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Purple Mattress Spring Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce we’re giving away one of the most popular mattresses there is this month, the Purple mattress!

Purple has an incredible comfort gel layer in its bed that relieves pressure like none other. This giveaway is for the Purple mattress (the original), but make sure to check out the New Purple Mattress as well!

Winner chooses their size. Good luck!

Purple Mattress Giveaway

In my Purple mattress review I highlight the comfort layer, which is a grid-structure made up of a hyper-elastic polymer.

Close up of the Purple hyper-elastic polymer grid

As you can see in the pressure map below, this polymer really gets the job done when it comes to pressure relief! One of the main reasons I recommend Purple for side sleepers for sure.

Purple Mattress Pressure Map
Amazing pressure relief on my side (and all positions) when laying on the Purple mattress

Good luck with our Purple mattress giveaway – and make sure to keep an eye out for more sweeps coming this month!

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Logan Block

Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole.

499 thoughts on “Purple Mattress Spring Giveaway!”

  1. Hi I would love to have a GOOD mattress and NEW lol it looks amazing n I would wish I can win this cuz i can’t afford a NEW nothing. I’m a single parent of 2 girls [6yrs n 3yrs] pregnant [3 months] I’m a student right now and i haven’t been able to get a WELL rest sleep I’m always tired, sleepy, n lack of energy. Also the mattress I have i can feel that wires from it n it just go all the way down its uncomfortable so pls pls would be nice n I n my 2 girls n the unborn will be really appreciate it..

  2. Not only am I intensely interested in trying this mattress… But with this contest/giveaway I am inspired to start a “pay it forward” style lotto to get everybody into the world’s top rated mattress in the world. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone that experiences pain from sleeping uncomfortably could actually lie down at the end of their busy day and actually release all the tension that has ensued? Just imagine a world of rested human beings… That can roll off that comfy mattress like “Ohh, I can’t wait to see you tonight… And every night for the rest of my life.” Damn… Put your money where your mouth is, Purp…. And lets get everyone in the WORLD committed to sleeping ONLY WITH YOU!!! Send me one, and I’ll review your product accordingly. If me and my sexy esposo agree… We’ll run the word of mouth campaign and you can change the world one aching body at a time. One step towards ACHIEVING WORLD PEACE!!

  3. I am a side sleeper. When I sleep I have Fibromyalgia and have have insomnia. Sometimes I’ve wondered if part of the problem is my mattress. Your design looks AWESOME as far as the pressure points! I would Love to lay on it just to feel the weightless and pain less feel.

  4. It’s great to have so many different options for side sleepers. I am an able to sleep on my stomach or my back. And I current mattress is not offer any relief from the pressure points, shoulders and hips. This mattress indicates great relief for side sleepers.

  5. The egg test is so popular that I’m seeing parodies of it on YouTube. Purple’s marketing is getting pretty viral.

  6. If I’m being honest… I’m broke and I just really need some good sleep😂💜 haven’t been able to get any in a while:(

  7. I’m in the new purple camp. The added support and pressure relief along with air flow to keep sleeping cool are the features I am looking for in a mattress

  8. I’m a side sleeper & the Purple sounds AWESOME for me! Especially since it sleeps cool & has some bounce to it. I think I’d like both the New & the Original, but the New probably would be my first pick.

  9. I think the Purple mattress sounds like it would be a really good mattress to give serious consideration to buying when I’m in the market for a new mattress. I especially love that it provides a decent amount of pressure relief for side sleepers. I also like that it is not too bouncy. And I’m definitely a Purple original kind of person, even if the Purple original mattress isn’t quite as durable the new Purple one is.

  10. Ii have heard from people and read so many reviews about this mattress that is highly rated.I need one of these so maybe I could finally get a good nights sleep.Than k you for the chance and I will be hoping to be the blessed winner

  11. sweet dreams

    omg this would be awesome my mattress stinks too hard i need this i need sleep lol much needed all nite sleep pleaseee

  12. What a nice giveaway I’ve never heard pf purple mattress before it looks so comfy. Hopefully would love a king size

  13. Having syatica I would love to try a mattress like this, I have heard many things about the purple mattress along with others that are similar to this one. ,

  14. My hubby sleeps on the couch due to his back problems. We haven’t found a good fit for a mattress yet. We hope to find one soon! Thanks for the chance!

  15. My husband and I need this mattress!I’m a side sleeper and he sleeps on his stomach. Looks like it’ll help us both!

  16. This would be great for my husband, he has bulging discs in his back. I am sure this would give him some relief. I think we are perfect with the old and new Purple Mattress!

