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Nest Alexander Hybrid Unboxing – 2016 Update

The Alexander hybrid has been one of the top rated mattresses on Sleepopolis since its release, and I’m interested to see how the updated version will compare. As many of you may already know, Nest Bedding decided to completely update their mattress line, including the Alexander Signature and Love Bed, with intentions of improving overall quality and sleeping experience.

Updated reviews of the Alexander Signature and Love Bed have already been completed and the Alexander hybrid is soon to follow!

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Watch my updated unboxing of the Alexander Hybrid mattress below!

My Initial Thoughts

After sleeping on the re-designed Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid mattress for a few nights, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Medium firm feel – compared to the original Alexander hybrid, the new version is quite similar in terms of firmness. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most firm, the new Alexander hybrid model comes in at a 5.5 out of 10.
  • Very good support – once again, the support level of this mattress is impressive. The original Alexander hybrid was already a stand out mattress in terms of support. With this newly revamped hybrid, Nest has maintained the feel and support level.
  • Excellent edge support – the edge support of this mattress continues to impress. For both sitting and sleeping the Nest Hybrid does a good job of allowing a nice level of pressure relief, but still pushing back enough to create support. There were no major changes made to the support system from Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid 1.0 to 2.0.
  • More pronounced hug – the most significant difference between the original Hybrid and the new Hybrid is simply the top layers. The original hybrid was almost like a mini pillow top. The material wasn’t tremendously dense and didn’t’ create as significant of a contoured feeling. The updated Hybrid uses a more substantial piece of foam material in the top layer, creating a more pronounced contoured hug around your body.

I’m working on updating my full Alexander Hybrid mattress review now and expect to have it done within the next day or two. As always, if you have any questions please drop me a comment below or send me an email via my contact form.

For more information on the updated Alexander hybrid visit NestBedding.com.

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83 thoughts on “Nest Alexander Hybrid Unboxing – 2016 Update”

  1. Thanks for the fantastic set of reviews on the Alexander Hybrid. We recently bought a Beautyrest Black Hybrid Alcove, and are less than thrilled with it. I’m a side sleeper, 150 lbs., with arthritis, and need substantial pressure relief on my shoulders. The Beautyrest didn’t quite do it, so I’m thinking of returning it for an Alexander Hybrid (soft), which looks very appealing because of the “plush” looking cover, (I’ve enjoyed pillowtop mattresses in the past), but now I see that Nest has come out with another hybrid ” luxury contour” model, and I’m confused. Which would you recommend for my situation? The Alexander Hybrid soft or the luxury contour? (and is it worth the extra $$?) Thanks for the help!

  2. Great site, very informative. Head to head, how would you rate Helix to the Alexander hybrid. Helix being customizable. As a side/back sleeper, I like a plush feel next to my body, but want strong support. Which is the cooler, as I sleep very hot. I was also considering Bear, but I think I’ve reached information overload. Thanks for your input.

    • Thanks for the kind words June!

      Helix and Alexander Hybrid generally have similar feels, the hybrid feel that feels a bit more like foam than spring (in my opinion). Helix draw is the customization, Alexander Hybrid draw is the Nest Bedding brand and the firmness options. Deciding between them really comes down to preference, two great products!


  3. I have been reading your detailed reviews and they are very helpful! But I am a bit overwhelmed with making a final decision.

    I am a side sleeper and I find pressure points to be a problem, so I suspect I would like a softer mattress. My husband is mainly a back sleeper and prefers a firm, cool mattress. I am trying to find a good compromise of course. Initially, he didn’t think he wanted memory foam, so I was leaning towards a hybrid to give him more of a traditional feel. But then he lay on a Casper and liked it, which means now my options are wide open again!

    Please help me decide between Alexander Nest Hybrid, Leesa, or other that you think would be best for us. Thanks!!

    • Both the Alexander hybrid and Leesa are fine choices. The big question boils down to what type of feel you’re looking for.

      As a hybrid mattress, the Alexander hybrid offers a softer top half with a supportive base. Top layers of memory foam make for good pressure relief and slightly deeper levels of sinkage and hug. The quilted cover also adds to that pressure relief and somewhat subdues the hug and contour. The pocketed coil base provides more bounce and quicker response times than an all foam mattress.

      The Leesa utilizes a thin cover, which allows the sleeper to be in more direct contact with the foam layers below. That said, by using a top layer of Avena foam in the Leesa mattress, the hug is a bit more generalized than the Alexander hybrid. The layer of memory foam below the Avena foam helps to add some pressure relief to the mattress as well, while also supporting the sleeper.

      In my opinion, you’re really hard pressed to go wrong with either of these mattresses. Both are top notch and could certainly be a good fit for you and your needs.

  4. I have researched mattresses so much I had to take a mental break. I know I want an innerspring mattress with the wrapped coils. I teeter 300lbs and absolute hate sinking into a mattress. I have a 16″ Zinus full-size platform metal frame so, I would only need a mattress, not the box. I have chatted with Saatva and Winkbed customer service, viewed Youtube videos and read reviews so much, I’ve gotten myself confused. Also, sleeping cool for this 45yr old female is becoming more important. Luxury Firm vs Firm? I want something that will last me a few years. I just don’t want to completely regret my decision. Can you please help me? My current mattress is 15 yrs old and does a number on my lower back.

