Amerisleep Americana Mattress Unboxing

It’s another day, and another mattress unboxing! Today I’m opening up the Amerisleep Americana mattress (the updated 2015 version). I’ve already had the pleasure of testing 2 other mattresses from Amerisleep’s 2015 line, the Colonial and the Independence. I was exceedingly impressed with both of those, and I’m quite excited for the Americana.

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The Amerisleep Americana mattress is a 10″ all foam mattress built from a 3″ memory foam comfort layer on top of a 7″ high-density support foam layer. The cover is infused with Celliant, a thermoreactive material that turns body heat into infrared light. It’s truly amazing stuff. But enough of the intro…watch below for my unboxing of the Americana mattress.

Initial Impressions

  • Slightly Firm Feel – The Americana mattress has a slightly firm feel at a 7 out of 10 firmness. My personal ideal firmness level is in the 4-6 range, however, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the level of comfort the Americana provided at a 7 firmness. It is by far the most comfortable mattress I have slept on at this firmness level.
  • Slight Hug, More Floating – There is a slight hug with the Americana, however it is not sizable. The mattress more floats the sleeper on top of the foams (which helps to improve cooling) as opposed to creating a dramatic hug sensation.
  • Cooling – I am continually impressed by Amerisleep’s covers. All of their covers use a thermoreactive thread called Celliant. Celliant turns body heat into infrared light, which not only directly reduces the heat on the sleeping surface, but infrared light has also been shown to increase oxygenation of the body, which results in better internal temperature regulation and reduces pain. I’m a young and fairly fit guy, so I don’t really have much daily pain to speak about, but I can tell you the Celliant claims regarding cooling are well founded. The Americana’s cover makes a notable different in the sleeping surface temperature.
  • Edge Support – Slightly better than average a 10″ all foam mattress.

My wife and I will be testing the Americana mattress this week. Check back next week for my full review of the Amerisleep Americana mattress.

Got questions or other areas you’d like to make sure we cover in review? Drop me a comment down below!

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    • I’ll add it to the list! However, I can tell you it is quite a bit firmer than the Leesa. The Americana’s firmness level is much closer to Tuft & Needle and 4Sleep.

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