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Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress Unboxing

Say hello to the new Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid mattress! The Nest Alexander hybrid mattress is built from a blend of copper infused foam and pocketed coils. This mattress totals 13″ in height and is looking to compete with other high end pocketed coil hybrid mattresses.

Watch the full Alexander hybrid mattress unboxing video below!

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Initial Thoughts

After sleeping on the Alexander hybrid mattress for a few nights, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Medium firm feel – the Alexander hybrid mattress comes in at a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm.
  • Balanced level of support – while sleeping on the Alexander hybrid, I felt a very balanced level of support throughout the mattress. As a stomach and side sleeper, I felt as if the mattress was able to eliminate any pressure points as well as maintain stable spine alignment regardless of what position I slept in. I received the same response from my wife, who is a back and side sleeper.
  • Great edge support – one of the most impressive features of this mattress was the edge support. The pocketed coils + advanced edge support system helps to balance out the sinkage and hug while providing top level edge support. There was barely any difference in sinkage when sitting directly on the edge and slightly further back on the mattress.
  • Exceptional cooling – between the copper infused foam and a pocketed coils, this mattress is among the best I’ve tested to date with regards to cooling. Throughout the night I never felt any heat trapping or build up between myself and the mattress.
  • Good bounce / minimal motion transfer – this can typically be expected of an innerspring mattress. With that said, the Alexander hybrid goes above and beyond the norm. This mattress has a high level of bounce, making amorous bedroom activities much more enjoyable. Although there is a nice level of bounce in this mattress, there is still very little motion transfer. While moving around during the night, both my wife and I were able to sleep peacefully and not feel as if we were going to wake the other if we moved. Naturally, it’s not quite as good as you’d get with an all foam mattress, but it does strike a nice balance between motion transfer and bounce.

Per usual, if you have any questions about the Alexander hybrid mattress feel free to drop me a comment down below. I am more than happy to help!

If you feel like the Alexander hybrid mattress is the right one for you be sure to snag our promo code. Using code “SLEEPOP200” will save you $200 off of your order. This is the biggest and best promo code Nest is offering and it’s been made exclusive for Sleepopolis readers.

Be sure to check back in about a week for my full comprehensive review of the Nest Alexander hybrid mattress.

Happy sleeping!

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105 thoughts on “Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress Unboxing”

  1. Hi! Love the review for the Nest Alexander Hybrid. However, I wasn’t able to find the “Medium” firmness level on their website. There is only an option for “Plush” and “Luxury Firm”. Is there something I’m missing here?

  2. I just received my Nest Alexander hybrid king medium mattress on Saturday (9/9/17). Currently dealing with Hurricane Irma so won’t get to unpack for awhile. What’s the longest safe time span for unboxing without damaging the mattress?

    • Hi Gary – ideally asap, but it should be fine if you need to delay a few weeks. I hope everything goes as well as it can for you with the Hurricane!

  3. I have read many of your reviews and they have been very helpful in our search to replace an old plush top innerspring mattress so thank you for such in depth reviews. My wife (5′-0″ 100lbs) and I (5′-9″ 175lbs) both generally back sleepers originally went with the voila in medium as we wanted something that was supportive and medium feel. Unfortunately my wife thought it was far too hard, like a board, because she did not sink in at all. I also thought it was slightly too hard as I did not sink in much and it created pressure points. Support for my back was great though and my sore back was much improved. But overall sleep from pressure points seemed worse. We are returning the voila, but we were looking into the Alexander Hybrid since it had a more plush top or perhaps the luxi since it is adjustable and slight padding in the top. We would be interested in your thoughts. Thank you for all your great reviews.

    • Sorry to hear that the Voila didn’t work out for you. Based on your comments, I think the Alexander Hybrid or Loom & Leaf would be your best options. Both of these options are slightly softer than the Voila and and have a plush cover. The softness helps with pressure relief and deep compression.