    • Given your size + your desire for minimal sinkage there is one choice that jumps out at me, the Winkbed (firm version).

      My fear with the medium Saatva / Winkbed (or really any mattress) is that you’re simply going to get way more sinkage that you want. The firm version will minimize the sinkage and also do a better job of supporting your figure. Saatva is spec’d to support up to 300 pounds, but the Winkbed is capable of more like 350.

      I’d say go Winkbed – http://sleepopolis.com/winkbeds/ (you can also use this link + code SLEEPOPOLIS50 to save $50 off WinkBed)

  5. My wife and I have been testing out mattresses. We really like the Posturepedic Flex Elite, however the price tag is not so intriguing. I am concerned the Alexander Signature Hybrid will be too firm for us. We typically like a pretty plush bed. We have been using an innerspring mattress for years but don’t like the pressure points but like the bounce. We like the hug of and softness of memory foam but miss the bounce. Naturally a hybrid is what we are looking for but would like a soft version. Do you think these are comparable enough or do you have any other recommendations.

    • The Alexander Hybrid is an excellent mattress, but at 5.5 out of 10, it is a bit more of a medium firmness. If you’re looking for something softer, the only real hybrid option is the Voila soft (about a 3.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale). https://sleepopolis.com/voila-mattress

      If you’re open to all foam options, a latex foam with a quilted cover may be a good option as well since it would provide nice bounce, while still retaining a some sinkage and hug from the quilted cover. A good example of this kind of mattress would be the Brooklyn Bedding soft. https://sleepopolis.com/brooklyn-bedding/

  6. My husband and I have bought expensive mattresses with pocketed coils and an overall firm feel. We are now on the third mattress in fifteen years and once again, the sag is deep and miserably uncomfortable for him, less so for me — he is 6’8″ and 290 pounds and I am 5’4″ and 150 pounds. He is also recovering from some surgeries and he spends more hours in bed than I do. We did the Mattress Marshalls protocol of measuring and photographing the sag, but did not meet the required depth of sag to get a replacement mattress — although for him, the sag is like a crater and significantly impairs a good night’s sleep. Other than the sag (!), the mattress is in good shape, but the sag repair suggestions we have tried seem to be only a temporary fix. One more detail – we are both back and side sleepers.

    I have read several reviews on your website. The comparison between the Saatva and the Beautyrest Black were helpful– we like the Saatva in that comparison — but we feel that we are missing something. My main goal is to find comfort and firmness in a pocketed coil or combo/hybrid Queen-size mattress that will support this large man for a reasonable number of years. I’d appreciate your comments and specific suggestions. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Hi Barbara,

      I’m sorry to hear about your mattress troubles. That said, there are certainly some excellent options available for the two of you.

      The Saatva is a great mattress. It can support individual sleepers up to 300 pounds, therefore both of you should receive high levels of support from this mattress. Additionally, the pressure relief and cooling of this mattress are above average, making for a well rounded mattress all in all.

      While the Saatva is a fine mattress, I would also like to mention the WinkBeds mattress. WinkBeds offers their mattress in the original version shown on their website, along with a HD version for heavier sleepers. You do have to contact them to receive this model, but it may be worth looking in to.

  7. Hello Sleepopolis, thank you for all of the information you provide on your site! I did research for several months for a new bed and decided to go with the Alexander Hybrid. After 60 days it still felt too firm, and I contacted Nest. They sent me a topper to try, which gets rid of pressure, but removes any support from the mattress. I’m 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, and sleep about 70% of the time on my side. What mattress would you recommend trying instead? I would prefer something that is memory foam but doesn’t sleep too hot.


    • Hi Tom,

      I’m sorry to hear the Alexander hybrid isn’t working out for you. I would be happy to help you find something better suited to your needs.

      Just a few questions to make sure I’m recommending the best different options for you:

      How firm do you think the Alexander hybrid mattress is on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm?

      What is your ideal firmness on a scale of 1-10?

      Do you like the traditional padded quilted cover of the Alexander hybrid or would you prefer a thin cover?

      Do you like the level of sinkage on the Alexander hybrid or would you rather have more / less?

      Any other specific attributes you like / don’t like about the Alexander hybrid?

  8. My husband and I are wanting to upgrade from a Queen to a king. We currently have a sealy postirepedic plush euro top chapman we got from Costco 4 years ago and it is too firm for me. We are both side sleepers. I tend to have neck shoulder and hip pain. I am 5’3 and weigh 145, he is 5’8 and weighs 220 with no pains at all. We went to mattress firm today and layer on a beauty rest black hybrid today and it was heaven!!!!!! However very expensive… I liked both the medium and soft versions. My husband liked both too but really liked the softer more plush one. I have read almost all the reviews on you site and they are all wonderful reviews. Thank you!! However I think I am more confused than before. :-) I can’t figure out which might be best for us or which might be closest to the beautyrest. I was thinking the saatva but am worried it might be too firm. Then thought maybe the Alexander hybrid but now I am not sure of that one either…any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you so much for all this hard work! :-)

    • While both the Saatva and Alexander hybrid are excellent options, I would lean more towards the Alexander hybrid for the two of you. The overall construction, feel, support system, and comfort dynamic should make for a great fit. The Saatva is not a bad mattress by any stretch, but it will end up feeling much more like an innerspring mattress and less like the hybrid style design that you enjoyed in store.

