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Loom & Leaf Mattress Giveaway

We just unveiled our top picks for the Best Cooling Mattresses on the market and our celebrating with giveaways inspired by our selections. We’ve got contests for Purple and Ghostbed live on the site and our adding a third to the mix from Loom & Leaf!

Loom & Leaf Mattress Giveaway!

The Loom & Leaf is an ultra-plush mattress built with a thick top section of pressure-relieving memory foam. While this material has a bit of a reputation for overheating, Loom & Leaf has outfitted its top layer with a cooling gel infusion guaranteed to keep temperatures pleasantly chill all night long.

Loom and Leaf Corner View

We’ll be choosing one winner for this giveaway, so enter now! And don’t forget to throw your hat into all our other exciting contests:

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165 thoughts on “Loom & Leaf Mattress Giveaway”

  1. I like both the Zenhaven and the Purple mattresses because I’m a side sleeper but this one sound very good too. Its just too hard to choose one.

  2. This mattress sounds great, I also like the I like the Dream Cloud, it seems to be the better mattress for side sleepers.

  3. I think I could get some great sleep onThe Loom &Leaf mattress. Between the layers of memory foam and cooling gel, that should help night sweats.

  4. After reading a bit more and taking some of your tests… I’m thinking the #ZENHAVEN may be the best latex mattress for me!

    Thanks for doing all these Giveaways. I’m disabled and sleeping on a couch is causing me more problems than not. But it’s better than a 30+ yr old, half devoured (puppy) mattress. Poor hubby can deal with that solo! I’m going to keep entering and keep trying! Fingers crossed!

  5. I’m a side sleeper. The reviews for Zenhaven say this should be my choice. But Idle hybrid is the one. Beds are for more than just sleeping and coils help with that overall balance.

  6. I sure would like to win this mattress. The one I’m sleeping now has a spring that finds my lower back, no matter which way I turn.

  7. would love the Loom & Leaf Cooling Mattress! a Heavy sweater here lol ” tons of body heat sweats threw the night” and stiffness in Lower back this mattress would be perfect thank you for the opportunity. kisses~

  8. The Loom & Leaf cooling mattress is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’d love a little chill on a warm night.

  9. This mattress is in my top 3 to win or buy I love that Loom& Leaf put in the special cooling gel along with the other high quality materials

  10. Your vids comparing mattresses are very helpful, there are a LOT on the market these days. This one looks super comfy…and cool, thankfully.

  11. The gel memory foam sounds interesting! I’m at a crossroads between several choices….the Loom and Leaf being second, the Ghostbed Luxe first, and the Purple 3rd…I wish I could TRY all of them!!

  12. I love that The Loom & Leaf mattress comes built with a thick top of memory foam. Even better it comes it a cooling gel infusion! This would be amazing especially since I don’t have a mattress.

  13. My mother recently bought a loom & leaf mattress. She has repeatedly exclaimed how much she loves her new mattress. I haven’t tried it, but considering she can be tough to please, I know it must be great.

  14. Supportive Memory Foam on top of a quality mattress makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a good night’s sleep! Thank you for the detailed and informative information!

  15. Would love to win the Loom & Leaf Mattress giveaway! I love the idea of a cooling mattress and would definitely get a better night sleep. It’s my dream mattress!!

  16. This would be amazing to win! my husband and i both have back issues and we both feel that a Sleepopolis mattress would help us sleep and feel better!
    thank you for the opportunity to win and incredible mattress!

  17. At first I thought the Purple mattress would be best for me but after reading reviews on Loom & Leaf I have changed my mind. Mainly because I am looking for the best mattress that will give me relief from my pressure points. I have chronic pain and have been sleeping on a hard mattress way too long. And having a mattress that helps keep me cool is another plus for me.

  18. The loom and leaf is my favorite because it looks like it would be a rich person mattress with that add silk trim. I am a senior and I like how it helps cool you and the memory foam will not hurt the old bones!!

  19. Its really hard to decide which I like best! I’m thinking maybe the Layla since it’s good for side sleepers which is me. I also like this one since it’s memory foam but also helps with cooling.

  20. For those that sleep hot, this is a great mattress for you!! The Loom & Leaf is an ultra-plush mattress built with a thick top section of pressure-relieving memory foam. While this material has a bit of a reputation for overheating, Loom & Leaf has outfitted its top layer with a cooling gel infusion guaranteed to keep temperatures pleasantly chill all night long.

  21. You always come out with a better mattress. I love this Loom & Leaf because i need to be cool when I sleep. I wake up soaked without bed now and sleep with the window open all year around.

  22. I would luv to win I have tried and tried every way u can possibly imagine, my doctor tried thru my insurance with a script, I signed up for the last year and a half thru every giveaway, and I’m at a point where I have not slept in a bed in almost 2 years. Thank u for all the chances just think I’m at a point where just never going to win, or afford a bed or ever sleep in one again.

  23. I find these reviews very helpful. As a side-sleeper, and an aging adult having a good sleep is sometimes a bit challenging. Choosing the right mattress is essential. Sleepopolis gives a very “hands on” review which should be viewed by anyone buying a new mattress – so they can find the best value for their needs and budget. Also, the coupons are an added value!

  24. Since the question is about the Latex ones, I would have to say the Idle hybrid or the Avocado green seem like a good fit for me.

  25. This is a great mattress. I would love to win one and enjoy better sleep – something you can’t even begin to put a price on.

  26. I like the zenhaven latex mattress. It sleeps cool , is good for side sleepers and can be flipped over giving you two different firmness levels

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