This Baby Is TikTok Famous For Moaning in Their Sleep — What Do Experts Say?

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Since the dawn of the internet, funny baby videos have been brightening our days with a laugh or smile and the latest TikTok famous baby is no exception. 

One baby has gone viral on TikTok after their mom, Jade Wakeling (@jade_wakeling), posted a video of her baby loudly groaning as they fell asleep. 

To the first-time parents, their baby’s sleep sounds were both a source of confusion and entertainment — at least once they realized that the sounds were harmless. 

“I had no idea why he was making such a loud noise, as a first-time mom, it’s all so confusing; we kept waking him up by laughing at it,” Wakeling told Newsweek. (1)

No wonder the Wakelings felt that way, it can be kind of funny and confusing to hear such a loud noise coming from such a tiny human. 

TikTok’s Reaction to a Moaning Baby

When Wakeling first posted the video, she didn’t realize that other parents have had similar experiences with their own babies

The video later went viral, collecting over 280,000 views since it was posted in late June.

Many parents took to the comments section to share their own experiences with funny baby sleep noises. For many parents, these moans and groans are a source of comfort knowing that their child will soon be asleep, giving them a much-needed break. 

“It’s the battery low noise as I call it,” one mom commented. 

“This sound used to get me so excited cuz I knew he was about to go to sleep,” commented another parent on Wakeling’s video. 

Before posting the video, Wakeling admits that she didn’t realize so many other parents had similar experiences. 

“I  was surprised so many other babies do it, and I’d never known another baby who did. People found it funny and sweet, and used it as an opportunity to share about their babies, which is lovely.,” Wakeling said in an interview with Newsweek.

So, how normal is it for babies to make groaning sounds in their sleep? 

Is It Normal for Babies to Groan in Their Sleep?

While it might be slightly unsettling at first to hear your baby groaning in their sleep, it’s a lot more common than you might think.

It’s very normal for babies to make a lot of noise in their sleep, according to pediatric sleep experts.

“Most babies make LOTS of noises in their sleep. Newborns often grunt and gurgle and groan, and it can be alarming when you’re just home from the hospital and don’t know what’s normal for your baby, but it’s usually nothing to worry about,” Natalie Nevares, baby sleep expert and founder of Mommywise, tells Sleepopolis. 

According to Experts: Why Do Babies Groan in Their Sleep?

Even though a groaning baby can make for a funny parenting TikTok, babies make these sleep noises for a variety of reasons.  

Most newborns make groaning noises in their sleep since they experience sleep cycles differently than adults.

“They spend 50 percent of their sleep time in REM sleep, a stage where our most vivid dreams occur; For comparison, adults only spend about 15 percent of their sleep time in REM sleep,” Maria Lopez, founder of Not a Peep pediatric sleep consulting, tells Sleepopolis. 

Newborns less than 3 months often make noises during their REM sleep cycles. This is different than older humans where REM sleep is silent. This newborn stage of sleep at this age is characterized by vocalizations as well as grimaces, and movements,” says Dr. Sarah Mitchell, baby sleep expert and founder of Helping Babies Sleep

Babies have a unique ability to move and make sounds while they are in REM sleep, which is what makes them noisy sleepers, says Lopez. 

However, it’s also common for babies to make sounds in their sleep as a way to self-soothe

“The most common reason babies moan or groan in their sleep is that they’re going through a light sleep cycle and trying to self-soothe to get back into a deeper sleep,” adds Nevares. 

As funny as it is to hear your tiny baby groaning mid-nap, it’s also their natural way to help themselves sleep better. 

When To Be Concerned About Your Baby’s Sleep Noises

While most baby sleep noises are harmless, experts say there are some noises you might want to look out for. 

“The only type of noise that should raise a red flag is snoring. Unless there is a respiratory virus or known allergies, babies and children should never snore, and parents should seek medical advice from their physician,” says Lopez. 

Sleep groaning is most common in newborns, so if the groaning continues as they age experts suggest monitoring the noises.

“If your baby is older and teething, moaning or groaning could be a sign of discomfort. If your baby sleeps through the moaning or groaning, you can leave them be, but if they wake up and cry, they probably need something from you,” adds Nevares.

As always, if you have any concerns about your child’s sleep health it’s best to consult your doctor. 

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