      Hope this helps to clear the air between your two choices. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help, thanks!

  9. Greetings,

    Thank you for the reviews very much. With the slight increase in firmness for the revised 2016 medium I’m curious if that is enough for the sleepers who were not satisfied in previous versions. Do you have any feedback or review on the revised 2016 Alexander Hybrid version in firm?

    Thank You!

    • Hi Janet,

      So just to be clear, the Alexander Hybrid only comes in one firmness. Medium, 5.5 out of 10.

      The Alexander Signature is available in multiple firmnesses. With respect to people who were unsatisfied with the previous version, I don’t have a lot of feedback from my readers on this one…so I cannot say for sure. However, I suspect probably half are happy about and half are unhappy. When you are talking about medium firmness ranges you will see people on both sides of the fence pretty evenly.

    • Sleepopolis,

      I see that Nest Bedding has revised their website checkout option to medium only. At the time of my checkout the options were soft, medium and firm.

      I was also a little confused with the naming convention. The mattress is presented as Alexander Signature Hybrid on Nest Bedding vs. Alexander Hybrid.

      All is clear now and thank you for the response.

    • Gotcha. That makes sense. Glad to help clear the confusion :) Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

  10. Hi Sleepopolis. Thanks for the awesome site. Your reviews are really helpful. Base on what we’ve read we are leaning toward the Loom and Leaf or the Nest Alexander Hybrid. We are side sleepers and both suffer from occasional back, shoulder, and hip pain. (We are in our 40’s). I know the construction is different but the prices are similar for both. Would you recommend one over the other or have a preference between the two? Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Kim,

      Both of these are excellent choices. I think you’d be really hard pressed to go wrong with either of these. If I could break each down I’d say…
      Buy Loom and Leaf if you want something slightly softer than Leesa, but still a medium, but also with a little more plushness in the cover for better pressure relief and immediate softness upon lying down
      Buy Nest Alexander Hybrid if you want a traditional pocketed coil feel, the most advanced edge support system on the market, great bounce, and very good cooling

      Hope this helps. Please let me know if I can help to provide any more insight, thanks!

    • Also, just so you know, we are 125 and 170 pounds. So I’m also afraid of floating to much on a mattress. Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Kimberly,

      My apologies for the slow reply on this! Your comment unfortunately slipped by me this past week.

      Based on your weight I think I’d exclude the Leesa for you, leaving either Loom and Leaf or the Alexander Hybrid. At 125 pounds I think the non-quilted cover and 6 firmness might give you a little more of a floating feel than you want. It’s not extreme, but it is more than L&L and the Alexander Hybrid.

  11. When did this Hybrid mattress update? I see/saw some less the stellar reviews, especially about it being a little to soft a few months ago and want to make sure they are talking about the new or old version.

    • Your site is super helpful. Thanks for the work that you do!

      I’m wondering if you can give me some further input on the Alexander Signature vs. Alexander Hybrid. I’ve been trying a Leesa for the last couple months, and have found that it’s a bit too hard. I’m a side sleeper and I feel uncomfortable pressure on my shoulders. It’s a pretty good mattress overall, but I’m not sold on it. I visited CA last week and went to the Nest store to check out the Alexander Hybrid and Signature (medium firmness). I expected to like the Hybrid better because it has a bit more bounce, but I found it to be softer to the Signature. Both felt nicer than the Leesa when getting onto the bed, because they had a softer top layer. Do you have any notes on how either of the Alexander mattresses compare to the Leesa or each other? I’m a side and stomach sleeper, and my husband sleeps on his back. We are both tall and 125 – 160 lbs. I’d appreciate your advice!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      When comparing the Alexander Signature to the Leesa, the main differences boil down to the long term feel and the quilted cover. The overall feel of the ALexander compares more closely to the traditional feel of a memory foam mattress. The Leesa uses a top layer of Avena foam, which tends to respond faster than the memory foam layer used in the Alexander. Therefore, you may see a deeper level of sinkage and hug with the Alexander.

  12. Hi Sleepopolis,

    I just found your site and am extremely grateful for all your helpful reviews and information. Thank you!!

    I am looking to buy a new king sized mattress and wanted to try the feel out of some mattresses at the store first. I don’t think I’m sold on memory foam yet and really liked the Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid mattress at Sleep Train (particularly the firmer Amherst model). After looking at the hybrid mattresses that you have reviewed, I can’t seem to make up my mind between the Saatva, the Alexander hybrid or the Latex hybrid (also by Nest Bedding). I know the Alexander hybrid only comes in medium firmness and I’m thinking that might be okay. I am a side sleeper and my husband is mainly a back and sometimes a side sleeper. They all sound like good mattresses so I don’t know how to finalize my choice???

    Also, do you recommend buying the mattress cover, sheets and pillows from Saatva or Nest Bedding?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help me decide! I really appreciate it.