      If you’re not previously familiar with the Loom & Leaf, you can ready more about that mattress here: https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/loom-and-leaf-mattress-review/

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. What are your thoughts on the Nest Alexander Hybrid vs. the Saatva mattresses? We will be switching from a Tempur pedic (7 years old).

    Great site!

  5. Hello, my wife and I are considering the The Alexander Signature Hybrid (medium) as an alternative the the Tempur Pedic Flex Elite. Would you please offer me a little insight on the differences between the two in regards to feel? My hunch is that the Alexander medium is a tad more firm than the Flex Elite. My wife really likes the feel of the Flex Elite which I’m hoping is comparable to the Alexander.


    • Hi Jeremiah,

      Unfortunately, I have not personally tested the Tempurpedic Flex Elite, therefore I cannot offer much insight on its performance.

      That said, the Alexander hybrid is a fine mattress. This mattress offers high levels of support and deep compression support, great cooling, good bounce, and an enjoyable level of pressure relief. If you are a fan of the hybrid feel and design, the Alexander hybrid is certainly a good choice.

  6. Hi, I have been really researching and reading a lot of your reviews and I’m stuck in my search of a new mattress. As of now I think I’ve got it narrowed down to the nest Alexander hybrid/ leesa/ amerilseep colonial, sapira by leesa. I’m mainly concerned with the comfort in combination with good support. Sleeping cool, Noise level, sinkage, and ease of extra activity at night. I’m 25 and my wife is 23 weights are both less than 155. Heights are 5’5″ and 5’11”. Side support and price are not of concern. I like a softer feel myself and my wife likes a little firmer. We have the Casper and it’s not jaw dropping Great but it was good enough we kept it. At this point I’m leaning toward the Colonial would that be a mistake? I was told on the phone that with our weights the liberty would be too stiff for our preference.
    Thanks in advance!

    • I should also mention we sleep primarily on our side but occasionally on our stomach or back. And I have back pain almost daily from work and my wife from a wreck she was in this summer.

    • Hi Grant,

      So you’ve got some good options here. Let’s just talk through each one.

      Alexander Hybrid in the medium – a bit softer than the Casper. You’d probably love it, but your girl friend is likely to dislike the softer feel. This is a possibility, but probably only if you went with a Split King option…maybe you get the medium Alexander Hybrid and she gets the Luxury firm version.

      Leesa – similar firmness to Casper, but has a more substantial and supportive feel, in my opinion. A good all around option. This is likely one of the better options.

      Amerisleep Colonial – much softer than anything else on this list. You’ll love it, your girl will hate it. Only an option if you go with a Split King setup.

      Sapira by Leesa – reverse issue from the Colonial. This is the most firm mattress on the list. You will hate it, your girl will likely love it.

      I’d say the best choice overall for you is the Leesa. Unless you want to go with a Split King, in which case for you the best choices are the Alexander Hybrid (medium), Colonial, or Leesa. For your girl her best choices are Alexander Hybrid (luxury firm), Sapira, or Leesa.

  7. My husband is 6’4″ 285 and I am 5’2″ 140 and both of us are in our 50s. We had a tempur-pedic rhapsody for 1 1/2 years which I swear was the cause of my now ever present hip pain. We tried the Casper and like the Tempur-pedic, it had way to much hug for me. I felt like I was sleeping in quicksand. My husband liked both. We tried the Saavta and the motion transfer was terrible for us. We are now at 85 days with a helix, my side is firm, his med firm, and while OK, it is still just not the bed for both of us. My husband is a side sleeper and likes the foam, I was a side sleeper but mostly sleep on my back now and like firm coil with a plush pillowtop. As frustrated as we are, I am going to try one more bed before going to separate beds. I did like the store Beautyrest luxury firm Katrina Black although think my husband would prefer the softer Natasha. Would you recommend that we try the Alexander hybrid or give it up and go to separate beds?

    • Hi Darla,

      Given your different needs as a couple I would strongly suggest going ahead and making the switch to separate mattresses. Based on your feedback and other comments there is one mattress that jumped out to me as a great fit for you…the Alexander Hybrid.

