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Ghostbed Mattress Unboxing

Update: Check out my new GhostBed unboxing!

Give a warm, Season’s Greetings to the new GhostBed mattress, by Nature’s Sleep! Built from 3 separate layers of foam, the GhostBed is an 11″ all foam mattress striving to offer the perfect balance of comfort and support. GhostBed decided to steer away from the typical 3″ comfort layer, adding an extra 0.5″ of comfort foam (for a total of 3.5″), hoping to meet the needs of a wider array of sleepers.

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Watch the full unboxing of the GhostBed mattress below!

Initial Thoughts

After my first night of sleep testing the GhostBed mattress, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Medium firm feel – when you first lie on the mattress it has a medium firm to slightly firm feel in the 6.5-7 out of 10 firmness range (where 10 is the most firm). However, the mattress has a gradual increase in softness during the night, moving closer to the 6-6.5 out of 10 range. For heavier sleepers (anyone over 160 pounds) I would expect the mattress will have a softer feel more immediately, as you’ll be able to engage the contouring feel quicker due to the increased pressure. Lighter sleepers may find it’s slower to respond, but after a few minutes the mattress does a good job of relieving pressure and shaping to your body.
  • Very good support – with 3.5″ of comfort foams, the GhostBed offers good support and push-back. On the first night I slept about half on my stomach and half on my side. When on my stomach the mattress did a great job of balancing my weight, helping to keep my spine alignment flat along the mattress. When on my side the mattress took a few moments to really begin to contour, but once it was able to respond to my weight changes it felt very comfortable. The GhostBed creates a balanced level of contour and body shaping, helping to provide pressure relief. My wife is primarily a back and side sleeper and felt as if it supported her equally regardless of the position she transitioned into.
  • Above average edge support – while lying directly on the edge of the GhostBed, I did not feel as if I was going to be ejected from the mattress. The edges supported my body weight (140 pounds) very well. For sitting purposes the GhostBed does a pretty good job of maintaining shape also. It performs slightly better than other comparable 10″ foam mattresses for sitting, and notably better for lying positions (full sinkage / edge tests to come in my full review next week).
  • Sleeps cool – with a 1.5″ top layer of aerated latex foam and a 2″ middle layer of gel memory foam, this mattress slept very cool. Latex in general is an excellent top layer foam, as it does not retain heat nearly as much as most memory foams will. The added gel memory foam vs. traditional memory foam for the core layer is an added benefit. At no time during the night did I or my wife feel warm.

As always, if you have any questions about the GhostBed mattress, feel free to drop me a comment down below.

Be sure to come back and check out the full review of the GhostBed in a few days. It should be up by early next week.

Happy sleeping!

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42 thoughts on “Ghostbed Mattress Unboxing”

  1. HOLY CRAP. Just assembled my ghost foundation and plopped down the mattress about an hour ago. I gave it some time to puff up… and now I’m laying on it wondering why I slept on such crap for most of my life. This is insanely comfortable and I might never get out of bed again. My old mattress was essentially a rock, so I can’t make sense out of reviews calling it too firm. This… is… glorious. (FYI I’m small- 5’2, about 135lbs.)

    • That’s great news! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Haunted! Glad to hear it’s working out so well :)

