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Nest Bedding Pillows Giveaway

Not one, not two, but three lucky winners are eligible to win some better sleep in today’s giveaway from Nest Bedding! I don’t know about you, but I like those odds. Scroll down to enter! 

Nest Bedding Giveaway

Winners will, however, be forced to make one very tough decision: which pillow do I want? For this giveaway, there are three pillows from which to choose. Up for grabs are the ActiveX, the Easy Breather latex, and the Easy Breather memory foam pillows.

Easy Breathers Side by Side
The Easy Breather Pillows side by side (left- memory foam, right- latex)

So what’ll it be? The cooling caress of the ActiveX? The buoyant support of the Easy Breather latex? Or the soft contouring nature of the Easy Breather memory foam pillow?

Active X Pillow 2
The Active X Pillow

Not sure what’s right for you? Maybe our guide to the best pillow can help you out! Good luck, everybody!


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248 thoughts on “Nest Bedding Pillows Giveaway”

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  10. They all look wonderful! I’m really curious about the latex, so I think that would be the one I’d pick!

  11. this pillow looks awesome !! i have tried so many pillows , but seems they make it harder to sleep !!

  12. I don’t know which type of pillow I would prefer. I do know that my cheap pillows from Walmart are not comfortable at all. I would love to try the Nest pillow.

  13. Thank you for sharing this! I think the memory foam would be perfect for me! I’m always trying to find the perfect pillow.

  14. I think the Easy Breather would be the pillow I would pick, because you can scoop out the foam and make it as thick as you want.

  15. I haven’t tried these pillows, but I would like to. I don’t know the difference between the memory foam and latex mattress, but I will check them out before I buy one.

  16. I’m a side sleeper that sleeps hot. Love the description on Nest’s website of the Easy Breather, soft almost like down filling. If the Active X is the exact same only the cover keeps a bit cooler I’d do that one. Ironically, I bought another set of pillows 2 weeks ago, adding to my huge collection, still trying to find the perfect pillow! Would love it if this could be the one to end my searching!

  17. I think the Nest Easy Breather Latex pillow would probably be the best fit for me. I like products that use more natural materials and the fact that latex stays cooler than other foam materials makes me think that the Easy Breather Latex Pillow would be the pillow for me. I’m alway looking for a better pillow, but the better made pillows are so expensive.

  18. I have not tried a Nest Bedding Easy Breather pillow , but I think it would treat well. I am a fan of memory foam .

  19. Haven’t tried the nest bedding easy breather pillow yet but it sounds amazing and I would love to try it .

  20. Haven’t tried a memory foam or latex pillow so I’m not sure which one I’d prefer but both sound interesting.

  21. I’m short and (I guess) have a short neck, so I need a fairly low profile pillow. I see that these are adjustable, but how do you know when you have the right amount of fill? Trial and error?

  22. A good pillow and a good mattress is what you need for a good night’s sleep. All 3 of the ActiveX, Easy Breather Latex, or Easy Breather Memory Foam look like really good pillows. I think I would pick the Easy Breather Latex

  23. Both types of pillows sound and look amazing. I really don’t know which kind of pillow I prefer. I’ve had a latex pillow and really liked it and I did have a memory foam pillow but didn’t get to try it very long before my daughter stole it.

  24. I would love to try a pillow like this. I can never afford good pillows, thats probably why i dont sleep well and wake up every morning with a sore neck and back.

  25. I think the latex pillow from Nest Bedding would suit me I bought a My Pillow 2 years ago and it has been OK up until a couple months ago It seems to need fluffed up in the dryer now often than it used to Also it does sleep cooler than memory foam ones but still was never cool enough without the air conditioner on in the summertime I am definitely interested in trying the latex one from Nest Bedding for my next pillow purchase

  26. I’ve got a bad neck and have been sleeping with a memory foam pillow and still get no relief. I’m hoping to win one of yours. Thank you for the opportunity

  27. Shredded memory foam pillows are AMAZING! I love them. The latex pillow is super intriguing, too. I would love to win any of them.

  28. I’ve never had any other type of pillow other than feather and would love to try these. Something that didn’t go completely flat due to age would be nice.

  29. I would love to try these out on a high allergy day. I am hoping for better results than my current pillows.

  30. I am definitely gonna pick the easy breather Memory Foam it has everything I am looking for in a pillow i am definitely a Fan of Nest and I know this pillow will definitely be the one For me

    • I live in country woods,dampness,I can’t breath anymore..
      My husband snores like crazy I have arthritis.
      I bought 2 new pillows that worked for a week..
      I Need relief!!
      Entered thank you good luck everyone!!