      The Alexander Hybrid offers a feel similar to the Beautyrest Black line.

      For you, I’d recommend the Alexander Hybrid Luxury firm version and for your husband, the medium version. This will give you the feel / firmness you’re looking for, minimize motion transfer (via the quilted foam layers on top + having two Twin XL mattresses), and create the right combination of hug and contour with good response as well.

      Check it out here – https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/nest-bedding-alexander-hybrid-mattress-review/

  8. Curious as to your thoughts on the Cloud Elite. Bought a Cloud Luxe about 6 weeks ago as I’ve had pillowtop mattresses in the past and figured the Cloud Luxe might be similar softness-wise. The Cloud is my first foam bed.

    The Luxe is a joy to lay on (meaning laying and reading a book). However, when it comes to sleeping, I’ve been waking up each morning with middle back pain. I’m primarily a side sleeper but like to move around a lot while sleeping.

    My theory is that I’m sinking so far down into the Luxe that I can’t move around at night like I’ve done my whole life…maybe I’m not getting enough body circulation. Thus, I’m sending back the Luxe. I really like the Tempur product…I think I need to experiment more with different models. Do you feel the sinkage is going to be about the same with the Cloud Elite? The Cloud Supreme feels like a rock to me. Or, might I be better off going to the Flex Elite? I guess I don’t know if my issue is that the Luxe is too soft….or whether it’s just a memory foam issue overall.

    • Hi Matt,

      What’s most likely going on here is you simply don’t like the slowness of response + sinkage of the memory foam. The Cloud Elite will likely be an improvement, but it’s still probably going to leave you with too much sinkage and too slow of a response, in my opinion.

      If you really want to stay with Tempur-pedic I’d recommend you try the Flex Elite, which is a hybrid mattress…so you get some of that memory foam feel, but with more response and bounce due to the pocketed coils.

      Nest Bedding’s Alexander Hybrid is a good option for similar reasons. It is also a hybrid, using memory foam on top of coils. Still has great hug and contour from the memory foam on top, but more response and bounce so you don’t feel quite as stuck down in the foams.

      If you really want to stick with an all memory foam mattress I’d recommend trying the Loom and Leaf. It is a high density memory foam mattress, but a little bit firmer at a 5.5 out of 10. It also has a little faster response than the Cloud Luxe / Elite and doesn’t create as deep of a sinkage.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Thanks!

  9. Hi- I have the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid under trial period for a few more days. Due to travel I have only been sleeping on it for about a week now but I am waking up with lower back pain, pretty bad. I don’t know if it’s from the sleep or something else. Could my mattress be too soft for my spine? I’m a back and side sleeper.

    I currently have he mattress on the hard floor, as my bed/headboard hasn’t arrived yet. Will that change the feel of it to have it on slats? Also, should I add a box spring?

    Ironically the other reviews mention the Nest Hybrid to be too firm, yet im having the opposite problem of it being too soft.

    • Hi Carly,

      There’s a chance the mattress could be too soft. That said, you have only been sleeping on the mattress for a week. Typically, I recommend giving the mattress anywhere from 30-45 days of sleep. This allows your body to fully adjust to the feel of a new mattress. If you’re still experiencing pains after this time frame has passed, then it may be time to look into other options. Otherwise, I would suggest giving this mattress a fair chance, unless you physically cannot sleep on the mattress any longer.

      If that is the case, there are a few questions I would like to ask before making a new recommendation:

      How firm do you think the Alexander hybrid mattress is on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm?

      What is your ideal firmness on a scale of 1-10?

      Do you like the traditional padded quilted cover of the Alexander hybrid or would you prefer a thin cover?

      Do you like the level of sinkage on the Alexander hybrid or would you rather have more / less?

      Any other specific attributes you like / don’t like about the Alexander hybrid?

  10. I got my Alexander Hybrid mattress on Tuesday, and it feels like I am sleeping on a rock! I was coming from a 6 year old Tempurpedic Cloud that was TOO soft, but this is like sleeping on the floor. My husband and I are both side sleepers. Any thoughts? Did we blow it and just get too hard of a mattress?