    • Hi Carmen,

      Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad Sleepopolis has been helpful. Also, my apologies for the slow reply. My wife and I took a little mini vacation over the weekend and my emails / comments got way way backed up.

      So I think you’re on the right track. Between the Alexander Hybrid & Latex Hybrid I strongly prefer the classic Alexander Hybrid. I think you need to really like the feel of latex for the Latex Hybrid to be the better choice. The Alexander Hybrid is closer to the Beautyrest Black Hybrid than the Saatva, so if you liked that feel, I think the Alexander Hybrid is your best choice by far.

      In terms of the buying the sheets from Nest, Saatva, etc. you certainly could. They both make a quality product. However, they aren’t my favorites.

      Here’s what I recommend:

      Sheets – for 100% cotton go Brooklinen – https://sleepopolis.com/brooklinen-sheets/
      Sheets – for performance polyester go Sheex – https://sleepopolis.com/sheex
      Protectors – best value go Malouf 5 sided – http://amzn.to/2bJEoUs
      Protectors – best performance and cooling go Malouf Ice Tech – http://amzn.to/2ccqQRq
      Pillows – go Nest Easy Breather, best pillow I’ve tested to date – https://sleepopolis.com/nest-bedding/natural-latex-pillow/

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!

  13. Thank you for your reviews. Which would have the softest feel? We are side sleepers and like a very soft mattress (that doesn’t feel too memory foam like). Would the Alexander or Loom and Leaf be better? Or maybe another brand altogether?

  14. I am shopping for a replacement on my Dr Breus memory foam/latex mattress. Ive had it for about 5 years and there are two well worn craters and I just dont want to bother with the warranty as I have never really like the mattress. My girlfriend and I demo’d a Stearns and Foster Hybrid Luxury Firm which we found acceptable. I have concerns over S&F’s quality and longevity which is why I am shying away from them. I am 6’3 270, my girlfriend is 5’7 125. We both sleep on a combination of back and on our sides. I have been looking at the Loom and Leaf, the Leesa and the Nest Alexander Hybrid. Any advice? My gf does not like a pronounced memory foam hugging, but we both are seeking a mattress in the 5-6 firmness range.

    • Hi Lou,

      To be completely honest, I think the two of you would be happy with either of these mattresses. Both the Loom & Leaf and Alexander hybrid are top notch. Neither of them have that overly enveloped, memory foam hug. The main difference boils down to the construction. If you’re looking for added bounce and edge support, the Alexander hybrid is the way to go. If you’d rather go with a more traditional feel, without that stuck feeling, then the Loom & Leaf is the more appropriate route to take.

    • Hi Sleepopolis,

      Never really commented on a website before, but I’m so stretched out over all the choices and reviews that these mattresses get that I didn’t know what I was signing up for when I started the search! Recently, my fifteen or so year old, hand-me-down, innerspring mattress seems to be pushing and supporting me in all the wrong places to the point that I can’t sleep at night which has really been affecting my day to day routines. Im a side sleeper, so is the girlfriend and I have watched every single one of your videos, thank you so much for them as they’ve really helped me focus my time in the right direction. We recently went to a mattress dealer and tried out all of their mattresses and found ourselves on cloud nine laying down on their Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid Alcove model (sounds more like a luxury car than a mattress!) What we didn’t love is that big sticker price of $2,500 hitting us in the face. I came here and saw that you seemed to not prefer the Simmons Black because of the price and comparative materials (My man!) So to wrap this all up, I was wondering if you could help me pull the trigger on one of these. Ive been looking at your reviews on the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid and that seems to fit the bill like a duck costume! My question to you is does it? I don’t really like the feel of pure memory foam, or at least the ones I test drove (if that’s the correct term for that?) And I don’t like the pure innerspring bounce house affair. I’m hoping this is the one or that you know of the one! If it helps any I’m 5’11 200lbs and my girlfriend is 5’7 120lbs, again both side sleepers, and hoping to get several years out of the purchase. Thanks a million if you get back to me on this, big fan!

    • Hi Jay,

      First off, thank you for your kind words! Now, with regards to your mattress endeavors, I think you’ve nailed it. The Alexander hybrid is an excellent mattress and I personally believe you would be extremely happy sleeping on it. You’ll avoid that crazy expensive price tag, but receive the supportive benefits from the combination of the coils and foam used to create this mattress.

      All things considered, I really and truly believe you’re hard pressed to go wrong with this mattress.

  15. This is a nice website. I entered your Nest contest today, so we’ll see what happens (fingers crossed). My question is whether this Alexander Hybrid is best at motion separation. I am a fairly light sleeper, and I get awakened easily when my wife gets up in the middle of the night. So, in the past, I’ve had pocketed coil mattresses, going back to 1994 when I bought a Simmons Beautyrest. Pocketed coils did best at isolating movements and not disturbing sleep partners.

    Of all the mattresses you review, is this still true? For example, it seems you like the Purple mattresses for motion separation. I’m wondering how you’d rank the mattresses you’ve reviewed in this category? Thanks, Sleepopolis!

