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Brooklyn Bedding isn’t your typical online mattress company. They have been around a long time…almost 20 years in fact. Brooklyn Bedding was started by two brothers as a retail store in 1995, selling close out mattresses. Over the years they increased their number of retail stores, started manufacturing their own mattress, and expanded to the online marketplace.

A few weeks ago Brooklyn Bedding made a huge change with launch of a completely redesigned mattress. With 3 different firmness levels and 2 types of latex the new Brooklyn Bedding mattress is designed to be the ideal online mattress. Watch our unboxing video of the new Brooklyn Bedding mattress below.

My Initial Thoughts on the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

  • Impressive packaging – this may seem like a bit of a random one, but I have to say I am kind of blown away by their compression packaging. I’ve unboxed quite a few mattress, about a dozen or so online mattress at this point. Most are larger 6-7 foot boxes and many are virtually exploding out of their boxes. The Brooklyn Bedding box was quite small by comparison, only about 4 feet. Which is even more crazy when you consider they shipped a King in that. When I first pulled it out of the box I thought it was a Full sized mattress. This doesn’t really speak to the feel of the mattress, but it does communicate to me the level of manufacturing quality. Something as small as a well packaged product goes a long way in my opinion.
  • 100% latex comfort layer – you don’t see many all latex mattresses online, especially not many that are priced fairly. The Brooklyn Bedding is the first all latex mattress I’ve had the opportunity to test. This definitely gives it a fairly unique feel, especially in bounce (see below).
  • Great bounce – after the first night I was most impressed with the level of bounce this mattress delivered. It’s not quite at the same level as innerspring, but it’s not far off either.
  • Mediocre edge support – this one wasn’t terribly surprising for me. Foam mattresses, especially 10″ mattresses, struggle with edge support. For sitting it’s definitely not going to win any awards. The sleeping position edge support wasn’t terrible, especially if you stay at least 1-2″ away from the absolute edge.
  • Nice cover – the top piece of fabric on the cover is quite soft. I actually really like the overall aesthetic as well. I might like it a little better if there was a solid strip around the edge instead of the logo, but it’s a minor thing. All in all, I personally think the style is quite nice.

My wife and I are currently sleep testing the Brooklyn Bedding mattress this week. You can expect my full review of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress late this week or early next.

UPDATE:  Full Brooklyn Bedding mattress review is now available here.

And of course, if you have any questions or other areas you’d like to make sure I address in the full review just drop me a comment below.

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