    • So…the answer is “possibly”. Since it’s only been one night I would highly recommend reserving judgement just yet. It takes your body around 30 days to adjust to a new mattress. During this time your sleep might be less ideal while your body adapts.

      If you can bear the change I would recommend waiting at least a couple weeks before making a decision. If you change too soon you may end up in the exact same situation with a different mattress.

      If it does turn out you need something softer you might consider the Alexander Signature Soft, Novosbed soft, or Amerisleep Colonial. All of those will be softer than the Alexander Hybrid.

    • Same Q as Melody (we’ve only been sleeping on it a few nights and do intend to give it more time). I’m feeling pressure points in my shoulder and hip. For reference: we’re coming from a Stearns & Foster innerspring with MF plush top PLUS 2″ MF topper (which we added once the mattress developed dents where we slept). Would it be better to keep the foundation of the Hybrid and add a new topper? Or just get a new mattress? One consideration is we put a breathable waterproof cover (zip around) on the mattress to protect it and it’s kind of loud. We want to protect the mattress as we have young children. I don’t care about protecting a topper, and it might also make the bed quieter. Welcome your thoughts and love your site!

    • Since you’re still covered by the trial period I highly recommend just getting a new mattress. A topper is a band-aid at best, and is ideally a short term solution.

      Can you send me a link to the protector you purchased? That could be causing some of the issues you’re experiencing.

  11. O great sage, I have come far for your council. There are two great dragons rampaging my kingdom…

    First Dragon: I sleep hot, like REALLY HOT. I need a mattress that can keep my furnace of a body temperature under control. I currently am using a medium-firm firmness Helix that I customized to be as cool as possible. Its an improvement over my old mattress but its not good enough. Still sweating buckets.

    Second Dragon: Waking up with stiff neck pain. I think perhaps the medium-firm helix is too firm for me? Months ago in the mattress store I tried the Tempur-Pedic Supreme Breeze and it felt amazing (Nice and cool!). I would like to try something more on the Medium-Soft (4-5) level of firmness.

    So there ya have it. A 4 – 5 firmness level super cool mattress. Am I the one to finally stump the great sage?

    5ft’10 inches
    190 pounds
    Combo sleeper, side sleeping slightly more dominant.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I would recommend looking into the Loom & Leaf and the Nest Bedding Alexnader hybrid. Both of these are top of the line mattresses and could serve as a good fit based on the experience you’ve shared about your current Tempurpedic.

  12. I’ve been researching mattresses and am interested in the hybrid. I am looking at the Winkbed, Saatva, and Alexander Hybrid. I am leaning toward the Winkbed but some of the reviews indicate it’s more on the firm side. I’m looking for a medium firm mattress. Which one do you like the best? Are there any similar mattresses that I might be able to compare it to at a retailer? Does one work better on a platform bed?

    • The original Winkbed was a bit more on the firm side, however, the new Winkbed is a medium 6 out of 10, just like the Saatva medium. The Alexander Hybrid is a touch softer at a 5.5 out of 10.

      Personally, I like the Alexander Hybrid best. The Winkbed & Saatva is a bit of a toss up for 2nd place.

      If you live in California or New York you can try the Nest Hybrid in person at one of their show rooms. The Beautyrest Black Hybrid is close’ish to all of these, but there are subtle differences. There’s nothing that really is a perfect comparison in-store unfortunately.

      All 3 of these will work great on a platform bed.