    Ken in Colorado

    • Hi Ken,

      Overall, I’d say the Alexander Hybrid is “pretty good” in terms of motion transfer. It’s about at the level I’d expect of a coil mattress.

      It’s not as good as memory foam, but better than more traditional coils. If you’ve been comfortable on your Simmons Beautyrest chances are the Alexander Hybrid would not bother you though.

  16. Hi I recently bought the best Alexander hybrid mattress. After finding it uncomfortable and sleeping on it the suggested amount of time I requested a refund. At which time they magically realized they had sent me a “wrong mattress” in error. Stating their manufacture sent me the right one with the wrong springs inside. They persisted in wanting to send me another mattress to try.When I finally excepted and tried it the again the requested 30+ days and found it uncomfortable as well. I already feel there’s going to be difficulty getting my refuned as they want details upon details about my discomfort. This is frustrating as I tried it found it uncomfortable sent all requested documentation/ photos. I almost feel like they want to catch me in some technicality so I won’t get refunded. How is your refund experience?

    • Hi Tb,

      I’m sorry to hear the Nest Alexander hybrid is not working out for you. That said, I do believe there are plenty of mattresses that could be a potential fit for you.

      Regarding the return experience with Nest Bedding, I have not been made aware of any major issues with refunds for my readers. For the most part, Nest does like to try and have you swap out your mattress for another one of theirs. I understand why, but if this is not the route you want to take then I would make that very clear with them. No need to beat around the bush if you are unhappy and would rather have your money refunded.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help, thanks!

  17. I’m leaning toward the Zenhaven latex mattress and am curious why there has been zero chatter about it on this site. Any comments?

    • Hi Chet,

      The Zenhaven mattress has just been released and is not very well known yet. That’s why there’s hasn’t been many comments or other posts yet. I would expect it to grow quickly in popularity over the next several months.

    • Hi Ben,

      Unfortunately I have not tested the Rain 3.0 pillow. That said, I have tested quite a few of the Bedgear products and have been thoroughly impressed to say the least. I would expect their 3.0 is quite good.

  18. How is the noise factor with the Alexander hybrid? Are the coils squeaky? Like the recommendations for a hybrid coil for bounce but wondered if you still get the squeaky spring sound of a traditional inner spring mattress.

    • The Alexnader hybrid coils are actually individually wrapped in foam, helping to suppress any noise. During amorous activities you may notice a little noise, but during normal sleeping they are quite silent.

  19. Have you looked at the CRaVE mattress? It is also a hybrid but has a convoluted latex as the base. We are trying to decide between the memory foam based Alexander Hybrid or the Latex Based CRaVE (which is also a hybrid). We have a 5 year old memory foam that is hard as a rock. We got it because my wife was struggling with back pain from our inner spring that had sunk and the company we bought the memory foam one from wouldn’t take a return when we hated it (online mattress shopping was much different then). We figured the hybrid was a good compromise but we’re trying to figure out if we want the memory foam first in the Alexander Hybrid or the Latex first in the CRaVE. Any thoughts?

    • Unfortunately, I have not yet tested the Crave mattress. It’s on my “to review” list, but it’ll likely be a couple of months before I’m able to test it. Sorry :(

  20. Update on the Alexander Sig medium with the Alexander topper! (Refer to my comment below for more info).

    Well, adding Nest’s Alexander topper to the mattress did indeed soften it up nicely and I slept on it for two weeks before deciding that I very much did not like the “pillow top” feel wherein I lost the memory foam feel entirely. In fact, I disliked it enough to remove the topper and preferred to sleep on the mattress despite the memory foam layer still being too firm and doing a poor job relieving trigger point pressure.

    Alas, something still needed to change and I contacted Nest letting them know that I would need to return the mattress. I described my experience with the topper and, after they asked me a few more questions, strongly encouraged me to give the soft version a try. I expressed significant concern that the soft would be too soft, but they felt confident that it would not be. With their encouragement, I now have a soft version on the way and was notified that it shipped yesterday. They are giving me another 100 days to see if it’s right for me. I’m not used to this level of service. Amazing. If they had not talked me into giving the soft a try, I was strongly leaning toward trying the Brentwood Homes Coronado. In fact, if the soft version doesn’t work, I may indeed still try the Coronado.

    I was also looking at possibly trying the Loom & Leaf, but get the impression that they are having some difficulty with consistency with using so many different factories to build their mattresses. Anyway, I’ll soon be trying out the soft Alexander and hope it is plush, supportive, and wonderful. So that’s my update for now.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thanks so much for your feedback! Nest really does go above and beyond to try and find the best mattress for their customers.

      I am in complete agreement with your plan. This is what I was going to recommend. The Coronado is a nice level of increased softness over the medium Alexander, but not so extreme that it becomes too soft / too pillow top feeling.

      Let me know how you like the soft Alexander. Fingers crossed.

  21. Hi Sleepopolis,

    How does this compare to the 2016 WinkBed?

    I have the Signature Select Medium. I love the feel, but I want more bounce. That led me to try the WinkBed. WinkBed addresses the bounce but is WAY more firm than the Sig. Select Medium. The WinkBed doesn’t feel like a foam mattress at all – just a firm old school pillow top innerspring.