  2. FIRST NIGHT REPORT! Leaned our super plush pillowtop mattress that had developed divots (from a busted boxspring foundation we discovered) up against the wall to make room for our new king size Ghostbed yesterday. I was SO EXCITED! Unpacked it and it puffed up to the full 11″ really quickly. Initial reaction was, “Oh my, this is firm.”. Then I assured the hubby that all of the reviews said that it would mold against our bodies “as it warmed up from our body heat” once we went to bed. The room was already 77 degrees from the warm day we had yesterday, but I figured it needed pressure and extra body heat to do it’s job. Bedtime came, so I covered up and waited. Waiting for my hips to sink a bit, and that shoulder pressure to let up. Waiting….waiting…shifting. Maybe I need to turn over. But I don’t want to undo the heat/molding that already is supposed to be happening, so I’ll wait. Don’t think about the firmness…just relax. Let the bed soften…just wait. Maybe it’s the pillow. Let me switch. Nope, still…..urmph…ouch, my hip is burning/sharp pain….turning over. Okay, maybe this angle will be better. Got this bed because it’s supposed to be good for “heavier people”, and interpreted reviews to mean that the softness factor increased for heavier folks. Doesn’t seem to be happening, yet. Ugh, I need to get to sleep….I know…just pretend you are in a hotel and get some shuteye. Man, I miss that bed over there on that wall. Eventually, I fall asleep. Then I wake up a couple hours later. Why do I have a headache? Am I dehydrated? I don’t get headaches. Drink of water, and back to bed quickly before the bed loses the impression where my body was and cools off to extra firm again. Didn’t do it fast enough. So waiting, waiting..not falling asleep. Grab the phone and look up a couple reviews to see how others did with the first night. Looking for anything that assures me that extreme comfort will come “once we get used to it”. Reminded that we have to tough it out for a full 30 days before we can even consider returning it. Took a couple Tylenol and headed back to bed. Fell asleep after about 30 minutes. I never have a problem falling asleep. I am one of those, hit-the-bed-asleep-in-minutes kinda chicks. Woke this morning, and did not feel rested. Felt like I had been up and down with a newborn all night. Headache is back. Drank another big glass of water and sat outside in the sun for a few minutes and the headache is going away. Tonight will be better, right?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Kim! Please keep me posted on how things are going. If you decide Ghostbed isn’t the right choice for you I’d be happy to help you select something better suited to your needs :)

  3. We got our Ghostbed and I did not enjoy my nights sleep. The bed is just way too firm. How long does it take for the bed to become softer? I have a lot of neck and back issues and today I can not even move my neck. Is it possible to remove the mattress cover and make it softer?

    • How long have you been sleeping on the Ghostbed Brittany?

      There’s a slight break in period over the first few weeks. Removing the cover will not making it softer. You’ll need a topper or a new mattress.

  4. I do not feel rested after “sleeping” all night and I feel it may be due to my improper bedding choices. I don’t like sleeping on a hard bed, but I clearly need appropriate support. I think what I need is maybe the GhostBed or the Leesa? I was disappointed you did not have a comparison of those two mattresses. I am overweight at 190 lbs, I have issues with back and neck pain and arm numbness while I sleep. I am mostly a side sleeper, but I toss and turn a lot. My current mattress was so painfully firm that I bought a 4 inch memory foam topper. The topper is so lacking in support that I feel like I’m in quicksand and struggle to turn over or get out of bed. I tend to get hot when I sleep. What mattress would you recommend?

    • Both Leesa or Ghostbed could be the right choice for you, as could a number of other mattresses.

      Thanks for providing the info you’ve already sent, this is very helpful. Just one final question.

      On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm, what would you say is your ideal firmness level?

  5. Hi there,
    I could use some help. Unless you think there is a better option, I’m between the Ghost Bed, the Leesa, Purple and loom and Leaf.

    I’m a side sleeper (mostly) and I seen hot so cooling is high on my list. I like the reviews on the Leesa but for that money (or a bit more) I’d like my memory foam to be gel like I think it is in the Ghost and L&L. The purple is the most interesting but I wish there was a place I could try it. I’m not big on returning stuff unless I really hate it. Also, the Ghost page talks about how the purple is all recycled material….which is kin d of gross in a bed.

    FYI…..I’ll be getting a king an it will go on a platform bed with metal slats. Any advice is appreciated!

    • Hi Pedro,

      If you’re okay with spending a little extra money, I would recommend either the Loom & Leaf or Purple. Additionally, the Purple uses recyclable materials. Their mattress is not made from already recycled materials. Now, if you’re looking to save a little money, both the Leesa and the GhostBed are good options. If I had to narrow the selection down to two mattresses, I would suggest the Loom & Leaf and Leesa.

  6. I’ve been looking at the Ghostbed, Leesa, and Brooklyn Bedding mattress. I’m 6′ 4″ 320 pound I sleep in all positions. I also tend to get hot in bed. Any help would be appreciated. I do like fact the Brooklyn Bedding does make a Full XL.

