This Under-the-Radar Mattress Brand Just Won a Major Award: Here’s What to Know

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Derucci Mattress

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas on January 10 featured a staggering range of tech-y goods geared toward improving your life, including robots that make cocktails and clean your floors, to the more obscure niche products (steak toaster, anyone?) and of course, a variety of intriguing health and sleep tech. Amongst the winners, a new pioneer of sleep technology emerged as DeRUCCI clinched the prestigious 2024 BIG Innovation Award for its AI Series T11 Pro Smart Mattress.

DeRUCCI’s T11 Pro Smart Mattress takes a leap forward in smart sleep solutions, equipped with 23 sleep and health AI sensors. Data received by the sensors adapts the mattress instantly to your sleeping position to create the most comfortable sleep possible.

But awards aren’t won on comfort alone — the T11 Pro can detect potential health issues, alerting you before you even sense them. 

The First AI Smart Mattress for Health

Combine the comfort of your favorite mattress with the insights of a sleep tracker, and throw in the intelligence of an AI assistant and potentially even an AI-powered healthcare advisor, and you’ll get close to the DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress. Garnering an Innovation Award at CES 2024, this mattress provides much more than a cozy night’s sleep.

One of the standout features of the DeRUCCI T11 is its ability to act as a health diagnostic tool. It goes beyond tracking your sleep patterns while taking your location, age, and data from other connected smart devices into account. Using AI it can alert you to potential chronic health issues, perhaps even before you’re aware of them yourself. While the specifics of how DeRUCCI arrives at these insights or what types of conditions it might detect aren’t completely clear, the focus is likely on sleep-related disorders.

The T11 is the first Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) smart mattress focused on digital health, engineered to intuitively adapt to provide optimal sleep, monitoring and responding to subtle shifts in your body’s position, temperature, and heart rate, and providing overall health tracking.

Along with these sensors, the mattress features 18 strategically positioned air support bags that adapt to provide targeted support to areas often negatively affected by sleep positioning, such as the head, neck, and spine — all based on principles of human-machine engineering, according to DeRUCCI. 

The T11 Pro harnesses the power of big data, sophisticated AI software algorithms, and intelligent hardware adjustments to create an individualized sleep experience based on your body’s changing needs. While you sleep, the mattress monitors and adapts to your needs, ready to offer a detailed report of your sleep performance when you wake up. Based on the data, you can then implement this advice into your routine so you can improve your sleep habits and health over time.

And in the age of smartphones and apps that track everything, the mattress seamlessly connects with other Internet of Things (IoT) home appliances, so you can control everything from your bedroom’s smart thermostat to sleep-enhancing lighting creating a cohesive and smart sleep environment.

More About DeRUCCI

DeRUCCI’s innovative products go beyond the T11 Pro. For almost two decades, the company has been a leader in high-tech sleep products, offering a range of comfortable and designer-created custom bedding and furniture, along with other AI IoT sleep solutions, such as anti-snore pillows and intelligent voice control panels, represents a revolution in the way we think about building a better sleep environment. In today’s fast-paced world, the DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress provides real-time individual comfort and peace of mind with its health-tracking features, along with a glimpse into the future of smart living.

Quality sleep is a necessity that many people lack, and building a better sleep experience can boost motivation and increase sleep’s ranking on your priority list. When technology and comfort come together, you can get more from your bed and your sleep, which can have a big impact on your mental, physical, and financial well-being. 

At the moment, the only place you can test the DeRUCCI T11 smart mattress is in China since its release in the United States isn’t expected until at least July 2024, with a hefty price tag of $8,250. If you’re a sleep-tech connoisseur and want all the data you can get, it may be well worth the price, especially with an established smart home set-up. If you’re looking for something with less sticker shock, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover, which costs $2,195 for a queen size (but offers fewer features), is a good alternative. But for a mattress that adapts to your comfort needs during sleep and sends crucial health alerts, investing in a futuristic award-winning one is a smart choice.

Rachel MacPherson

Rachel MacPherson

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