  13. Hi Sleepopolis, I’m trying to decide between the Saavta and the Alexander Hybrid mattresses. My wife and I have tried some mattresses at a local furniture store and we generally liked the feel of the hybrid mattresses the best. I have a few questions I’m hoping you can help with. Why isn’t the Saatva considered a “hybrid” mattress? The construction seems very similar to the Alexander. Do you advise purchasing the box spring when you buy the mattress? Our mattress and boxspring are over 10 years old. There are permanent dips where my wife and I sleep after so many years of use. I know our mattress is shot does that mean out box spring is too? Even with the added delivery charge, setup, and removal fees the Saatva is about $166 dollars less (including box spring for both beds). The Alexander bed doesnt even offer setup and removal. I still want the benefits of a memory foam bed, which bed is my best choice? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi David,

      So let’s just dive straight into your questions:

      1) Saatva isn’t a hybrid mostly because it’s closer to a innerspring mattress. To be a hybrid it really needs more foam comfort layers. However, the technical fine line the separates the two really isn’t that important. From a feel perspective many of the same benefits of a hybrid still apply.
      2) Yes, a quality box spring is essential. Whether it’s the Saatva box spring or something else, make sure the mattress has a good foundation (same applies to the Alexander Hybrid)
      3) If your box spring has sags then it’s time to get rid of it. You could buy the mattress firm and see how the box spring is working. However, since it is 10 years old it probably means it’s time for a new one there also.
      4) Even you want more of a memory foam feel, go with the Alexander Hybrid. The extra cost there is well worth it. If you don’t want to set it up you could probably hire someone on Craigslist to give you a hand / remove the old one.

  14. Hi there. My wife and I currently sleep on an original Tempurpedic mattess (17 years old). My wife wants something softer and more plush. After testing several mattresses in the store we’ve decided that a hybrid seems to do the trick for both of us. The Simmons Beautyrest Phenom Crossover Plush/Firm Mattress is the one that we liked the best. My wife is a back/side sleeper and I’m a all over the place – back/side/stomach but I sleep in hotels often and everything is comfortable to me. So based off this information do you think the Alexander hybrid is a close match to the Phenom and if not what would be or what do you recommend? Thanks, great blog.

    • The Voila is probably going to be a bit closer to that Phenom Crossover, see here: https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/voila-mattress-review/

      The biggest difference is simply the cover. Voila and the Phenom both use a thin cover in the same style as Tempur-pedic. The Alexander Hybrid uses a traditional quilted cover, which gives it a little more softness. In terms of the other construction specs, all 3 are fairly similar.

      Thanks for your kind words! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

  15. Well after playing games with LEESA for the past few days I have decided to try out the Alexander Hybrid. I originally ordered a LEESA but did not notice they do not give you the discount if you use the financing option. When I contacted them all I was told is that they don’t give discounts when a person uses financing. Further more they said their competitors do the same. My wife and I decided that we don’t like the customer service and canceled the order. The very next company I looked at on Sleepopolis is the Alexander, and they honor the discount if you choose to finance. The more I read up I think the Alexander Hybrid is a better fit for us.

    • Glad to hear you have found a mattress that better suits you and your wife’s needs. And thanks for sharing that bit of info about the financing, I was not aware of that. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

      Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help better your mattress buying experience!

  16. Kevin

    I am looking for some advice on a new bed. We are both around 200 lbs. The TEMPUR-Contour Rhapsody Luxe seems fairly good, but is a bit firmer than what I want. We did not like the Cloud we tried as we sank in too much. Also, we seem to favor a more traditional spring/hybrid mattress with a plush top. We have been considering the Nest Alexander Hybrid and the Saatva Luxury Firm. Nest recommended their Honest bed instead. We also recently purchased a Novosbed medium for our child. It has been in the house for about 2 days. We would miss the plush top on that one and it seems a little firm, but 2 days is not a fair evaluation. May need to order the soft top kit for that one.

    • You have narrowed it down to the 2 mattresses I would’ve recommended for your specific situation. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either the Alexander Hybrid or Saatva. With the Nest, you will experience a slightly deeper sinkage, but it will not be overwhelming by any means.

      With regards to the Novosbed, definitely take advantage of their Comfort+ kit. They’ll send it to you for free and it will serve as an added bonus if the mattress truly is too firm.