    That being said, I’m interested to hear you opinions on the Alexander Hybrid vs. the WinkBed. I’m hoping it is the happy medium between the Alexander Sig. Select and the WinkBed.

    • The 2016 Winkbed isn’t all that different in terms of feel than the original one. It’s still trying to be a luxury end classic pillow top style.

      If you didn’t like the first Winkbed you tried I don’t think you’d like the new model.

      Compared Winkbed to the Alexander Hybrid it really is a battle of luxury coil on coil vs. luxury hybrid. Personally, I like the Hybrid better. Better pressure relief and better contour. I’m just not a huge fan of pillow tops either.

  22. Hey Sleepopolis!

    I recently purchased a Purple and have been sleeping on it for 2-3 weeks now. My biggest complaint is that it’s too firm for my liking. It’s a fine mattress; in fact, I’ve been getting incredibly deep sleep, and I’m falling asleep more easily than I’m used to. But most of the time I spend at home is spent on my bed (small room, queen mattress), and I’ve begun to find myself wishing it were softer or otherwise more comfortable. It doesn’t create pain or discomfort by any means, I just want something that is more enjoyable to lounge on while I’m awake.

    At 6’1″ and 270 lbs, I’m a heavy sleeper. I usually sleep on my stomach or side, but I spend a lot of my awake time sitting on the mattress or laying on my back. My mattress search also led me to Loom & Leaf and the Alexander Hybrid, but I decided on Purple at the last minute once I discovered it on your site.

    As far as initial feel goes, do you find the Alexander Hybrid to be softer or more comfortable than the Purple? Does the Alexander Hybrid have significantly more bounce than Purple? Is it as temperature neutral as Purple? (I’m not a particularly hot sleeper, but my room faces south with no shade and I live in SoCal) Is the edge support or support in general comparable between the two?

    I’m happy with my Purple, but if I can be that much happier with the Alexander Hybrid, I’ll gladly order one.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jordan,

      Initially, I would say the Alexander hybrid is indeed softer than the Purple. The quilted top layer helps in this area a large amount. Regarding bounce, I would say they are about equal. Additionally, the hybrid does sleep very cool, but the Purple does have the edge in this category. Purple’s top layer of hyper-elastic polymer does a great job of breathing and keeping the sleeping surface extremely cool. The hybrid’s pocketed coil base also breathes extremely well, but the Purple does tend to take the cake overall (regarding cooling). Finally, the edges. The Alexander hybrid has one of the most advanced edge support systems in the world. Therefore, you can safely assume the edges of this mattress are top notch and do win in a head-to-head battle versus Purple.

      All in all, i you feel as if the change is truly necessary, the Alexander hybrid is a great mattress to consider.

  23. Ha Jennifer!! I don’t know if you’ll come back to read further comments here, but I should share with you that I’ve had the same experience as a part-time side sleeper. I don’t have the hybrid, but rather the Alexander Signature in medium firmness, which would be nearly identical to your mattress in terms of firmness. When sleeping on my back, the mattress is amazing! When sleeping on my side, particularly when in the “sprinter” or “running man” position, my hip bone drives right through the top 2″ of foam and smashes into what has felt like an unyielding piece of plywood! I’ve “marched” on my bed on 6 different occasions now and, at just past 60 days, had to write Nest and ask (nay.. beg!) for recommendations. They highly recommended their topper and are shipping to me at no cost. It’s scheduled to arrive today. Interestingly, over the last 3 nights, I’ve actually felt the second layer of foam (the first layer of memory foam) start to have some give to it. I’ve actually slept on my side (even in the sprinter position) and finally haven’t woken up feeling like I have a bruised hip all day. Prior to that, the mattress was truly starting to make me angry and frustrated (except when I was on my back of course, when it felt heavenly).

    Anyway, this should be an interesting experiment now that the topper is scheduled to arrive today. I’ll probably try it one week on and one week off to compare and to see if the memory foam layer has finally broken in enough that I might be comfortable without the topper. Or I might find that the topper makes this the best bed ever. Either way, I’m glad Nest has stellar customer service and is so customer oriented. Conceptually, it seems weird to put a foam topper over a mattress that has a built-in foam topper, but I imagine they’ve designed the mattress and topper with this in mind.

    Happy marching!! And if you come back and read these comments, I’d love to hear your update!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your feedback, Dennis! This is super insightful.

      Definitely keep me posted with how you’re liking the mattress with the topper. Hopefully they’ll make the difference you’re looking for!

  24. Hello – I recently purchased the Nest Alexander Hybrid, we have had it about a week and a half now. I am a side sleeper and my husband is a back/stomach sleeper. While he is sleeping like a baby, I am sleeping terrible on the hybrid, I find it too firm and not enough hugging or contouring. I called Nest Bedding and they said that it typically takes 30 days to ‘break’ in the mattress and if I wanted to speed it up to walk on the mattress every other day (without shoes). Needless to say, if you want a quick workout then I would suggest marching on your hybrid! What is the typical break in period that you have found? I have historically enjoyed the pillow top feel and am debating if the Alexander soft mattress might be better for me, although not for my stomach sleeping like a baby husband!