    • Have you considered looking at some of the slightly thicker mattresses? While all three of these are good options, they may not provide you with the deep compression support you need. Mattresses that are 12″ and above will allow you to sink, while providing a high level of pushback, preventing the mattress from bottoming out. At over 320 you really need a mattress that’s capable of properly supporting your weight.

      Check out this guide, I think it would be helpful – best mattress for heavy people

      If you do decide to look into the hybrid mattresses, I would recommend the WinkBed, Nest Alexander hybrid, or the Saatva. All are excellent choices.

  7. Hello!

    You have been my guide thus far, and I would love your help!
    I can’t decide between 3 beds. First, I am trying to pin Leesa and Ghostbed against each other. Which do you think I should go with? Most reviews lean towards Leesa, but I like the extra inch of height I could get wit ha GhostBed.

    After a winner between those 2 is selected, I’d like to compare to Purple. Thanks for any help!

    • Hi Brendan,

      Between the Leesa and GhostBed it really depends on what type of feel you’re looking for. GhostBed has a sharper contour around your body while the Leesa provides more of a rounded contour. Therefore, if you’re a sleeper who enjoys a slightly deeper deep hug from a mattress, GhostBed is the better option. Yet, if you would like to sink in but not feel too much hug, Leesa should be the route you take.

      Now as we compare these to Purple, it’s virtually the same concept. The major exception tends to bounce, cooling, and a floating feel. Purple does not allow for much sinkage. Sleepers tend to float on top of the materials versus engaging deeper into the mattress. In addition to that, the Purple has a higher level of bounce and typically sleeps cooler. Nonetheless, once you decide on the type of feel you’re looking for, it will be much easier to decide.

  8. Ghost vs Lull, which one? We currently have a Tuft&Needle and after almost 100 nights, I find it a bit firm. We are going to return it. I love the support while on my back, but can’t stay on my side for too long without having to turn over. When laying on my back with my hands on my chest, I feel like there’s pressure points under my elbows that cause my hands to go to sleep. I sleep hot, so that is a factor. We also don’t like too much sink so it’s difficult to turn over. Need something with T&N-like support, but softer with less pressure points.

    • Hi Brandon. Both are great choices. For your specific situation, GhostBed will be the better option. This mattress has an additional 0.5″ of comfort foam compared to the Lull. While 1/2 of an inch may not seem like a big deal, you will most certainly notice a difference in the overall comfort level of the GhostBed. This extra comfort foam will help to remove those unwanted pressure points but still maintain the balanced level of support you are looking for. Additionally, the GhostBed tends to soften up after lying on it for a short period of time. Initially, it will feel like a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm) and throughout the night it will make it’s way down to a 6.5 out of 10. All in all, I would recommend the GhostBed. You will still sleep cool, receive great support, and feel relief in those unwanted pressure point areas.

  9. It has been a while and have not seen a ghost bed video review. Have your thoughts changed on it? What are your thoughts on Leesa vs Ghostbed?

    • Oh no no, not at all. I still think it’s a great mattress. My apologies for the delay on that video. I was deathly ill the last week when I had originally planned to shoot it…down with a flu. It’s back to the top of my to do list and I plan to have that video review up this week sometime.

      Regarding Leesa vs. GhostBed. They are both quite good beds by very reputable companies. They are similar in many ways, the biggest difference is simply the firmness level. GhostBed is a little bit firmer than the Leesa a 6.5. The Leesa a 6.

    • I am 5’11” and 220lbs. I mostly sleep on my side and stomach. Out of the Ghost and Lesa what would you recommend?

    • Hi Brian,

      I’d be happy to help!

      On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is as hard as the floor, what is your ideal firmness?

  10. We are experiencing shoulder neck and upper back aches after waking up on spring or the ikea foam mattress. Debating between Leesa, Casper and ghostbed

    • I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the foams)?
      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?
      How much do you weigh? (this is important for sinkage, especially as it relates to cooling)

    • I am 200 pounds. Wife is 130. I am a side/stomach sleeper. We prefer firm mattress that does not sunk too much.

    • Sorry for the slow reply! I was out of town for a couple of days.