  17. I’m a bit overwhelmed at all the hybrid mattress choices. I definitely want a hybrid and the softer the better. I like to sink into my mattress. I was thinking of ordering the nest Alexander hybrid but not sure if it will be soft enough. Do you know how it compares to a stearns and foster lux estate plush hybrid or a Simmons beautyrest black hybrid plush pillowtop or a Simmons beautyrest recharge plush tight top hybrid?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      The S&F Lux Estate Plush Hybrid is going to be a good bit softer than the Alexander Hybrid. If you’re looking for something in that firmness range the Saatva in the soft is probably going to be your best choice in terms of online mattresses.

  18. Hello Sleepopolis,
    I’m desperately needing a new mattress, and am having some trouble deciding. Thought I’d ask the expert his opinion. ?
    Loved the feel of the Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Hybrid Luxury Plush, but cannot afford $3000…. After watching/reading all your different reviews, I’m on the fence between the Alexander Hybrid, Saatva, Helix, and the Purple. I’m open to any brand.
    More details about myself – female 5’7″ 145lbs…love the very plush/soft firmness feel, sleep hot/sweaty, lower back pain if over 4-5 hrs in current very old pillow top spring mattress.
    I understand you like more of a medium firm mattresses, but any advice that you may have would be appreciated. Maybe if happen to be in a mattress / furniture establishment in the near future, try out that S&F hybrid……you’ll then understand. Hoping for an online one comparable.
    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Melanie,

      I’d be happy to help you find a great mattress! Thanks for this background information. This is helpful.

      One final question, you say you want soft / plush, how soft is that though? On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is as hard as a carpeted floor, what is your ideal firmness? Most “medium firms” are a 6 out of 10.

    • Hi Sleepopolis, I’m thinking around 2-3 ish? Softer the better. The S&F hybrid was super soft yet still supposed to be supportive. Was like laying on a cloud or giant pillow. Didn’t really cave in or leave impressions like the Tempur pedic cloud __? did (their most plush one).
      Every single mattress I tried didn’t compare to the S&F hybrid luxury plush. Did read very bad reviews about Sealy/S&F and their warranty…do not want to spend that kind of money and then end up getting stuck with a bad mattress. Hoping one of these online mattresses are comparable.
      Thank you for replying so quickly!

    • Ok thank you! I did look into those 2, but not 100% sure on the all foam.
      I’ll give myself a couple more days to make my decision.
      I’ll let you know what I decide along with using your discount links on YouTube.
      Thanks again,

    • If you’re not sure about 100% foam, go with the Saatva. It’s a coil-on-coil luxury coil mattress + foam pillow topper.

  19. HI Sleepopolis, Can you tell me if the Alexander Hybrid is good with motion transfer? I sleep with my 6 year old son and do not want to feel him moving around on the bed. Is it individual springs? Are they tied together at all and how many springs would be on a king size? thank you!

    • The Alexander hybrid does a great job of minimizing motion transfer. The mattress is able to absorb energy and displace it through the layers below. It is highly unlikely that you will feel your son moving around while sleeping on this mattress.

      Even though it uses coils as the base layer, it also uses 6″ of dense foams. These foams keep motion to a minimum.

      With regards to the coils, they are individually wrapped in foam, helping to take care of motion transfer as well. The springs are not tied together and there are a total of 2115 springs in a King size.

  20. Hi, I’ve been reaearching like crazy trying to find the right mattress for my wife and I. I wasn’t too hapoy about all the memory foam and latex foam beds. I had a memory foam bed which was nice and soft. Our current mattress is okd and firm and we need a softer, more relaxing sleep. I finally found the purple mattress and thought this has to be it, but now with your mentioning the Alexander hybrid, I just don’t know anymore. Coukd you pmease help us out here? We love what purple promises to do and that’s why we were looking to get that.

    • It all depends on what type of feel you are looking for. The Purple provides more of a rounded contour (contours to the area around your body) whereas the Alexander hybrid has a sharper contour around your body’s curves. Both mattresses have great bounce, cooling, support, edge support, and response times. Therefore, it truly boils down to what type of feel you are looking for. Both are excellent choices and will more than likely serve as a fitting mattress.

