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Helix vs Helix Luxe Mattress Comparison

In this comparison, we’ll be training a magnifying glass on two beds that seem similar, but are actually quite different: the Helix Twilight and Helix Twilight Luxe. Though both mattresses were designed to satisfy the same kind of customer (sleepers who want firm support), they come at the demographic in two totally unique ways.

So, which is better for you: The no-frills, standard Twilight or its slightly more glamorous Luxe counterpart? Below, I’ll highlight all their major similarities and differences so you can land on the mattress that’s going to work for your specific sleep needs.

Continue reading below for my full Helix Twilight vs Helix Twilight Luxe comparison. Short on time? Hop over to my comparison summary.

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Helix Twilight Luxe

The Helix Twilight Luxe has firm support that is great for back sleepers who like a memory foam feel!

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Helix Twilight

The Helix Twilight has firm support that is great for stomach sleepers! 

Helix Twilight vs Helix Twilight Luxe: Which is Better for You?

The Twilight and Twilight Luxe are both hybrid mattresses from Helix Sleep. But the Luxe includes a pillow top and zoned support to give it a softer feel. Depending on your body type and preferred sleeping position, you’ll likely prefer one of these mattresses over the other. Take a look below to see which bed might work for you! I’d also encourage you to check out my full reviews of these beds. The Helix Twilight Luxe mattress review and Helix Twilight mattress review offer a great deep dive into these beds.

Who Should Buy the Helix Twilight

The Helix Twilight mattress.
  • Combination sleepers will probably prefer the standard Twilight, which is bouncier than the Twilight Luxe.
  • Budget shoppers will want to stick with the more affordable Helix Twilight.
  • If you prefer a firm mattress, you should choose the standard Twilight.

Who Should Buy the Helix Twilight Luxe

Helix Twilight Luxe mattress
The Helix Twilight Luxe.
  • Couples might appreciate the balanced feel and strong edge support on this bed. You’re also unlikely to feel disturbed by a restless partner on this mattress.
  • If you need a lot of pressure relief at the shoulders, hips, or lower back, the Twilight Luxe is a great choice.
  • If you prefer a medium-firm mattress, you should choose the Twilight Luxe.

Helix Twilight vs Helix Twilight Luxe: Similarities and Differences

Before we get into the details, let’s take a second to go over the main similarities and differences between these beds.

Main Similarities

  • The Helix mattresses all feature a sturdy system of pocketed coils intended to lift the sleeper up and out of the structure.
  • According to Helix, the Twilight and Twilight Luxe were both built for side sleepers who want firm support.
  • Combination sleepers should like both beds, because they both feel bouncy and responsive.

Main Differences

  • The Twilight Luxe feels softer than the standard Twilight.
  • The Twilight Luxe includes a pillow top and 2 inches of extra foam, so has a more cushioning feel than the standard Twilight.
  • The Twilight Luxe features zoned support, which means it is softer at the shoulders and firmer at the hips. The standard Twilight is not zoned for support.
  • The Twilight mattress is much cheaper than the Twilight Luxe mattress.
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Helix Twilight Luxe

The Helix Twilight Luxe has firm support that is great for back sleepers who like a memory foam feel!

Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 Off + Free Pillows
Helix Twilight

The Helix Twilight has firm support that is great for stomach sleepers! 

Helix Twilight and Helix Twilight Luxe Mattress Feel Comparison

Feel is such a subjective matter, and every sleeper will experience a mattress a little differently (depending on their body shape, size, and weight). So, I always invite a few coworkers to test out new beds with me. Once we’ve all stretched out on the mattresses, we share our thoughts and average together any rankings or ratings we come up with. The feel descriptions below will be based on that process.

Helix vs Luxe Firmness
The Helix Twilight and Helix Twilight Luxe on the mattress firmness scale.

Helix Twilight Luxe

We were pretty much in agreement about the firmness of the Helix Twilight Luxe, landing on an average score of 6.5 out of 10, which syncs up perfectly with the industry standard for medium firmness.

The Helix Twilight Luxe strikes a nice balance between pressure relief and support.

I felt this mattress struck a satisfying balance between gentle pressure relief and firm support. While you’re likely to sink through the top layers of contouring memory foam, the tall pocketed coil system does a lot to buffer this sinkage so you don’t feel too stuck in the structure. Additionally, the zoned support in the coil system helps to extend the contouring of the top memory foam layers deeper into the mattress, creating a balanced vibe that’s consistent from top to bottom.

The extra layers in the Twilight Luxe mean it features better motion isolation than the standard Helix Twilight. Essentially, the Twilight Luxe does a good job of absorbing motion transfer. That means that you won’t feel disturbed by a restless partner or pet on this bed-in-a-box.

