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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Unboxing

Brooklyn Bedding isn’t your typical online mattress company. They have been around a long time…almost 20 years in fact. Brooklyn Bedding was started by two brothers as a retail store in 1995, selling close out mattresses. Over the years they increased their number of retail stores, started manufacturing their own mattress, and expanded to the online marketplace.

A few weeks ago Brooklyn Bedding made a huge change with launch of a completely redesigned mattress. With 3 different firmness levels and 2 types of latex the new Brooklyn Bedding mattress is designed to be the ideal online mattress. Watch our unboxing video of the new Brooklyn Bedding mattress below.

My Initial Thoughts on the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

  • Impressive packaging – this may seem like a bit of a random one, but I have to say I am kind of blown away by their compression packaging. I’ve unboxed quite a few mattress, about a dozen or so online mattress at this point. Most are larger 6-7 foot boxes and many are virtually exploding out of their boxes. The Brooklyn Bedding box was quite small by comparison, only about 4 feet. Which is even more crazy when you consider they shipped a King in that. When I first pulled it out of the box I thought it was a Full sized mattress. This doesn’t really speak to the feel of the mattress, but it does communicate to me the level of manufacturing quality. Something as small as a well packaged product goes a long way in my opinion.
  • 100% latex comfort layer – you don’t see many all latex mattresses online, especially not many that are priced fairly. The Brooklyn Bedding is the first all latex mattress I’ve had the opportunity to test. This definitely gives it a fairly unique feel, especially in bounce (see below).
  • Great bounce – after the first night I was most impressed with the level of bounce this mattress delivered. It’s not quite at the same level as innerspring, but it’s not far off either.
  • Mediocre edge support – this one wasn’t terribly surprising for me. Foam mattresses, especially 10″ mattresses, struggle with edge support. For sitting it’s definitely not going to win any awards. The sleeping position edge support wasn’t terrible, especially if you stay at least 1-2″ away from the absolute edge.
  • Nice cover – the top piece of fabric on the cover is quite soft. I actually really like the overall aesthetic as well. I might like it a little better if there was a solid strip around the edge instead of the logo, but it’s a minor thing. All in all, I personally think the style is quite nice.

My wife and I are currently sleep testing the Brooklyn Bedding mattress this week. You can expect my full review of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress late this week or early next.

UPDATE:  Full Brooklyn Bedding mattress review is now available here.

And of course, if you have any questions or other areas you’d like to make sure I address in the full review just drop me a comment below.

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16 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Unboxing”

  1. I got a Leesa, but it was too soft for me. I’m trying the Brooklyn bedding mattress (just got it tonight) and it is 2″ less wide than the Leesa mattress of the same size. Is slides back and forth on the bedframe.
    Is has been unboxed for over four hours.

    Had anyone else had issues with the BBC mattress not expanding to size?

    • Give it a couple of days to fully expand to normal size. BB is one of the slowest expanders I’ve tested. It can take several days to grow to its full size.

    • I’m 3 weeks into my BB trial period. Am liking it fairly well, but am having trouble “lasting” 8 hours on the bed. 6-7 seems great, but if I wake up a bit, soreness on the hip, rib cage and shoulder start setting in and getting back to sleep can be tough. (Side sleeper, 5-10 and 165.) I got the soft, but, as everyone who has laid on the bed says, “gosh, if this is soft, what is firm like?”

      Time will tell, of course, but does latex soften with time? Not sure where I’d turn if this is 3.5-4 on the firm-soft scale. My other main contenders were in the 6 range.

    • Hey Tony,

      If you’ve had 3 weeks and you’re still waking up in pain then it probably means you should consider a different mattress. Maybe give it another 2 weeks if you want to be doubly sure, but a month should be plenty of time for your body to adjust.

      A different 3.5-4’ish firmness can still be right, it just may be that your body doesn’t like the feel of BB’s latex.

      My gut tells me that you should probably stick within that firmness range, but try memory foam instead. The Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature (soft) I think would be the best fit. Novosbed (soft) is also a good option, if you want to go with something more similar to Tempur-pedic.

