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Best Heated Mattress Pads

A heated mattress pad can make your life better in several ways. It can make your bed extra warm and cozy so you sleep comfortably even in cold temps. It can soothe sore muscles by providing them with constant, gentle heat. And it might even help you reduce your heating bill, because you could decrease the room temperature in your bedroom or house without sacrificing sleep comfort.

Finding a high-quality heated mattress pad can be a bit of a challenge, but this roundup will help. To settle on the best option for you, spend some time thinking about your functional needs, your comfort preferences, and your budget. Then get ready to enjoy some seriously cozy sleep.

Heated Mattress Pads

Editor’s Choice

Sunbeam SelectTouch Premium Heated Mattress Pad


  • The control features 20 heat settings, a preheat feature, and an auto-off function. 
  • Separate controls for each side of the bed let you and a partner customize the heat level to your personal preferences. 
  • The pad has deep pockets and can fit mattresses up to 21 inches deep. 


  • The plug is positioned near the foot of the bed, which means you might occasionally bump it with your feet. This diminishes the mattress pad’s comfort a bit. 
  • This is on the pricier side. It’s not a budget-friendly heated mattress pad. 
Sunbeam SelectTouch Premium Heated Mattress Pad
Sunbeam SelectTouch Premium Heated Mattress Pad

A variety of thoughtful features earn the Sunbeam SelectTouch Premium Heated Mattress Pad the title of Editor’s Choice. The pad has 20 heat settings, dual controls, and preheat and auto-off functions. 


Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad


  • The controller features 10 heat levels, a preheat feature, and a 10-hour auto-off function. 
  • The mattress pad fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep. 
  • The pad is well cushioned, so you shouldn’t feel the wires poking through. 


  • This is not a budget-friendly heated mattress pad, and it won’t be accessible to all price points.
  • The plug is located on top of the mattress pad at the foot of the bed. This means your feet might bump into the plug, which can be annoying. 
Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad
Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

Warm, cushiony comfort awaits users of the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad. The pad has a preheat feature, an auto-off function, and 10 heat levels. 

Best Hand Feel

MaxKare Heated Mattress Pad


  • The top layer of the pad is like a cross between velvet and flannel. It’s very soft and smooth to the touch.
  • The pad features two controllers, so partners can customize each side of the bed to their personal preferences. Each control features 10 heat settings and nine timer settings. 
  • The pad is ETL certified for safety, which means it meets North American industry safety standards.  
  • This is a relatively budget-friendly heated mattress pad, and you get a lot of value for the price. 


  • Some users have reported that this pad isn’t particularly long-lasting. This might explain the low price. 
  • If you use a fitted sheet over the mattress pad (which the manufacturer recommends), then you might need to cut small holes in the sheet to make way for the connector wires.  
MaxKare Heated Mattress Pad
MaxKare Heated Mattress Pad

The MaxKare Heated Mattress Pad features a flannel texture that’s soft to the touch. It has dual controls, 10 heat settings, and nine timer options. 

Made in the USA

Electrowarmth M60Fld Heated Mattress Pad


  • The dual control features 10 heat settings and lets partners personalize the setting on their side of the bed.
  • The mattress pad is machine-washable and dryer-friendly, which makes care really easy. 
  • The pad is well cushioned, so you shouldn’t feel the wires. 
  • The mattress pad is made in the U.S. 


  • This isn’t a budget-friendly pad, and it won’t be affordable for everyone. 
  • The top of the pad doesn’t seem to be as well heated as the bottom, and the pad might slide around or bunch up on certain kinds of mattresses. This means it might not offer even heat distribution. 
Electrowarmth M60Fld Heated Mattress Pad
Electrowarmth M60Fld Heated Mattress Pad

The cushiony Electrowarmth M60Fld Heated Mattress Pad is made in the USA. It features dual controls, 10 heat settings, and a machine-washable design. 

Best Bargain

Giantex Heated Mattress Pad


  • This is a very budget-friendly mattress pad that still offers a lot of value for the price. 
  • The control lets you choose from eight heat settings and four timer settings. The temperature settings range from 77℉ to 140℉, and you can run the heat for an hour, two hours, 10 hours, or constantly. 
  • The mattress pad is machine-washable, which makes care very convenient. The connector detaches so you can clean it separately. 
  • The wires stem out from the corners at the head of the bed, so you won’t have to worry about your feet bumping into a plug. 


  • You might be able to feel the wires in the pad, which means you might need to invest in an extra layer of cushion to go on top of the pad. 
  • The cord that connects the mattress pad to the controller is very short, which can make it challenging to adjust the heat settings comfortably while remaining in bed.
Giantex Heated Mattress Pad
Giantex Heated Mattress Pad

The machine-washable Giantex Heated Mattress Pad offers a lot of value for a relatively low price. It has eight heat settings and four timer settings and can get extra-hot for people who are serious about sleeping warm.

How We Picked

Truth be told, it can be tough to find a high-quality heated mattress pad. A lot of options aren’t reliable, comfortable, or durable, and the pickings are a little slim. Admittedly, it’s probably tough to make a mattress pad that is both functional and comfortable. But if you’re shelling out money for one of these products, you should be able to have high standards.

To find the best possible options, we focused on the following criteria.


Mattress pads need to be cleaned every so often, and this shouldn’t be a major hassle. For the most part, the options on this list are machine-washable. This lets you care for them easily at home.


Lying on a product filled with wires isn’t necessarily the most comfortable proposition. But we think any product designed for sleep should also be designed with comfort in mind. With the possible exception of our bargain choice, we focused on options that are cushioned enough to ensure you won’t feel wires poking through.


Heated mattress pads can range anywhere from around $65 to a couple hundred dollars. We’ve included options on both sides of that price range so you can choose according to your budget. While pricier options tend to come with more bells and whistles, it’s possible to find great value even on the lower end of the price spectrum.


We focused on options that are designed to provide a quality sleeping experience via thoughtful features such as dual controls (so partners can customize the heat level on their side of the bed), a variety of heat settings, timer controls, and so on. Each option on this list should provide plenty of customization.

Safety features are also an important aspect of a heated mattress pad’s function. We prioritized options with auto shut-off features and/or safety certifications.

Sleepopolis Buying Tips

Trying to find the best heated mattress pad for your needs? Narrow down your list of options by asking yourself the following:

  • What are your functional needs? Do you sleep with a partner? Then you’ll probably want a heated mattress pad with dual controls. Do you like to sleep extra hot? Then look for an option with high heat settings.
  • Where do you want the plug to connect to the pad? Some people can’t stand the thought of their foot bumping into a plug at night, while others don’t mind it. Any heated mattress pad is going to have cords coming off of it, so you should think about whether you want those cords at the head or foot of your bed.
  • What’s your budget? This will be a major factor in determining the options available to you. If you can spend over $100, you’ll have many more choices than if your budget is less than that.

Adding a heated mattress pad to your bed is a fast way to make your sleep space even cozier. To find the right one for you, consider your functional needs, your comfort preferences, and your budget. Then prepare to cancel all of your obligations for the foreseeable future so you can stay cuddled up in your warm bed!

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