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Casper Mattress Price Increase

We have received word that the Casper mattress price will increase on January 17th, 2018 (in just over a week). The news came straight from the source, the Casper website! See their announcement below:

[box] On January 17, 2018 prices will increase for the Casper mattress. The cost of the high-quality materials found in our Casper mattress will go up. Because we value transparency, we want you to have a heads up before the price is adjusted. At Casper, our goal is to always provide the best possible night’s sleep. Over the past three and a half years, we have applied incessant product testing, continuous sleep research, and millions of data points, toward developing the perfect combination of the most premium, high-density foams. We will not settle for anything but the finest materials in our award-winning Casper mattress that is loved by nearly a million happy sleepers. [/box]

Casper Mattress Corner
Corner view of the Casper mattress

As far as we know, this price increase will apply to just the Casper (the original mattress), not the Casper EssentialCasper Wave Hybrid, or any other Casper products.

With the price increase stemming from increasing material costs, the Casper mattress is still going to be a great value after the price goes up – but I’d pull the trigger on it this week if you can to get current pricing!

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