One Couple Shows Off a Super-Speedy Hack for Getting a Duvet Cover On Quickly

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Twitter hack for putting on duvet cover

The blissful feeling of slipping into freshly laundered bedding is one of life’s simple pleasures — the scent of a clean sheet and duvet set, the cool, soft touch of the fabric, a mini-retreat at the end of a long day. But getting there often comes with the Herculean feat of wrestling with a duvet cover so it’s smooth and evenly spread. It’s a task that can test your patience and cause bed-making to feel anything but peaceful.

So, it’s no surprise that clever solutions to this all-too-familiar bedroom battle are consistently popping up on social media and garnering a ton of attention. Cue the comically simple hack from Figen @TheFigen_ on X (formerly known as Twitter). This little gem has been shared thousands of times with hundreds of commenters praising its genius. 

While you’d think most people would have already mastered their duvet, the comments suggest people are still excited to learn more efficient ways of getting things done. One commenter says the hack is “crazy and genius at the same time,” while another admitted, “This was genius. I’ve always struggled with this. Good to know there’s finally a way.”

How It’s Done

Anyone who’s ever grappled with a duvet cover knows it can feel like a battle of wits between human and bedding, with bunchy corners and a process that just seems to take way too long. Unsurprisingly, people are always on the lookout for a hack that makes the process faster and easier to accomplish

The process starts with the man slipping into the duvet cover, which is turned inside out, with his arms outstretched, each hand holding the top corners of the cover from the inside.  

Meanwhile, his partner aligns the corners of the duvet with the cover corners he’s holding so they are matched up.

Then comes the magic moment that makes this hack a bit different than others—the woman walks around to the back of the man, still inside the cover, lifting the cover and gently pulling it over both him and the duvet. It’s a smooth, upward motion that ends with the duvet cover enveloping the duvet. And voilà! As she pulls the cover completely over, the man inside the cover is left holding the now perfectly covered duvet. 

Here’s a simplified step-by-step how-to:

  • Turn the duvet cover inside out. One person (Person A) steps inside it, stretching out their arms to hold onto the top two corners from the inside.
  • The second person (Person B) takes the duvet and lines up its top corners with the corners held by Person A inside the cover.
  • Person B then moves to the back of Person A. They lift the duvet cover, gradually pulling it up and over both Person A and the duvet in a smooth, upward motion.
  • Continue to pull the duvet cover until it completely encases the duvet. Ensure that the cover is evenly spread over the duvet.
  • Person A, still inside, will now be holding the duvet, which is now fully inside its cover. They can step out, leaving the duvet neatly covered.

How to Do a Solo Version

While it’s typically more fun to rope your significant other or roommate into helping you with any task, not everyone has a willing, able, or available person to do so. If you’re facing a duvet battle on your own, one commenter pointed out there’s a simple way to get the job done alone:

“Put your arms in the duvet cover whilst it’s inside out. Your hands in the top corners, grab and hold onto the duvet through the cover corners, and flip the duvet cover like this over the duvet. Shake and done!”

A few commenters agreed they’ve always accomplished their duvet cover task solo, but getting help is much more fun.

Another popular method for self-duvet covering is the burrito or sushi method. 

  • Start by spreading the duvet cover on your bed, turning it inside out, with its opening at the foot end.
  • Next, place your duvet on top, ensuring the corners of the duvet and the cover align.
  • Begin rolling the duvet and the cover together from the head to the foot of the bed, similar to rolling a burrito, while keeping the material straight and tight.
  • After rolling, reach inside the ends and fasten the corners of the duvet to the corresponding corners of the cover.
  • Finally, unroll your now encased duvet.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for any chore, and while this method is fun and brings a little couple-time into the process, it might not work if you have an oversized duvet or cover or if your partner is short, as some commenters pointed out. It’s worth experimenting with other hacks, such as the burrito roll or any of the dozens of ways creative people on X or TikTok are getting it done. And if the thought of wrestling with a duvet cover is too much, you might opt for the ultimate hassle-free hack — a coverless duvet.

Rachel MacPherson

Rachel MacPherson

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