  17. Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    Also, that is just so cool that Mallory Everton from Studio C (sketch comedy on YouTube) is starring in the ‘How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful’ video on Purple’s Facebook page! She really brings it to life so well, and the comedic twist is a terrific inclusion; great job on the video!

  18. I wouldn’t be sure which mattress is for me, until I tried them. Maybe the orignal! Your review makes it sound amazing!

  19. My boyfriend’s son has this and he ABSOLUTLEY loves it. It helps him so much with his back pain. He highly recommends it.

  20. I enjoy your commercials. And I’m looking for a new mattress so this may be my next choice thanks for the opportunity to win one

  21. I am a new kind of purple person. I think that this mattress looks amazing. It puts my current old mattress to shame.

  22. Lord knows this ER nurse could really use this. I have never had a purple product but husband and I have thought about it for a long time now. Would be great if we could use this since I am a travel nurse I am always sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses. Fingers crossed.

  23. As a mom, a teacher and a cowgirl I put lots of stress on my body. My current mattress does not help out. A dream come true to get this.

  24. The new purple mattress sounds like a little piece of heaven! It’s been ages since we got a new mattress I’m ashamed to say.

  25. Anything purple has to be good! Looks like an amazing mattress, would love to replace our old bed with this!

  26. Everyone that I know that has one of these beds loves it I’m in desperate need of a new bed moving to a new place this would be perfect

  27. Having had spinal surgery in my lower back & neck, due to having A.S, I have tried various mattresses. For example, pillow top & currently Tempadic to name 2. With no such luck if having a really good nights sleep. I woild lobe to give this a try. Good luck to all who have entered.

  28. My best friend had bought one purple once and after two nights of sleeping on it, her and her boyfriend ended up throwing away every mattress in their house and getting a purple to replace each one. 6 mattresses. So I have to say, after that … I definitely would love to try this mattress.

  29. My current mattress is over 30 years old, I am not sure which one I am to be honest.. But I would love to be a purple sleeper. I have no idea of what its like to sleep a full night..

  30. this would be completely awesome my bed is homicidal it has literally dislocated my hip more than once

  31. New Purple mattress person, we still own a water bed and we are looking for a new mattress because the pressure is beating us both up at night, no comfort waking up with bad back or sore shoulder.

  32. I’m not only a purple color lover, I am also a lover of a good mattress. I have been on the same mattress now for half of my life (25 yrs). I really need a good mattress with some support. I was shot 10 years ago and have been in recovery and in and out of surgeries for a quite some time.Every day my back hurts, and I could use a good nights sleep instead of tossing and turning in pain trying to fall asleep. I enter every mattress giveaway I can just hoping that someday I win! Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity! Have a great week!

  33. Have not sleep more than 4 hrs. a night in the last 18 yrs. due to back,neck & shoulder pain. Sure would be nice to get 8 or 9 hrs.

  34. I am dying for a mattress that doesn’t turn me into a tossing, turning, sweaty mess every night. Purple is on my shortlist of contenders!

  35. I’m impressed with the comfort level….hyper-elastic polymer with air pockets for that comfy cooling effect. Support, support ,support.

  36. Been thinking about getting this mattress, even if I don’t win, I’m going to grab one myself :)
    Good luck everyone.

  37. Would love to try the Purple mattress. My current mattress is old and my back pain is awful…sounds like this could really help!

  38. I sleep terrible and I know that a big part is my mattress. I can’t even remember when I last bought a mattress. This one sounds perfect for me, especially since I am a side sleeper. Fingers crossed to win so I could finally start sleeping well again. Thanks for the chance!

  39. This mattress made of purple makes me think of 1 sheep and to sleep I would go! Oh how I would love this coming from an insomniac!

  40. I would so, so, so love to give this mattress a try! It would be so great to get a good nights sleep for a change! :)

  41. I’d love to be able to have this mattress. My husband works in a saw mill and has so much trouble sleeping on our old mattress. This looks so cool and comfy.

  42. Both new and original mattresses have great specs and would equally be most comfortable to all whom has one including me.I just am concerned about the firmness and don’t desire a too soft mattress.

  43. All the different layers make a lot of sense. I think the New Purple or the Original Purple would both work for me. Purple looks amazing& comfortable!

  44. Absolutely love the purple mattress and really hope I win it! I’ve been sleeping on the same old spring mattress for over 15 years now.

