TikTokers are Taping Their Noses at Bedtime — Why?  

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A TikToker shares a close-up video of her face, focusing on her hands as they slowly apply layers of beige tape to her nose. Somehow, this video has accumulated over 65 million views since Feb. 12th, 2024. In the comments, creator “Corabelle Official” claims that the tape reduces inflammation and swelling in her nose as she sleeps and also “opens the airways for better breathing.” (1)

You might have seen a video (or ten) of TikTok creators sharing their experiences with mouth tape, claiming that this hack helped them get a more chiseled jawline as they sleep. Now, some TikTokers are claiming that taping their nose — another “sleeping beauty” trend on the app — can change its shape. 

Creators call it a “mini nose job,” while also pointing out its potential benefits for sleep quality. (2)

Experts (and many commenters) on TikTok have debunked this theory, as plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Litner explained in a video, “People claim that it’s going to radically change the shape of your nose… it doesn’t.” Litner clarified that this type of nose taping is actually recommended for post-op patients to reduce nasal swelling. (3

That said, the concept behind using an adhesive strip on your nose does have some merit when it comes to improved breathing during sleep, but this viral method is not best the way to do it.

Sleepopolis asked Alex Neist, founder of the viral Hostage Tape, for his thoughts on the trend and how nasal strips designed for sleep differ from this nighttime nose taping strategy. 

“This nose taping trend and nose strips designed to promote nasal breathing are two very different things,” Neist clarifies, as nose strips are specifically designed to open up nasal passages. (3)

Nasal strips have long been used as anti-snoring devices, as they promote breathing through the nose by reducing the resistance of air flow through the nostrils. (4) 

Benefits of Nasal Breathing at Night

There are some science-backed sleep benefits of nasal breathing, as Dr. Staci Whitman,  board-certified pediatric dentist, Breathe Institute ambassador, and Hostage Tape ambassador, explains to Sleepopolis. 

“The nose plays a crucial role in warming, filtering, and humidifying the air,” says Dr. Whitman. “When you breathe through your nose, you tend to enter deeper and more restful stages of sleep. This leads to waking up feeling more alert, with less brain fog, better concentration, and improved focus.” (4)

In short, taping your nose at night probably won’t change the shape of it. But, using a nose strip designed for opening the nasal passages might help you breathe a little bit better if you are experiencing congestion, potentially giving you an extra boost of beauty sleep. As always, talk to your doctor if you are having trouble breathing at night before trying any TikTok or social media hacks. 


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