  21. Hey Sleepopolis,
    Was looking for a little help with making a purchase on king size bed. I have never really had a decent bed so I am trying to upgrade to get a better night sleep. A little background for you to hopefully help me off of. I’m 6’1 260Lbs and have minor back and neck discomfort from sleeping and have always slept on a 10-15 year old innerspring type king sized bed. I am strictly a side sleeper and have recently found a pillow that works well (nest easy breather) so looking to find a bed that suits me. Went to local mattress manufacturer and was sold on a foam (not memory foam) type mattress that I tossed and turned on for one night and knew it was WAY to firm for me so I exchanged for a much more expensive ($2000) spring type mattress that I’m sleeping a little better on but still consistently wake up with sore lower back. Thinking that I would start to try to convert from spring to foam type mattress I recently with your discount link bought a queen size alexander hybrid queen size for my spare room and slept on it for a couple nights. Just not able to get a good read on if I like it or not because its in different room and smaller than I am used to so struggling to decide what to do for my room. I’ve read everything on your site and its all seems to sway me towards leesa, purple, alexander or alexander hybrid?? I also just purchased the eluxury platform bed based off your review and am really liking it so far so I would like to probably put whichever mattress I purchase on it.

    • Hi Russell.

      While all 4 mattresses you have listed are excellent choices, I would have to recommend either the Alexander signature or hybrid for you. Purple is experiencing a delay in their production process and Leesa is slightly too thin to provide you with the deep compression support you need for your size. If possible, I would give the Alexander hybrid a good test run and see if it is a mattress you truly enjoy. If not, the Alexander signature will be a good mattress to move towards. Additionally, great choice on the eLuxury platform bed!

    • Thanks for the response Sleepopolis.. I took your recommendation and tried the hybrid for about a week and although it was decent I’m thinking it’s a little too soft for my liking. I’ve also decided to avoid the purple until more info is available on it but another option has caught my eye from reading reviews. What are your thoughts on the Loom & Leaf in relaxed firm? I think I’ve narrowed my list down to trying either it or the Alexander Signature. With them being about the same price for the king which would you think I would likely be better off with? Appreciate your site and all the work you put into it to help us consumers out!

    • The L&L could be a good fit, but it really depends on why you didn’t like the Alexander Hybrid.

      Beyond just being softer than you like, was there anything else you didn’t like about the Alexander Hybrid? The feel? Response? Heat retention? Bounce? Support?

      On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm, how firm would you rate the Alexander Hybrid? What is your ideal firmness?

    • I don’t have much experience on many beds but I would put the firmness of the hybrid at 4-5. The bed I have been sleeping on is a spring type that is much firmer (too firm as I wake up with sore shoulders and lower back) so I’m thinking maybe the big swing to the hybrid is too much. Comfort is “ok” though I sink in a little more than I would like, bounce is not major issue or concern, it did sleep a little warm but I still have it on box spring and frame (platform on order) so I figured that could be reason for it. I do live in Florida and am large guy (260lbs) so sleeping warm is a concern but whatever I purchase will be put on Eluxury Platform and I keep my home 68-70 degrees in summer so hopefully won’t be a big deal. After reading reviews and trying to become familiar with the different terms the best I can describe my needs as being would be looking for bed that will work well for large guy, be as firm as recommended for side sleeper but yet a little soft on top layer and sleep fairly cool.. Sleep by myself typically so not real worried about bounce or transfer mostly just wanting comfort and something fairly neutral that might help with back and shoulder pain/stiffness. Thanks again for your help

    • Thank you for the info, Russell. Based off of everything you have shared, I would consider taking a look at a couple of different mattresses; Loom & Leaf and Purple. Both of these mattresses do a great job in terms of support, cooling, relieving pressure points, and will work just fine on your eLuxury platform bed. The difference of these two mattresses comes down to a few key points: Purple uses a hyper-elastic polymer top layer which provides more of a rounded contour. In other words, the mattress will not contour directly to the shape of your body. Instead, it will contour to the area around your body. On the contrary, Loom & Leaf has a sharper contour and a quilted cover for added pressure relief. Both mattresses have very good deep compression support, Purple will sleep slightly cooler, and Loom & Leaf offers multiple firmness levels.