  45. I love the concept of Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid, so I would be in the New Purple category and probably go with the Purple 3 for a softer feel.

  46. This would be absolutely amazing to win. Our current mattress is over 10 years old. I wake up with severe back pain everyday so thank you for the opportunity.

  47. We have six kids and a puppy and rarely get good sleep. We just got all the kids set with new beds. Our mattress is beyond terrible and is killing our backs! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!!

  48. This looks like a great mattress. We would love to own one, it has so much that we need. Sleeping is so hard when you have chronic pain, this Purple Mattress sounds like it would benefit us so much in that regard. A great way to get a good nights’ sleep, we need a new mattress so badly.

  49. I would love a Purple mattress! My mattress is very uncomfortable and very very firm. I never get a good nights sleep on it.

  50. I think the Purple Mattress looks so excellent. I love the review on it, and appreciate your sharing this with us.

  51. I took a bad fall. I am left with back, arm, shoulder, and nerve damage. I get 1-2 hours sleep and wake in pain, have to get up and exercise the arms to stop the pain, get back in bed and try again to sleep. If this mattress could remove the pressure to my body causing the nerve pain when I try to sleep, then I WANT IT.

  52. The Purple Mattress sounds like a good mattress based on your reviews, especially for a side sleeper. Unfortunately, it’s outside my budget. If I was to buy one, I’d go for the original.

  53. I feel like the purple mattress is here from the future, it’s so cool. I’m an original purple mattress lover myself, I don’t really like the new hybrid mattresses.

  54. I had looked at this before buying my mattress and am going to return what I bought if I don’t win it I would definitely consider this. My husband and I are both side and back sleepers. Loved the egg test..

  55. I have been following Purple for some time, but have not had the funds yet to purchase. We could most definitely use a new, LONG-LASTING, comfortable mattress like this one! I love the tech behind this!

  56. Well; it’s almost 3 o’clock in the morning and I’m awake, due to tossing and turning. I’m sure if I had a Sleepopolis New Purple Mattress, I would be sound asleep right now. I think I could definitely be a “Purple Person” – it looks amazing!

  57. This sounds like the perfect mattress for my husband and I. If we win, we are certain to get a better refreshed sleep.

  58. This new Purple Mattress looks sooooo comfortable!! My back, my neck, and I will love you forever if I were to win!!! :-)

  59. ever since one of my friends won one of your giveaways I have been trying so hard to get one of your awesome products

    • I have never slept on a Purple Mattress but it sure looks comfy. I have had a lot of broken bones and this would be a great way to sleep better. It really does look awesome!

  60. I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. I wake up hurting and aching. IT WOULD BE GREAT TO WIN THIS BED.I HAVEN’T HAD A NEW BED IN 10 YEARS NO JOKE

  61. I’m excited to have learned about this fantastic mattress.Having Fibromyalgia,sleep is the most important for my ability to function the next day.

  62. I think my mind is finally made up on my new mattress. It’s just got to be purple! I’m loving the sounds of the new one!

  63. I like the way they have made improvements, an since my mattress is very old would love to have this, thanks for opportunity, ❤️LOVE TO WIN!!❤️

  64. Sounds and looks like a fine quality mattress. I like that it has some bounce, I have tried other foam mattresses that just feel like a rock, no movement at all. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  65. I like the new Purple mattress. My favorite part is that it helps relieve the pain in my right hip. There is pressure relief all over

  66. Sounds like what I am looking for. Arthritus, herniated disc’s, frozen shoulders, Pins in hip and thigh of one leg. I am all about pressure relief and comfort. Thanks for doing these reviews they make me a bit more knowledgeable.

  67. I think I’m more of an Original Purple girl!!! Both mattress’ look awesome, and for me & the hubby would work wonderfully!! We are both back/side sleepers. Thank you!!

  68. Being my matress is over 20 years old, I think a new Purple Mattress would be a great choice, especially since it would help keep me cool on those hot summer nights.

  69. I am a side sleeper and wake up during the night with pains in my hips and knees. I love the egg test it shows that this mattress would help relieve the pressure.

  70. I have watched and seen a lot of video’s and review’s about the purple mattress. First off I want to say that the review’s I have watched on this page were very on point, and I love the use of the medicine balls to show how much they sink into the Mattress. Personally this Mattress is what I have always wanted in a Mattress and I would SO love to win one. Thanks for the awesome reviews and the chance to win this :)

    • I’m a side sleeper so I bet this mattress would align my body properly so I can finally get a good night, much needed rest .