Helix Twilight

Again, we were in agreement about the Helix Twilight, and gave it a score of 7.5 out of 10. This means it’s a firm mattress, and it did feel quite a bit firmer than the Twilight Luxe. The Twilight is so much firmer because it doesn’t have the second memory foam layer the Luxe does, and it doesn’t zone its coil support system. This means you’ll notice a lot more firmness and support on this mattress.

I think the Helix Twilight is a great choice for combination sleepers.

I also found this mattress bouncier than the Luxe. Combination sleepers might prefer this responsiveness and firmness level, which should help them feel more “on top of the bed.” On the other hand, if you prefer more of a body-contouring feel, the Twilight Luxe is the way to go.

Comparing What it’s Like to Sleep on the Twilight and Twilight Luxe

The firmness differences between these two beds means they feel pretty different from each other in different sleeping positions! Read on below to see what it’s like to sleep on each bed in a few common sleeping positions.

Twilight Luxe

Back — I felt very comfortable on my back. I could feel this bed’s memory foam layers contouring to my lower back to alleviate any tension there. If you struggle with back pain, the Twilight Luxe might be a good solution for you.

back sleeping on the Helix Twilight Luxe
The Twilight Luxe is a great option for back sleepers.

Side — I also felt comfortable on my side. I think the Luxe is a great mattress for shoulder pain sufferers. I felt plenty of pressure relief and cushioning around my shoulders and hips, which is a great sign for side sleepers. The more pressure-relieving feel of the Luxe is definitely better for side sleepers than the firm feel of the standard model.

Stomach — I didn’t feel very comfortable on my stomach.In this position, I could feel my hips sinking out of alignment with my shoulders, which bowed my back and caused some discomfort along my spine. If you’re a strict stomach sleeper, I’d stick to the standard Twilight mattress.

Body Weight — This mattress will likely feel a bit softer to heavier sleepers than it did to me. If you like a soft feel, the Twilight Luxe could work well for you. But you may also want to check out the Helix Plus mattress, which was designed specifically for heavier people.


Back — Back sleepers should like the Twilight mattress. Though it’s not zoned for support, I still felt likeI was getting plenty of high-quality lumbar support from this bed. If you’re a back sleeper who likes a firm feel you should like this mattress.

Side — Since the Helix Twilight was designed for side sleepers, I do think it’d feel comfortable to someone who alternated between their side and another position throughout the night. But if you’re a strict side sleeper who likes a lot of cushion around their pressure points, I’d opt for the softer Twilight Luxe.

Stomach — I think the Twilight is a great option for stomach sleepers. My hips felt well-supported, which is a great sign for stomach sleepers. I don’t think you’ll run into any issues with bowing at the back on the Twilight.

The Helix Twilight has good support for stomach sleepers.

Body Weight — Heavier sleepers might find the Twilight a bit softer than I did. But I think you’ll still find this mattress offers plenty of firm support and durability. If you’re not interested in the Helix Plus, the standard Twilight mattress could be a great option for you.

Comparing Helix and Helix Luxe Prices

Price is a huge factor when choosing a new mattress! Take a look at the chart below to compare pricing information. The standard Twilight is much more affordable than the Twilight Luxe, but you can always check out Helix mattress coupon page to try and get a discount on either bed.

Price listed is before discount or offer on each size.

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Helix Twilight Luxe

The Helix Twilight Luxe has firm support that is great for back sleepers who like a memory foam feel!

Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 Off + Free Pillows
Helix Twilight

The Helix Twilight has firm support that is great for stomach sleepers! 

Twin XL$799$1,349
California King$1,449$2,349

Comparing Helix Twilight and Helix Twilight Luxe Mattress Materials

Next, I’m going to walk you through each bed’s construction to help you understand what really makes these beds different.

Helix Twilight Luxe

Cover — Crafted with breathable Tencel, the Twilight Luxe’s cover is smooth and soft to the touch. It’s also quilted with some extra foam for a cushioning pillow top feel.

Comfort Layer — The first section you’ll encounter here is made of gel visco memory foam. This material has a slow response to pressure, allowing the sleeper to sink in for some satisfying pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. It’s also much more breathable than traditional memory foam.

Contour Layer — Below the gel memory foam, you’ll land on a layer of Helix’s Memory Plus foam. This section extends the body-contouring of the first layer deeper into the mattress, providing a cushiony hug to sensitive spots.

Transition Layer — Up next is a layer of high-grade poly foam, which is much firmer than the sections above it. You won’t necessarily feel this section, but it does help to gradually ease you into the pocketed coil system below.

Support Layer — The bulk of the mattress is made up of an individually wrapped coil system. Bouncy, supportive, and firm, this section offers support and promotes airflow. This system is also zoned for support, with softer coils at the shoulders for a bit of sink and firmer ones at the hips for a little lift. Though there are a number of differences between the Luxe and Original lines (including the cover and comfort layers), I think this section of Zoned Support is a particularly important one.

Base Layer — And finally, the base, which is made of high-density poly foam. This section functions to support the layers above it.

Helix Luxe Materials
Checking out the hybrid construction of the Helix Luxe.