  31. I prefer memory foam. I”m loving your the cooling caress of your ActiveX pillow. Going through menopause in Florida should be illegal!! LOL!! :-)

  32. I am not sure how it would treat me but the latex sounds like it would breath more which to me means a better sleep

  33. If I win a Nest Bedding Easy Breather pillow I would pick the memory foam. I never had a Nest Bedding pillow before this would be great.

  34. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying this pillow, but I’m hoping to win so I can get a better night’s sleep and let everyone I know know about it.

  35. I am a fan of the memory foam; but I’ll admit that the latex does look inviting. These pillows are amazing. It would be nice to own these pillows. Folding a pillow in half and punching it a couple of times prior to going to sleep isn’t fun. I don’t want to do that anymore. :)

  36. I would love the easy-breather Latex pillow. The terms & conditions do not say which country this contest is limited to… if any. I am hoping that the contest applies to Canadian residents.

  37. I am currently looking for a new pillow that will handle me best with a touch of neck arthritis and sleeping from side to back

  38. I have a hard time with pillows either to big to hard no fluff in them would love to find the perfect pillow and the natural breather seem great

  39. These pillows look like game changers. Very excited to make the switch! Love that they are made in the USA.

  40. The Easy Breather latex pillow is something that I could really use because I sleep on my side all the time.

  41. I can’t stand my pillows. I am always folding, beating, or fluffing them and I still wake up with severe neck pain. But that is only when I can get some sleep. I can’t stand my bed either, my mattress is half as old as I am. I was shot 10 years ago and have been on disability ever since. I have had multiple surgeries as well. I don’t make much and spend it all on rent and utilities. So buying a mattress is out of the question. I never have enough at one time to buy a great pillow, I am always left having to buy a cheap one that always goes flat and is uncomfortable. Other than trying to win a great pillow do you have a review program? Let me know if you do I would be interested. Thank you so very much for the opportunity and enjoy your week!!

  42. Your pillows look AMAZINGLY comfortable. My husband has a bad neck and I think we will have to try these pillows.

  43. I need a really good pillow for neck support and would love to try one of these.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  44. I suffer with lower back issue and neck tension. Would love to win one of these pillows to give it a try and relieve my discomforts.

  45. The easy breather natural pillow with latex seems like the type of pillow I am looking for. I have allergies and the all natural latex with natural cotton cover plus the fact it molds to my head, is very supportive and can be adjusted makes it the perfect pillow for me

  46. Pillows are what I need to have comfortable sleep. The nesting pillows look like quality pillows that I need.

  47. Would absolutely love a good pillow i have a basic one and lemme tell you not comfy at all thanks for the chance❤️

  48. I would love to win one of your pillows because I have sleep apnea and I need a comfortable pillow so I can get a good night sleep.

  49. I love the organic cotton in the pillows, however those pillows are not a good fit if you have neck pain so stay away. Latex pillows are probably the only pillows that I have not tried and I would be so honored if you guys can send me one please!! I really liked that he put it between his knees and it aligned his spine well. I have an electric bed but find I still sleep with about 10 pillows of all materials. I am still testing pillows but my favorite are down pillows from Pacific coast down. Absolute best pillow and my dogs/cats have a bed from them.

  50. I would love the Active X pillow
    because when it is hot I flop my pillow over so I have my head on the cool side.

  51. I would love to win the easy breather pillow I have a sleep apnea where my heart stops in my sleep for a second this pillow looks so comfy

  52. I have never had a latex pillow, so it is hard to compare the 2 but if i win i could definitely leave a review and comparison

  53. would love to win this pillow,i have a hard time sleeping i know with this pillow i would be able to sleep like a baby,i am 75 yrs old and a lot of my probles come with not sleeping well,thanks for the giveaway

  54. Invested time and money looking for the perfect pillows, have yet to find them. Would love to try easy breather.thanks

  55. I really need a new pillow. If you saw mine, you’d laugh. I would really like a good nights sleep that I am sure I would have when one of your pillows

  56. Sure would like help in choosing the correct pillow for a side sleeper as I have tried so many I can’t count them all.

  57. I’m A fan of memory foam, but the cooling affect of the ActiveX sounds wonderful! I would love to try any of these really.

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