Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour Giveaway – 25 Days of Giving

We wrap up the first week of the 25 Days of Giving with a Sleepopolis favorite, the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour!

This is one of the premier offerings from Nest Bedding, which also has some other great mattress in its line, including the Love & Sleep and Alexander Hybrid (plus the Easy Breather pillow)! Scroll down and enter!

Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour Mattress

Though I suggest you go to the review of this mattress to really dig into the details, I must go ahead and mention the construction. As you can see below, a lot of thought went into making this mattress an incredible sleep experience!

Nest - Alexander Hybrid Contour Mattress Construction
Showing the layers of the Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour

And it pays off – check out the pressure mapping results, especially for side sleeping!

Nest - Alexander Hybrid Contour Mattress Pressure Map
Pressure map for the Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour

Thanks for entering to win the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour. Make sure to enter more contests on our main 25 Days of Giving page!

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51 thoughts on “Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour Giveaway – 25 Days of Giving”

  1. What part of the mattress seems the most luxurious to me? The 1.5 inches of copper infused gel memory foam, with a density of 2.5 lbs, quilted into the cover. Seriously, I have never even heard of this before now.

  2. ooks incredibly luxurious. Curious how this feel and construction-wise compares to the Aurora from Brookly Bedding. I like that Nest has a lifetime warranty. How does this compare as well to the Alexander Hybrid Plush, they’ve made it softer and it costs more. Does it have a stronger memory foam feel?

  3. It is thick but mostly foam. The coils dont even make up half of the mattress that is always a really big plus !! Especially for a side sleeper like myself !!

  4. I like this one. I like a little cushiness, but also like and need the support. As a side sleeper I like that the mapping showed that there was little in the way of pressure points for side sleepers.

  5. The Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour mattress from Nest Bedding looks so comfortable. With the Quilted Cover, Energex Foam, Memory Foam, Coil System, and Polyfoam Base, this Mattress looks like it would give you a great night’s sleep.

  6. The energex foam layer seems the most luxurious to me, sort of like a pillow top, I need to have some softness. Thanks for a great review.

  7. I recently sleep on my Mom’s new mattress and it was one of the best sleeps of my life. Turns out it was a memory foam mattress and ever since I’ve been wanting to convert to a memory foam mattress and nest bedding it one that caught my interest. I can tell a lot went into making this mattress the most comfortable mattress ever!

  8. The cool memory foam seems to be my favorite feature, but I need to actually spend the night on one to determine what I really like.

  9. I love the pressure mapping and the sinkage! I suffer from arthritis and our current mattress wakes us multiple times a night. If one of us rolls over, the other wakes up. I would love to win one of your mattresses! Thank you so much for the generous giveaway!

  10. Thank you for your informative reviews. Buying a mattress is difficult and your reviews help consumers make an informed decision for something we have to sleep on for many years

  11. My boyfriend and I are sharing my mattress from highschool with our dog and our 4 month old son. It is too small, it’s worn down, our dog has peed all over it. We are dying for a new bed, please help.

  12. I think the quilted cover and the first layer (that is extra soft) is what I like best because there is a 3″ coil system that keeps the mattress firm enough for me to enjoy. I like soft but not TOO soft. I don’t like it when I put my hands down to help me move and they sink really deep into the mattress. So this is perfect!

  13. Love all the great reviews and thanks for the oppourtunity to win one of this fantastic beds, lord only knows how much I need one… thanks!!

  14. I there a perfect mattress?…I’m a side sleeper that needs 5 good hours of sleep. These reviews narrow down the choices. I think I need to sleep around to find what I like.

  15. My bed is over 20 yrs old & I share it with my 20 month old son. This would be a dream come true for us. I would appreciate a new bed so much. I’m tired of sinking & hurting & not sleeping. :(

  16. WOW!!I dont think Id have all the sleepless nights I currently suffer from on this mattress.I like that there is virtually no pressure on your body no matter what position you go into

  17. The pressure map makes this mattress highly desirable to me! I get a lot of pain from hip pressure and seeing that it remains green makes this mattress seem like it may perfect for me! Thank you for your reviews and giveaway!

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