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Sleepopolis is taking over! The Puffy Mattress Instagram account that is. Head over to test your knowledge of sleep through a game of Fact or Fiction. We’ll be there all day to share tips and tricks to help you sleep better, you don’t want to miss it! 

Want to check your answers? Read below to see how well you did and learn more about sleep along the way. Then, enter to win a brand new Puffy mattress!

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Fact or Fiction — Did You Get it Right?

Smartphones, Laptops, and Tablets - Oh My!

If you use technology before bed, you’re not alone. It can be tempting to catch up on your favorite TV show before hitting the hay or even “procrastinate” going to sleep if a stressful day lies ahead tomorrow. But the use of technology, especially right before bed, can have detrimental effects on our sleep. Fact – blue light should be avoided at least one hour before bedtime. Check out our resources to learn how to improve your digital wellness, find alternative ways to destress before bed, and overall, better your sleep. 

Sleep Positions - Trust Us, There’s More to it Than You Think! 

Though there is no single sleep position that’s best for everyone, some provide more health benefits than others. The best sleep position is one that creates spinal alignment and supports your spine’s curvature, particularly at the neck. The wrong position is any position that doesn’t do this for you. Fact – stomach-sleeping is the least popular sleep position and one that causes the most strain on your neck. To keep your spine and neck strain free, it may be time to try back-sleeping! Fact – back-sleeping has the most health benefits. Learn about sleep posture, back-sleeping, and more with our guides. 

Pillow Talk - How Your Pillow Matters

If you’ve spent even ten minutes browsing the Internet for a new pillow, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot to choose from. So, how are you supposed to know which pillow is the right one for you? The right pillow should keep your head, neck, and spine, all in neutral alignment, and support the natural curvature of your spine. Fact – the height of your pillow does matter! On the search for your new pillow? Check out our guides and soon you’ll be resting your head on the pillow of your dreams. 

What Chronotype Are You?

Whether you’re an early bird, a night owl, or fall somewhere in between, your unique genetics and your chronotype are connected to a certain degree. As defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, a chronotype is the internal circadian rhythm or body clock of an individual that influences the cycle of sleep and activity in a 24-hour period. This is why some people identify as early birds or night owls. Chronotypes can signal when you are most active during the day, which can help optimize your sleep routine and consequently, boost your productivity. Fact – the most common chronotype is Bear. Find out more about your genetics and chronotypes with these resources! 

What is Sleep Hygiene?

“Sleep hygiene” is the term for a set of actions and lifestyle behaviors surrounding your sleep routine. There are varying ways to achieve proper sleep hygiene based on personal needs, but a vital element to it is consistency. Fact – a key to better sleep is commitment to consistency. Not sure how to create your sleep hygiene plan? Check out our guides. Included is a guided 30-Day plan to help stay on track! 

Nightmares: What They Mean and Why They Happen

Did you know, the word nightmare is derived from “mare” (meaning female horse), and variations of it appear in many ancient languages. But no matter the origin, nightmares affect our sleep and can interfere with daily life. What causes them? A few things. Fact – eating before bed may elevate the rate of metabolism, thereby increasing brain activity and triggering nightmares. Other than food, things like an uncomfortable sleep position, headache, fever, and environmental factors (like a pandemic) can lead to nightmares. Learn more about nightmares and what yours could mean with the resources.

It's Washing Day!

If you ask enough people, you’ll probably notice that mostly everyone has a different answer when it comes to how often you should wash your sheets, pillow, and mattress. But we’re here to set the record straight! Fact – When it comes to your sheets you should be washing them once a week. Why? Because bed sheets can collect all kinds of bacteria, fungi, and other allergens that are totally invisible to the eye. Another fact – you can clean your mattress and should for some of the same reasons: rid your sleep space of bacteria, fungi and more. Check out our guides to learn more on taking care of your sleep space. 

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