      Since you prefer a firmer mattress I think the Ghostbed would probably be a better option for you. It’s on the slightly firm side at a 6.5 out of 10.

    • The biggest question comes down to your firmness and feel preference…do you like a slightly firmer feel that responds a little slower with a more pronounced contouring hug? Go Ghostbed.

      Do you like more of a medium feel that has faster response and a less pronounced sharpness of the contouring hug? Go Leesa

  11. Can you give more information on the Ghost Bed return/refund policy? On the website, they state they do not do refunds, but it is unclear how that works through the trial period. If within the trial period I decide it does not work, what is the protocol? A new mattress from the same company, or a full refund (minus shipping, I’m sure).
    Also, I am curious how this mattress performs for back-pain issues. I have never had a memory foam mattress, and it is clear that our current coil mattress is actually probably making my pain worse. I am just a bit hesitant to delve into memory foam without a good return/refund policy if it doesn’t work for my issues. Thanks!

    • Ghostbed offers a 101 night 100% refund trial period. This is from their FAQ page

      “Yes. GhostBed offers every customer a 101-Night Sleep Trial to experience the revolutionary GhostBed mattress in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back, no questions asked and issue you a 100% refund. ”

      They usually ask you to try it for at least 30 days, as that’s how long it usually takes your body to get adjusted. However, if after that you still don’t think it’s right then you just need to call / email them and tell them it’s not the right mattress for you.

    • The biggest difference is the feel and firmness. Tuft & Needle creates a 7 out of 10 firmness and more of a floating on top of the mattress feel. The GhostBed has a more balanced hug, especially after you’ve been lying on the mattress for a while and closer to the 6-6.5 out of 10 firmness range. If the feel and firmness is what you need, then yes, it’s worth the extra.

  12. What would be your opinion between the Ghostbed and the brooklyn bedding mattress? I am looking to get a mattress here very soon and was looking at the brooklyn before I heard about the ghostbed

    • The medium versions are similar. Both have a top layer of latex. The biggest difference comes down to the 1) cover …BB uses a traditional padded cover, Ghostbed uses at thin cover, more in the style of Tempur-pedic and 2) BB uses a core of latex, Ghostbed uses a core of memory foam. This gives the Ghostbed more of a classic memory foam support / contour feel and the BB has more pronounced latex feel (less sharp contour / hug, more bounce). And of course, BB is available in hard or soft firmnesses.

      In terms of build quality and company backing, both are exceptional. I wouldn’t say either is better or worse than the other. Both are very good products.

  13. I saw a couple mattress review websites that had a review for foam mattresses and the column for sex comfort (in all seriousness), as with some foam mattresses you sink into in certain positions besides simply laying on them. Any thoughts on that aspect?

    • Ghostbed is a fine choice for sex. Compared to the universe of mattresses I would rate it above average. Compared to traditional memory foam I would rate it well above average. It doesn’t have quite the same bounce as a spring mattress, which can make sex a little more work. However, it’s much better than 100% memory foam. The top layer of latex gives it a nice balanced bounce between memory foam and spring so sex is still enjoyable. Lastly, the slightly firmer feel improves the edge support, making them an option for amorous activities as well.

  14. What would be a good option for cooling then that is not overly firm? I’ve had 2 back surgeries, but my boyfriend and my dog provide extra heat at night that makes me wake up sweating to death! My mom has a Casper and said it’s amazing, but I’ve read reviews on both sides of the fence….

    • Hi Alexis,

      I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the foams)?
      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?
      How much do you weigh? (this is important for sinkage, especially as it relates to cooling)

  15. Hi,

    Was really interested to see the review for this mattress as we are looking at getting a new one under $900 mark. Do you know when you will have the review for this product up?

  16. Interested in any update. Have a Leesa and not really happy with mattress and looking to make a change. Was thinking Bear but interested in Ghost due to cooling factor.

    • Full Ghostbed review will go live today or tomorrow at the latest.

      With regards to the cooling, the Ghost & Bear are not substantially different than Leesa. The overall feel of the Bear is quite similar, so you probably wouldn’t like that one if you don’t like Leesa. Ghost could be an option, but it does have a slightly firmer feel than the Leesa. So keep that in mind.

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