This Former Writer for “The Office” Created a Revolutionary New Duvet Cover Called the Nuvet

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Have you ever wrestled with a duvet cover when you’d rather be curled up in bed, trying to get those coveted 7 to 9? Well, you’re not alone, and oddly enough, Lee Eisenberg, the Emmy-nominated writer of The Office and creator of Jury Duty, apparently knows just how frustrating this task can be and is now tackling the problem that’s been the nemesis of bed-makers everywhere.

In an unexpected career pivot, Eisenberg has designed the Nuvet, a duvet cover that promises to end the struggle of stuffing comforters into unreachable corners. With a three-sided zipper design, the Nuvet is about less struggle and more snuggle. 

The Nuvet vs. Traditional Bed Making

Seeking a better solution to traditional duvets that are tricky and often time-consuming, Eisenberg created the Nuvet as an easier-to-use alternative. Toby Schulz, a professional house cleaner and CEO of Maid2Match, says the Nuvet means you can avoid Googling or guessing how to correctly put your duvet inside the cover. “No more wrestling with the covers except when folding the fitted sheet, and I imagine the Nuvet would also make it easier for children to make their own beds,” says Schulz.

Elizabeth Shields, the Operations Manager of Super Cleaning Service Louisville, believes the Nuvet allows you to create a perfectly styled bed in a snap, “Unlike the fuss of adjusting layers upon layers, this duvet simplifies the process,” she says.

The Nuvet’s three-sided zipper design is the secret sauce. It’s as simple as unzipping, laying your duvet on top, and zipping it back up — no more shaking, shoving, or swearing under your breath. Of course, plenty of clever duvet cover hacks out there promise to make the job a breeze, but the Nuvet is basically a built-in duvet hack that is quick, easy, and able to be used without help.

The Revolutionary Design of the Nuvet

Eisenberg, the so-called “Thomas Edison of bedding,” likens the struggle of using traditional duvet covers to “having two pieces of bread and trying to smush the meat in, or the tomatoes.” according to coverage in The New Yorker. (1) Not exactly a recipe for a good night’s sleep.

The Nuvet, with its speedy three-sided zipper design, is more akin to an open-faced sandwich, where you simply lay the duvet on top and zip it up. Schulz, who agrees with Eisenberg’s sandwich analogy, praises this design, saying the Nuvet makes stuffing a duvet easier by redesigning the cover. “A duvet cover should make it easy to put the insert inside, rather than having a person struggle to get their comforter in its sleeve,” he says.

Shields agrees — “With a cover that opens up on three sides, you can easily slide in the duvet without the struggle of getting the corners just right. It’s a time-saver, and the process is pretty straightforward,” she adds.

Organizational Advantages of the Nuvet

Putting off changing your duvet cover set is entirely understandable when the task is tedious and frustrating, but a clean, fresh bedding set is hard to beat. “Many people tend to procrastinate washing their sheets regularly — this new duvet cover should change that,” Schulz says.

According to Schulz, the Nuvet helps most with the upkeep aspect of home organization — it’s quicker and easier for one person to unmake the bed, wash and dry the bedding, and remake the bed all in one day, so fresh bedding isn’t such a dreaded chore.

Elizabeth Shields, the Operations Manager of Super Cleaning Service Louisville, sees the benefits for larger organizations too. “Imagine a busy hotel — an easy duvet cover means less time spent fussing with bedding. Quick bed-making is a win, especially when there’s a constant flow of guests,” she adds.

Maintenance and Cleaning of the Nuvet

While the Nuvet is a dream come true for anyone who’s ever gone to battle with a traditional duvet cover, it does come with some potential downsides. For instance, the easy-access zippers might not be a great idea for use with babies, toddlers, or young kids and could pose a risk to nibbling pets, according to Schulz. “Other than that, cleaning the Nuvet cover should be fairly simple and similar to traditional duvet covers,” he says.

Shields offers some practical advice for maintaining the Nuvet. “Before tossing it in the wash, just make sure that the zipper is all zipped up to prevent any potential snags or damage. During a wash, also keep an eye on the seams around the zipper. Unlike traditional covers without this feature, the zipper becomes a focal point for maintenance.”

The Nuvet does require a bit of extra care, but it’s much easier than the traditional duvet-changing process, which is why Eisenberg hopes the Nuvet will become “the new way to duvet!”

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