Emma Launches Mattress Specifically for Plus-Sized Sleepers, Couples

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Emma climax hybrid mattress

Note: The Emma CliMax Hybrid has recently been discontinued and replaced with the brand’s latest mattress, the Emma Hybrid Comfort. Read more about it in our full review. Also, all of our links to the CliMax Hybrid across the site will redirect to the Hybrid Comfort.

German mattress company Emma just introduced their Emma CliMax Hybrid, a mattress made specifically for modern plus-sized sleepers and couples. This mattress extends beyond sleep, as it also claims to elevate your sex life. 

The Emma CliMax Hybrid has a breathable cover, four layers of foam, and a layer of their CliMax® Pocketed Springs for extra bounce. With these six layers, Emma jokes that you can call it the best “six” of your life.

Emma explained to Sleepopolis their thoughts behind creating a mattress for life comfort versus just sleep comfort, saying, “This is simple – because you do more in bed than just sleep. At Emma, we’re all about enabling a better lifestyle across the spectrum of wellness: from good sleep to good sex, celebrating real bodies and their authentic moments.” 

The Emma CliMax Hybrid was built to support sleepers over 250 lbs, with affordable introductory prices a queen-size mattress retails for $995. 

This launch disrupts the traditional sleep space by creating a product for an often-overlooked group. So why was now the time to introduce this mattress? 

Emma told Sleepopolis, “We’d like plus-size folks, who have been long underserved, to finally discover accessible sleep solutions that hold up to their expectations.” 

The company continued, “We developed a mattress that addresses these very real pains that plus-size sleepers constantly struggle with, and designed the Emma CliMax® Hybrid with our own R&D (Research and Development) Team of engineers and sleep researchers, making sure we had a cloudlike comfort layer to enhance breathability (bye bye night sweats), premium pocketed springs for extra support, and durability layers to prevent sagging.” 

Emma was founded in 2013 by Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Mueller in Germany. Since their inception, Emma has expanded to over thirty countries. 

Emma plans to continue creating inclusive sleep products, explaining, “Sleep products are supposed to be accessible and inclusive – it’s part of the Emma DNA to create and design products that adapt to different bodies, sleeping positions, and other sleep needs – all at price points that aren’t hard to reach.”

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