let me know and I’d be happy to provide you with some advice there.

    • Well so far my back feels good when I wake up. I feel like I could lay in bed all day after I wake up.

      I’m coming form an old innerspring mattress with a 2 inch memory foam topper and a 2 inch pillow top cover. So it was very soft with a lot of sinkage. It def felt comfy getting into bed but I would wake up with my back aching and had to get out of bed.

      I’m certainly going to give it the full 100 days. I almost feel like it would be perfect with just an inch thick pillow top or something.

      Any recommendations based on the above?

  9. I am very eager to hear your thoughts on this mattress. After my not so great sleeping experience with the BestMattressEver I have come to the conclusion that memory foam is probably a better fit for me. I wonder how this compares to the Tempurpedic Weightless and Flex lines. I loved the Weightless Supreme when it was out but couldn’t afford it. This mattress with the small amount of memory foam over high response foam sounds very similar at a much lower price.

    • I think you might like this one, James. I’m unfamiliar with the Tempur Weightless, but the Bear is comparable to the Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme. If you like the Flex line you would probably like the Bear.

    • That’s great to hear. I have been hoping someone would be able to recreate that feel for under $1000. I love the initial sinkage feel of memory foam but don’t want that much sink and I really liked how with the Weightless and Flex lines you get some spring back from the mattress itself. Since it’s only 1″ of memory foam vs 2″ would you say the feel is firmer than the Flex Supreme or about the same?

    • The firmness is similar, perhaps a little bit more…but that’s subjective. The feel is a little different, the Tempur has a little more sinkage / hug and a little less bounce. However, it’s still one of the closest comparisons I’ve come across.

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