Helix Twilight

Cover — The standard Twilight uses a Soft Touch Design cover. I found it to be stretchy, thin, and quite breathable.

Comfort Layer — Like the Luxe, the construction kicks off with a layer of body-contouring memory foam. However, this layer is Memory Plus foam, not gel visco foam, which means the standard Twilight won’t sleep as cool as the Luxe. So hot sleepers might want to stick to the Luxe model.

Transition Layer — Next up, you’ll run into a transition layer of high-grade poly foam. This firm material curbs the sinkage of the gentle top layer, functioning mostly to ease the sleeper into the supportive coils below.

Support Layer — The primary player in this mattress is this coil layer. They offer a supportive lift to the structure. Since the coils are individually wrapped, they’re also going to encourage extra breathability. This system is very similar to the one we saw in the Luxe, but isn’t zoned for support, so will provide a more uniform feel across the body.

Base Layer — Last but not least, you’ll find a thin section of high-density poly foam. This layer doesn’t affect the feel of the bed too much, functioning mostly to give the pocketed coils something to bounce off.

Helix Twilight Materials
A look inside the Helix Twilight.

Helix Twilight vs Helix Twilight Luxe: Best Qualities

Well folks, we’ve reached the end of this comparison! We’ve gone over each bed’s design and talked about their respective feels, all the while comparing and contrasting the characteristics that make them unique. Now, it’s time to wrap things up with a few final thoughts.

Helix Twilight Best Features

  • The standard Twilight has a relatively affordable price tag, especially compared to other models on the market.
  • The Twilight is also supremely bouncy, allowing for a ton of mobility that makes it easy to move around and change positions in the night.
  • The Twilight offers firm support that stomach and back sleepers should really enjoy.

Helix Twilight Luxe Best Features

  • The Twilight Luxe offers more pressure relief than the standard Twilight.
  • The zoned support system in the Luxe is especially nice for sleepers struggling with shoulder pain.
  • The cooling properties and motion isolation this mattress offers make it a nice choice for couples.
Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 Off + Free Pillows
Helix Twilight Luxe

The Helix Twilight Luxe has firm support that is great for back sleepers who like a memory foam feel!

Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 Off + Free Pillows
Helix Twilight

The Helix Twilight has firm support that is great for stomach sleepers! 

Helix Sleep Company Policies

Helix has similar shipping, sleep trial, and warranty policies for its Luxe and standard mattress lines. But there are a few differences, so take a look below to learn more about Helix’s policies for these beds.


  • Trial Period — 100 nights
  • Shipping — Free
  • Mattress Warranty — 10 years

Helix Luxe

  • Trial Period — 100 nights
  • Shipping — Free
  • Mattress Warranty — 15 years

Helix Sleep Customer Service

Normally, I’ll compare each mattress company’s customer service team and let you know which is better. Since the Helix and Helix Luxe are made by the same company, I’ll just give you a quick overview of my experience with the Helix team!

At Sleepopolis, we give customer service teams a rating of Stellar, Great, Satisfactory, or Poor. I gave Helix’s team a great rating. I was connected with a real person right away on their chat feature, but I did have to input my email address before the live chat began. My rep was very helpful when I asked him questions about which Helix products would work best for me. Overall, I had a pleasant experience with the Helix team.

Comparing Other Models from Helix

Helix offers six standard mattress models and six Luxe models. You can learn about all of these models in our Helix mattress reviews or Helix Luxe mattress reviews. Helix also offers a sleep quiz on their website that can help you choose the best mattress model and firmness option for your needs. Below, I’ll give you some information on two popular Helix models, the Helix Midnight and the Helix Dawn Luxe.

Helix Midnight

Helix Midnight
The Helix Midnight.
  • The Helix Midnight is one of Helix’s medium-firm mattress options.
  • The Midnight is also Helix’s most popular mattress option.
  • Like the Twilight, the Midnight is offered in a standard or a Luxe model. The Helix Midnight Luxe has a softer feel than the standard Helix Midnight.
  • Learn more in the full Helix Midnight mattress review.

Helix Dawn Luxe

Helix Dawn luxe mattress
The Helix Dawn Luxe.
  • The Dawn Luxe is Helix’s firmest Luxe mattress option.
  • Stomach sleepers will likely enjoy the firm support this mattress offers.
  • The Dawn Luxe uses Helix Dynamic foam instead of Memory Plus foam in its comfort layers, which gives it a firmer, bouncier feel.
  • Find out more about the Dawn in the Helix Dawn mattress review.

Other Common Helix Comparisons

Want to read even more about Helix? Take a look at a few other common comparisons below!

Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 Off + Free Pillows
Helix Twilight Luxe

The Helix Twilight Luxe has firm support that is great for back sleepers who like a memory foam feel!

Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 Off + Free Pillows
Helix Twilight

The Helix Twilight has firm support that is great for stomach sleepers! 

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