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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Giveaway

We’re keeping the good times rolling with another exclusive giveaway inspired by our guide to the Best Cooling Mattresses on the market. We’ve already got contests for Purple, Ghostbed, Loom & Leaf, and WinkBeds in the works, but are ready to add a new one from Brooklyn Bedding to the mix!

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Giveaway

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is a hybrid bed that mixes gentle foam top layers with a supportive pocketed coil base for a truly all-encompassing sleep. What sets this baby apart is its phase change material cover, which makes the bed literally cool to the touch.

Brooklyn Aurora Front View
Brooklyn Aurora mattress

We’ll be choosing one winner for this giveaway, so enter now! And don’t forget to throw your hat into all our other exciting contests:

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147 thoughts on “Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Giveaway”

  1. The bedding mattress that I have been looking for is for my son, who would greatly appreciate a better sleep. Not sure which would be the best for him, Thank You for this offer.

  2. i would love this bed, i have a lot of aches and pain and this bed will solved my problems,also it will keep me cool also,I would really need this bed.

  3. I am always in awe when it comes to BB Mattresses! They’re so uniquely made and designed. Such a great opportunity. Thank you Sleepopolis!

  4. It would be awesome to win a mattress! I’ve had my mattress for 8 years…time for a new one. Thank you for the opportunity to win

  5. The Zenhaven is my favorite latex mattress. We’re both side sleepers, so that one would be great. BUT, I’d consider a hybrid too. Sooooo many good mattresses!

  6. I would love a new mattress because my allergies are terrible. I’ve had the same mattress for decades but mattresses are expensive!

  7. The Novosbed Mattress is my favorite because I love foam mattresses and it seem to have just the right amount of firmness for me.

  8. Out of all of the reviews my favorite is still the Brooklyn Aurora bed! I like that it’s best for couples,soft and has the cooling technology.

  9. Would love to win this mattress for me and my partner! My back has been killing me when I wake up, so I know it’s time for a new mattress and this one seems like the right fit!

  10. Anytime I read “cooling” in the description, I know my son would love the mattress. Thanks for the opportunity to win it for him.

  11. Cool to the touch sounds great with this mattress, the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress. Definitely would make for a great nights sleep, comfortably especially with the heat in Florida.

  12. Would love to win this bed!! My husband and I haven’t had a bed in a good while due to losing everything in our last apartment to bed bugs. This would be a blessing to us.

  13. I would love the Allswell Luxe Hybrid as I am a stomach sleeper and suffer with spinal fusion and degenerative disc disease of the spine also. Thanks for this amazing chance. Entered and shared. With love from Pennsylvania!

  14. I have 2 mattresses brom Brooklyn Bedding. The original #bestmattressever and the Arctic Dream. They are a wonderful company producing quality, comfortable beds in a box at a good price. This new Aurora Hybrid would be a nice addition. I would use it myself and move the #bestmattressever to the guest room. My guests may never leave!!

  15. Would absolutely LOVE to win a Sleepopolis mattress, from everything that I have read about your mattresses they are amazing and would give both my husband and I a great nights sleep.

  16. Brooklyn Bedding Although this mattress is cool to touch. I still think the Purple mattress would be a better pit for me. I need great relief from pressure points

  17. The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress looks the best to me because the hybred technology enables me to have a foam style bed, but with good edge support.

  18. Oh my, another one that would be perfect for me as a hot side sleeper! I’m very interested in the hybrid designs since I’m used to a traditional mattress. Love the cooling feature of the Aurora.

  19. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is a hybrid bed that mixes gentle foam top layers with a supportive pocketed coil base for a truly all-encompassing sleep. What sets this baby apart is its phase change material cover, which makes the bed literally cool to the touch. Which means if you sleep hot, this is the bed for you! It would be a great night’s sleep!

  20. I sweat a lot at night so a cooling mattress is definitely what I need. Thank you for sponsoring these sweeps and giving me a chance to win.

  21. I like your review of the Zenhaven latex mattress. It good for side sleepers, has 5 zones to support different parts of your body, sleeps cool and can be flipped to provide different firmness levels

  22. I am always hot while sleeping. I have to have a fan blowing on me all the time. Being able to sleep on mattress that is comfortable and cooling would be so wonderful. Thanks for this amazing chance

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