  71. Unique query…How long can an individual stay in one position on this mattress before pressure causes them the need to reposition themselves? Our daughter is physically disabled and cannot reposition herself through the night.

  72. Thankful for the opportunity to win, this would be awesome, I am in need of a new mattress and I am a side sleeper with lower back issues

  73. Thank you for the opportunity. My son and I need new everything, so this would be a miracle. How long does this mattress last compared and contrasted to others?

  74. Thank You for the chance to win a great prize this would be perfect for me I am disabled and have back problems this would help me get a good nights sleep

  75. I’m a side sleeper and I need a purple. I always have been fond of purple. I am tired of pressure points waking me up every 20 minutes to re-position. I can only dream of owning a purple.

  76. I hope I win because I’m about to have heart surgery and a kidney transplant in the near future so please take me into consideration thank you Purple Mattress!!!

  77. Besides the fact that purple is my favorite color so of course, I love this mattress, I love how it stays cool – I’m always moving around in bed, trying to find the cool spot.

  78. I gave my Mom my favorite mattress because she really needs it in the Nursing Home. My other mattress is just okay. It is very old. It would be awesome if I win this mattress! If I don’t win this mattress, that’s okay because I am not the only one that really needs a new mattress. Thank you for this giveaway!

  79. I was looking these up earlier today after seeing it on TV. I am really in need of a new .mattress and would love one of these!

  80. This giveaway is exciting; I would love to win!!!
    Do you know if the winner could choose a new hybrid and pay the difference between it and the Original? As a side and back sleeper, the Purple 3 seems like the best fit for me, but I can’t afford the steep price increase. If I could apply a $999 credit of the queen Original, the remaining balance would be manageable. Either way, it’d be cool to win.

  81. I really appreciate this giveaway. .I just recently had a baby and haven’t been sleeping well this would be a gift from God.. God bless you and good luck everyone.

  82. I have never heard of this until I started seeing the giveaways pop up. It looks well-constructed and very comfortable

  83. Hi there I would love to get a mattress. I’m desperate, I only have an inflatable bed and after the surgery to remove my cancerous tumor my poor back is in knots. It doesn’t help having to work 50 hours a week. Please! Pick me i really do need this and would greatly appreciate it and would forever be thankful to you.

  84. I would be a new purple voter. I am a side sleeper and the reviews for the new seem to be great. I can’t stand to be hot when I sleep and hate waking up every hour or so because of pain on the side I am lying on. When your arm goes numb it wakes you.

  85. Great review! I’ve heard a lot of great things about the original purple mattress. It sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win.

  86. The New Purple mattress sounds wonderful. I have arthritis in my spine and hips. It would be nice to have a mattress that relieves some of the pressure on these areas.

  87. I guess I would be a new purple kind of person. It is different for sure but it does look like it would be comfortable.

  88. Being that my fav color is purple, I am a semi new purple person with plans to be a All purple person! I absolutely NEED and WANT this amazing mattress. I want to show all my friends, co-workers, and family this amazing mattress, along with finally being done with mattress shopping. I’ve spent thousands on mattresses that promised me sleep only to fall apart months later. Fingers and toes crossed with this one! please….im tired!😁

  89. The design of this mattress looks amazing. I’d love to surprise my husband by having us join #teampurple. He has chronic pain & he really needs to get better quality sleep.

  90. I need a new mattress so bad. My husband and I have been sleeping on the same mattress for over 25 years. The Purple mattress sounds perfect!

  91. My husband and I have been wanting a Purple mattress for a long time. We both are having back issues and desperately need a new mattress. We honestly will take any Purple mattress, original or new, because either will be 10x better than our current mattress. :)

  92. Love to see how this feels. I have had back surgery and need support, but too firm a mattress makes me ache too. This mattress looks like it has the right combination of firm and soft!

  93. Purple uses hyper-elastic polymer to make up the comfort layer of the mattress.
    It supports your back like a firm mattress, it cradles hips and shoulders like a soft mattress, there are no compromises like a “medium- firmness” mattress, you get the best of both worlds: firm and soft. It has a grid structure to help with weight distribution and pressure relief. Right now I really would love that to help me sleep much better at night

  94. I don’t have anything to say but I am sold. I even tagged my husband on their facebook page that we are buying when we replace my current mattress that we have had for 2yrs now. I will replace at 4yrs. I have to replace my mattress earlier than the standard 8, since I spend 12-18hrs a day in bed for chronic pain from Lupus and some other heath issues. I have seen an infomercial on Purple and loved it. It also meets my husbands needs at well. Good review on your part too!