    • It’s as much about the break in period of the mattress as it is your body adjusting to the new mattress. For most sleepers it takes 30-45 days to fully adjust to a new mattress. During this time you may experience pain and less than ideal rest. If the mattress you are switching from is especially different in terms of feel, firmness, materials, etc. this can be even more extreme.

      I would encourage you to not make any major change for at least a period of 30 days. If after 30 days it’s still not working out you’ll have a pretty good idea that the mattress isn’t right for you. If you change mattresses before that time you’re just as likely to be right back in this same situation with the next mattress.

  25. Hi Sleepopolis,

    We are a cosleeping family, so weights of all users are very different. In terms of sinkage, would you recommend the Alexander Hybrid or Purple mattress? In other words, if I lie down with my baby next to me, on which matress is she more likely to roll into me? I’d prefer a mattress that let’s us all sleep comfortably without rolling into each other.

    Also, do you have info on flame retardants for both? Are either wool only?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Sweta,

      While both the Purple and Alexander hybrid are good mattresses, I would recommend the Alexander hybrid for your specific situation. The Purple’s top layer of hyper-elastic polymer may create a little more roll between your family than you would prefer. On the other hand, the hybrid has a plush top layer which will allow you to sink in, avoiding the motion transfer between you and your baby.

      Regarding the flame retardants, neither of them are wool only. Both of them contain silica and wood pulp fire socks.

  26. Hi Sleepopolis, first thanks so much for your reviews & info, they’ve been a great help! I’ve narrowed my purchase down to either the Loom & Leaf or the Nest Alexander Hybrid. As a heavier (~235 lbs) back and side sleeper who gets some back pain from my current mattress, I want to get a mattress with enough support that maintains spinal alignment. Would the Nest Hybrid provide good support with the 3.5 lb foams, or would I be better off with the L&L which has the 5 lb density foam? Thanks again!

    • Hi Sleepopolisiel,

      Both of these mattresses will do just fine in terms of support. With that said, you will receive slightly better deep compression support from the Alexander hybrid. The pocketed coil base does a great job of pushing back on the sleeper, creating a very high level of support all throughout the mattress. I would recommend giving the Alexander hybrid a shot for starters.

  27. Confused So many mattresses..my question & appreciate your opinion…need 2 twin beds for my allergic daughter which also moves a lot during the night and wakes up.. Which mattress is good ? Than you

    • I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?
      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the mattress)?
      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      How much do you weigh? (this is important for sinkage, especially as it relates to cooling)
      What specifically is your daughter allergic too?

  28. Hi Sleepopolis,

    Love the site and your reviews!

    I’m torn between the Saatva Hybrid and the Alexander Hybrid. I’m 6’1, 240 lbs and a side sleeper. My wife is a 125lbs and a back/stomach sleeper (she likes a firm mattress). With 2 little ones I often get relegated to the edge of our king size bed! Any recommendations between these 2 or something I haven’t considered?

    I noticed you seem to prefer the Alexander Hybrid over the Saatva from your ratings, but your description seems to be almost the same on both reviews. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Richie!

      Both Saatva and the Alexander Hybrid share many similarities, which is why their descriptions are so close. Despite the similarities there are differences. The biggest simply comes down the feel you’re looking for.

      Saatva has a very classic coil feel, even more so with the traditional pillow top. It is perhaps the most classic and traditional mattress I have tested to date.

      The Alexander Hybrid has some of the extra bounce, response, and edge support. However, it still very much has a memory foam feel on top. I wouldn’t say one of these is better or worse than the other, just very different types of feels.

  29. Hi Sleepopolis, I am in the market for a new mattress and have settled on a hybrid as the one that will best suit me. I’m a side sleeper and have tested mattresses in local stores. I have found that the Tempupedic Flex Supreme is far and away my first choice. That being said, I’m interested in what you hybrid you recommend that comes closest to the Flex. I prefer a mattress that is closer to medium firm, and I don’t typically like the feeling of being “hugged” by my mattress. I appreciate any advice you have. Thanks.

    • I think the Purple stacks up quite nicely against the Alexander hybrid, but as you stated, they are two completely different feels. For a sleeper who enjoys more of a floating feeling, Purple is a very good choice. On the other hand, the Alexander hybrid is a good option for the sleeper who is looking for little more sinkage in addition to a balanced hug and contour. Both have very good level of support and the Purple has a slight edge with regards to cooling. Yet, the Alexander hybrid does win the battle of edge support.

  30. Sleepopolis,
    I’m 69 years old 200 pounds, married. My wife is 130. We have had a Sealy pillow top for about 6 years but it’s causing me pain in my hip and legs, keeping me up at night. I can’t sleep. I purchased a Saatva recently which hasn’t been delivered yet. I think that was probably not the best choice. Do you think I should have purchased a memory foam bed or something softer?

    • Hi Paul,

      The Saatva is a very good mattress. With a euro-style pillow top and a pocketed coil base you will receive great pressure relief and very good support all around. Since you have already ordered the mattress I would give it a shot, that way you can eliminate that style of mattresses and move into the memory foam construction if it doesn’t work out. Best case scenario, you love the mattress. Worst case, you return the mattress, receive a full refund and we get you and your wife into the right mattress.

