Sleepopolis Has Launched a Podcast! Check Out “Sleep Talking With Dr. Shelby”

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In case you missed our big announcement, well, we have a big announcement! Sleepopolis officially launched its first podcast, Nov. 1st, 2024. Our big audio debut wouldn’t be complete without our lovely-voiced Director of Sleep Health, Dr. Shelby Harris. Dr. Harris will now grace everyone’s ears as the host of our podcast Sleep Talking With Dr. Shelby, available wherever you get your podcasts.

For a taste of what’s to come, check out our first episode here:

We know there are a few podcasts out there focused on sleep, but with the combination of Dr. Harris’s expansive real-life and professional experience, and the high standards we here at Sleepopolis bring to our product reviews, industry coverage, and health stories, Sleep Talking With Dr. Shelby will help answer major listener questions and go deep on — and debunk — buzzy sleep trends, and hopefully everyone will walk away (or snooze away) having learned something helpful.

A few topics Dr. Harris and our Sleepopolis editors will be tackling:

  • Does it really matter what type of mattress you sleep on? And how much should they cost?
  • Should you try a sleep divorce?
  • Which sleep accessories do you really need?
  • What’s keeping teenagers up at night?

Make sure to find Sleep Talking With Dr. Shelby on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you love listening to podcasts, and subscribe so you don’t miss the first episode, available on Nov. 1st. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok, and check out our podcast page to keep up with all our latest news.

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Molly Stout

Molly Stout

Molly Stout is the Senior News Editor at Sleepopolis, where she assigns and edits all the latest stories about sleep trends and industry breakthroughs, and whether or not that new TikTok sleep hack is genius or just for laughs. Molly has been a staff writer and editor for InStyle, Cosmopolitan, POPSUGAR, Refinery29, and the NY Daily News, and her work has also been featured in Interview, New York magazine, and Modern Bride.

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