  95. I am a “Side Sleeper” and finding the right Mattress is difficult for me. This Purple Mattress looks AMAZING!!! Love to get the chance to win this and put the ZZzzz’s back in my Bedroom!

  96. Being a side sleeper, this mattress sounds great for me. I love the idea of pressure relief. Great technology! I’m a new purple mattress person!

  97. I would love to win this awesome mattress. I need a new one and purple is my favourite colour. Thank you 💜💜💜

  98. We have been looking for a new mattress for a few months and this one sounds perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win this excellent mattress!

  99. My husband and I and two of our children sleep with us are currently sleeping on an air mattress because we just can’t afford a mattress with our son’s medical expenses, he is our world and lucky to be alive! We desperately need a mattress I’m exhausted of not getting much sleep and waking up in pain! Thank you for your generosity and making this giveaway possible!

  100. I would be so grateful to win this bed. Right now I’m sleeping on two twins in top of eachother. It stinks but I’m grateful I have a bed. Still there springs r killing my back n being so low on the floor is irritating. I can only pray my name is picked! Thanks for the chance 😊🙏💙✌

  101. I like the Purple mattress unique comfort layer design, and I love that this mattress is great for side sleepers (like me).

  102. I would love to win to one these beds.It would really help me sleep better with this lung disease I have, thank you.

  103. The comfort layer containing lycra is interesting to me! A comfortable mattress is a must for me to avoid back pains!

  104. The pinched nerve in my neck is screaming for a new mattress that’s right for me. The Purple looks like the way to go.

  105. Looks like some great technology going into this mattress. I’m using the Puffy Mattress now and not sure how I feel about it, would love to see how this would compare.

  106. As a Fibromyalgia sufferer with chronic back and sciatic nerve pain, I would love to win this mattress. Sounds like it might be a perfect choice for me.

  107. I have had the same spring mattress for years. I’ve wanted a purple ever since I first saw them. I’m disabled and haven’t been able to afford a nice mattress. Good luck everyone and thank you so much for this great opportunity

  108. I’m just learning about the purple mattress, and so far it sounds amazing! I’m a chronic pain sufferer and it’s so hard to know which mattress to buy because I’m on disability with limited income, and don’t have the money to buy a good mattress. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  109. I am a side sleeper and would love to win this mattress. Sometimes takes me forever to fall asleep because of back problems and etc. I bet I would get a good night’s sleep with this mattress.. thank you for the chance!

  110. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing prize. I would love to win this amazing prize the mattress can help me with my bad back.

  111. I’ve never had a purple mattress but I have been wanting to try it out. My current mattress needs to be replaced because it is bad for my back.

  112. I’ve just started hearing about the purple mattress and I think it might be the cure for my lack of sleep. It looks amazing.

  113. Veteran, Retired public servant, 3 car crashes, back surgery, shoulder too. I’d appreciate the opportunity to tell you how it makes me feel after sleeping on it. “The Purple Mattress, all others it surpasses “, I’d like to prove that.

  114. I don’t know which one would work better for me but I recently had surgery and am forced to sleep on my back. I haven’t had a good night sleep in ages!! Maybe this would help.

  115. Would love to upgrade my old well loved mattress to an INCREDIBLE “ PURPLE “ mattress ! With chronic neck and back pain this sounds like the perfect mattress to indulge in and sleep with quality comfort ! Ty for the chance !

  116. Oh wow, the pressure point test blew me away. Due to injuries years ago and dealing with current chronic pain in my back and hips, sleeping is almost impossible due to pressure point pain. The results of your pressure point test is mind blowing and Purple Mattress just shot up to the very top of my list!

  117. I wake up still tired and with a sore back. I really need something new.
    Thanks for the chance. It looks like a mattress I would need.

  118. I tried the Leesa mattress and it wasn’t enough support for my back. I purchased another foam mattress I have to turn every 30 days. I would love to win maybe it has better support for my back.

  119. Oh my gosh, I wanna win a Purple sooooo bad!!!! My hubby has wanted one for like a year and a half, and our traditional one is so sad and lumpy now, after 5 years. :/

  120. The New Purple sounds terrific and I really like the enhanced edge support, but I also like the fact that the Original has less bounce, so both mattresses have a lot of positives.

  121. I’m a side sleeper and the gel comfort layer that relieves pressure is what I am looking for. I am curious how long the poly foam construction will last.