  31. Sleepopolis, i am trying to decide between the alexander hybrid and the voila. I am 6’1 and 210 athletic. I am a side sleeper and tend to lean towards beds that have a softer top to take the pressure of my shoulders. However, my wife does not want anything too soft. We tried the loom and leaf which i liked but the wife did not like the sinkage/feeling of an all foam mattress. So next we tried the Saatva as she wanted a more traditional bounce feeling but it does not have enough cushion on the top eurotop for me. Feels a bit to firm on my side. So this has led me to the hybrid search. I think i am leaning towards the updated alexander but am concerned that with my size i will sink in too much. Perhaps the Voila which you said compares to the Tempurpedic Flex line which my wife thought was ok in the mattress store might be better? Then again at 210lbs i generally prefer to have at least a 12″ mattress and the alexander is 13″. I am very torn, can you please give me your opinion between these 2?
    Thank You!

    • Hi Adam,

      Between these the Alexander hybrid and Voila, I would recommend the Alexander hybrid for your specific situation. At 210 pounds you will receive a nice level of sinkage from this mattress and there is a plush top layer to help with pressure points. The Voila is also a very good mattress, but there is no plush cover, which means you are in direct contact with the foams below. Based on everything you have shared about you and your wife, I believe the Alexander hybrid would be the better fit for the two of you.

  32. Trying to decide between this, a Saatva, or the Winkbed.

    6’1″, 190 lbs. mostly side sleeper with a little bit on my back. Prefer my mattress to feel soft, like I could sink into it. I don’t care much for the memory foam contour or “stuck” feeling though. I go for more of a hammock-type of sink. Hard to explain I suppose.

    Just looking for solid bounce, value, and which one suits a side sleeper looking for some sinkage best. These three seem so similar it’s almost impossible to decide so far. Any advice?

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Between the Saatva and Winkbed I’d say it’s really a coin flip. Both are great mattresses and both use pillow tops, so you don’t get any sort of stuck contoured memory foam feel. I’d say the biggest thing simply comes down to value. Winkbed is $1,299 for a Queen, Saatva is $899. That’s pretty hard to beat in my mind.

  33. Thank you Sleepopolis! I called Nest Bedding and their customer service was amazing! The mattress was supposed to be delivered in a box and we concluded that the box probably got damaged during shipment and was removed by FedEx. Nest offered to send me a new one or give me a discounted price which I am really happy with. Thank you for writing me back so quickly. I did use your link and coupon code for my purchase. :)

    • Excellent! Thanks for the updates. Nest’s customer service is top notch, glad they were able to take care of you.

  34. Hi Sleepopolis, I’m in the market for a new mattress and have sort of narrowed my search to four mattresses (Alexander, Alexander Hybrid, Helix, and Purple, though don’t hesitate to suggest something else) and was hoping you could help with a recommendation. I’m 5′ 11″, 190 lbs, and sleep pretty much evenly on my side and my back. I also tend to sleep hot so cooling is an important factor. This is my first time buying a mattress for myself, as my current is a hand me down innerspring that’s at least 20 years old, and I’ve never slept on a foam mattress, but I have slept on pillow top/ plush top ones and do like that soft, kind of sinking in feeling. If I had to guess, I would say I have a preference for a medium soft feel, but again I have very limited points of reference to compare which is why your insight would be appreciated.

    • Hi Chris,

      Happy to help!

      So any of these 4 mattresses could be the right choice for you. So let’s just work through the unique benefits of each.

      Alexander – the medium version is 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, more pronounced hug, thicker quilted top layer, I’m inclined to rule this one out in lieu of the Alexander Hybrid (see below)
      Alexander Hybrid – slightly firmer than the Alexander at a 5.5-6 out of 10, better response, better deep compression support, better support with 5 zone coil system, better cooling…I like the Alexander, but the Alexnader Hybrid just spanks it in a head-to-head battle, especially at the medium firmness level. I think if you’re going to go Nest Bedding it’ll be the Alexander Hybrid
      Helix – Helix excels because it’s customizable, if you’re customization takes it further away from the medium feels that Alexander Hybrid and Purple are able to create it becomes more and more desirable for you. However, if you’re just looking at going with a medium firmness and since you have an average weight, I don’t think you’ll gain as much value out of the customization as you would if you had needs / desires on the outlying end of the spectrum.
      Purple – the most cool mattress I have tested, instant response, solid bounce, decent edge support considering the thickness, a unique feel, 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale for your weight

      In my mind it’s really a battle between the Alexander Hybrid and Purple. The others just don’t make as much since for your needs / desires / weight. If you haven’t already I would recommend giving my reviews of these mattresses a full read and see if the description about the feel on each of them sounds more like what you’re looking for.

  35. I just received my Alexander Hybrid and it was not delivered in a box, just the plastic wrap!! There are areas in the plastic that have been scratched/worn away during shipment exposing the mattress. I am very disappointed! Is this normal? It looks like yours was delivered in a box?

    • That is definitely not normal. It should be delivered in a box.

      If there is obvious damage I would contact Nest Bedding immediately. I cannot imagine they would have intentionally sent that mattress out without a box.

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