  2. I bought a Leesa (King) a few months ago. Initially, I liked it, but soon found that it was too “hot” for me. Also, my back started aching a bit after sleeping about a month on it. Bottom line, it is going back and I am looking for a replacement. I read that latex mattresses were best for back sleepers who experienced lower back pain. My main question is “Do you think the BB (Firm) will work well for me and will it be “cooler” than the Leesa?” I know mattresses are fairly subjective. Since you have tested both mattresses, I was just wondering what you thought. Thanks.

    • I’m sorry to hear the Leesa did not work out. That said, there are most certainly other options that could be a good fit.

      Brooklyn Bedding could definitely be a good move. The quilted top layer will add a degree of softness upon initial contact and the two layers of latex backed by a support foam provide a nice level of support for the sleeper. If you truly enjoy a firm mattress then I would recommend giving the Brooklyn Bedding firm a shot.

  3. I am thinking about buying this mattress for my teen daughter. The one thing I am worried about is that quilted cover. Compared to the flat tops of the Leesa, for example, it looks i pictures/video as though the quilting of the top of BB is really deep and maybe feels pronounced when sleeping/laying on it. Is that crazy?

    • Hey Christy,

      The pictures make it look more pronounced than it actually is. The padding in the cover is only 0.75 inches thick. It feels very modest to me (some are as thick as 1.5-2″), like a more traditional cover. The hug feel is not overly pronounced. It does add a bit of softness, but most of the feel is still derived from the foam layers themselves. Additionally, since the padded cover material is on top of latex foam (which has a great bounce) the materials do a good job of helping to balance each other out.

  4. I’m in a toss up between the Next, Leesa and Brooklyn. Totally unsure how to make the decision. They all seem great. Any idea on what may be best for a 6′ 190lbs stomach sleeper with some lower pain issues? Hoping your review will help. Thanks!

    • Nest & Brooklyn Bedding are very similar. Both use latex comfort layers on a convoluted foam base (3″ layer for Nest, 4″ layer for BB). Leesa is a bit different with Avena (similar to latex) + memory foam. Based on your requirements I would probably recommend the Leesa for you. It’s slightly firmer than Nest & BB, which is generally preferred for stomach sleeper support. Additionally, I think the memory foam transition layer in Leesa provides a little better support. I too am a stomach sleeper. I don’t typically wake up with pain, but if I it’s going to be lower back like you. You’ll give up a little bit in terms of bounce by going Leesa vs. Nest / BB, but you gain the support. I think you’d find it a good fit for your needs.

  5. Can’t wait for your review. I am itching to pull the trigger on one of these and am torn between the soft and medium so curious about your thoughts on the medium firmness.

  6. How thick is the quilted top layer? Doesn’t seem like many of these online mattresses are doing pillow tops so I’m curious if you feel if you’ve found it to be a positive or negative or if it didn’t make much of a difference at all.

    • It’s not terribly thick. The cotton / poly cover itself is a nice piece of fabric. Within the quilt is a 3/4″ polyfoam for extra softness. It’s got a nice softness and feel to it, but I wouldn’t describe it as a full pillow top. It’s definitely a positive in my book.

  7. So excited you are reviewing this mattress! I just heard about this company in researching mattresses but haven’t found any reviews for it yet. I thought I might get a Leesa, so I’d love to know how this compares to that. It’s my understanding the Brooklyn Bed comes in three firmness levels? What level are you trying? The ability to select a comfort level appeals to me since I’ve read reviews of how the Leesa and Casper (which only offer one standard firmness level) can feel too firm for some people. Can’t wait to hear about your experience with this mattress!

    • Yes, Brooklyn Bedding comes in 3 different levels. I am sleep testing their medium firmness option. Thus far I’m pleased with it. It’s a very well made product and one of the first mattresses I’ve seen to use all latex in their comfort layers (at least for the online only mattresses).

      It’s similar to Leesa & Casper in some respects, but different in others (namely bounce). I’ll have my full review up potentially as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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