  122. First hearing about this mattress and I think it would and could help with my back issues, problems and pains. Thanks for the information.

  123. I really think this is a great mattress for me. I’ve had back surgery and I’m now going thru ablation. (nerve burning) I’m more of an original Purple Mattress. Thanks for the opportunity !!

  124. I really need a new mattress. I haven’t changed mine for over 10 years. The Purple mattress looks amazing and has so many positives about it. I hope I get to try this.

  125. This would be great. Especially since having so much trouble sleeping with this pregnancy on my old mattress. Would love to win this so bad!.

  126. I have never tried the purple mattress but would love to. I have chronic pain and I am currently sleeping on a very firm mattress. I wake up every couple of hours and have a very difficult time getting any sleep afterwards.

  127. I would have to say that I’m a Purple kind of person! These are amazing! They seem so comfortable! I definitely need a new mattress, but I just can’t afford one right now. I helped my mom get year car fixed, so I have to put my dream of buying a new mattress on hold for a bit. When I do get one, I’ll definitely consider these!

  128. This looks amazing! I would be so happy if I could win this for my husband and I! Our mattress is about ten years old! Our ten year wedding anniversary is coming up in September and I would love to have a new mattress by then! Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. As you can see by my email ‘impurpleluvr2’, I am crazy in love for the color purple. It would be such an awesome and unique addition to my purple collection. This purple crazy woman wants this purple crazy mattress.

  130. Wow this would be truly amazing my current bed is really hard to move in and just not comfortable as a working mom the sleep i do get is crucial and also bed shsre most nights with my toddler so not waking her up s i move sround would be awesome too!!

  131. I’ll tell you what, I have Spinal Stenosis so it this mattress is good for that… pleeeeeeeeease…. sign me up for this giveaway!!! THANKS for the opportunity!

  132. I think I would be fine with the Original Purple Mattress. It seems like a good mattress from what I’ve read about it.

  133. Very happy to read your review, I’m extremely interested in seeing if a Purple Mattress would be a good option as I’m stuck as a side sleeper due to back and neck injuries. It certainly seems as if the dreaded shoulder and hip pressure points wouldn’t be agonizing! Thanks for the info!

  134. Original purple for me. I am a side sleeper and I need pressure point relief! It would be amazing to win this awesome mattress!

  135. I would love to win a new mattress! Mine is over 20 years old. I have a new bed frame i just need a mattress to go with it.

  136. I think the New Purple would be amazing for me! I have EDS and my joints tend to dislocate and sublux in my sleep. I feel like the Purple mattress would help a LOT with that!

  137. I want a Purple mattress for sure, when I can afford to buy a new mattress this is the one I want! I am a side sleeper I am new or original Purple person because Purple is awesome, thank you for the chance of winning my dream mattress.

  138. I could really use this mattress. I am still using a 30 year old mattress and am also a weight lifter and runner so I am often sore. I would really like a mattress that would feel cool in the hot summers. I think either purple mattress sounds great.

    • I really need a purple matress mine has a big dip in from my husband being sick and in bed alot . I cant afford to buy one on my income! God bless his soul he is at rest now!

  139. I’m a purple original kind of person. It would be awesome to win this. My husband sleeps really hot all the time.

    I read sleepopis reviews all the time. They’re really thorough.

  140. I love the construction of the new purple mattress. Seems like the best of both worlds in a hybrid, combined with their special material. Definitely a new Purple person.

  141. I have heard nothing but good things about this awesome mattress giveaway. I would love to win this giveaway for my bad back. I have a very old mattress and i don’t get a comfortable nights sleep.

  142. This is a mattress I need try for my bad back. I have tried the memory foam mattress and they didn’t work and I really need a good mattress that will help me to be able to sleep and be comfortable.

  143. I sleep on my side or stomach and have a hard time getting comfortable due to restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia I believe this bed would be a great benefit to me Looks very soft and comfortable

  144. I would LOVE to win this as we’ve been wanting a purple mattress for a while, and I’m having knee surgery that will keep me in bed for weeks!
    Thanks for doing a giveaway! This is awesome!

  145. My wife and I need a new mattress and we are debating on The Purple or a different one. If we win this it will make up our mind for us.

  146. This looks like a really well made mattress and carefully planned out and well thought through one. I would love to have it. Thank you for this opportunity.

  147. I would love to win this mattress. I have so much pain with my current mattress. The grid structure that helps with weight distribution and pressure relief sounds like just the ticket to help me.

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