      All in all, I believe you will be happy with either of these mattresses.

    • Thanks again! I know the purple is a new design but would there be anything similar feeling to compare feel to in a normal mattress store and also same for Loom & Leaf or Alexander Select Signature? Have your heard if purple has fixed production/shipping problems they were having?

    • Hi Russell,

      The closest I can think to the Purple would be the Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme, but even that isn’t an exact match up.

      For Loom & Leaf it’s the Tempur-pedic Cloud Prima.

      For the Alexander Select Sig. it’s the Tempur-pedic Cloud Prima, if it also had a mini pillow top.

      Purple does seem to be getting better on their production. I spoke with their team earlier this week to check in on the manufacturing issues. Once a day they are now opening up the cart to allow sales for a few hours. So if you watch closely you can catch them. It’ll probably be another 3’ish weeks before they are able to be at maximum production though.

    • Hey Sleepopolis,
      Was able to checkout a few tempur-pedic today so wanted to see if you could get me a little closer what I should give a shot. Layed on a cloud luxe breeze and it was super comfy but it’s probably a little too soft for my 260lbs, I might get stuck and never get out of bed (lol) and I didn’t care for the type of cover on it either. Other I liked was rhapsody breeze but it may have been a little to firm but I did like the cover on it. Think my sweet spot would be somewhere between those two feel wise. Any recommendation come to mind based off that? I’m still open to anything.. L&L, Alexander select, novosbed, leesa (I’m probably too heavy), helix?

    • So the good thing, you’re right in the sweet spot. Based on your experiences with those Tempur-pedic mattresses I would say any mattress in the 6’ish out of 10 firmness range is going to be ideal. Since you’re a little bit heavier, you’ll want something (ideally) that’s a little bit thicker.

      I would say the Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm, Alexander Hybrid (don’t go Select, Hybrid is much better for your size), Novosbed in the medium firmness are going to be best suited to your needs.

  22. Hi Sleepopolis,
    We are trying to decide between a hybrid and all foam. I am 5’11”, 215lbs. Wife is 5’7″ and 175lbs. We are side sleepers and spooners. We both have back pains which I blame on a sagging 6yr old tempurpedic. I think that we would lean a little on the firm side and after our tempurpedic definitely prefer to not sink in very far. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • First things first, you need to make that final decision on foam vs. hybrid. Once we have that, I can make some recommendations for you.

      I would recommend you go try a few mattresses in-stores. Specifically…the Tempur-pedic Cloud Prima and Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme.

      If you prefer the Cloud Prima we know you need 100% foam. If you prefer the Flex Supreme we know you need a hybrid.

    • I can certainly add that to my list. In the interim period, I can tell you the biggest differences are:

      1) Nest is a good bit softer, 5.5 vs. WinkBed’s 6.5
      2) The pillow top on WinkBed is very dense
      3) WinkBed has a thicker profile, which will yield better deep compression support for sleepers over 300 pounds
      4) WinkBed is a coil-on-coil + pillow top…closer to a luxury coil mattress. Nest’s Alexander Hybrid is 6″ of foam + 7″ pocketed coils, making it a true hybrid, and with a feel that’s closer to high end foam mattresses

  23. Thanks for the super helpful reviews, I was debating on the Hybrid vs Purple and decided on the hybrid. Going to give it 60 days and see if it helps with my back problems, if not will send it back and will get the purple. I am a slightly bigger guy 270lbs so hoping it will help the back more.

    • So I have had my hybrid for almost 2 weeks now and here is my follow up.

      It did take the mattress a good 8 hours to fluff up another 2-3 days to soften up some. I think this was just more of the foam adjusting to the bed. So I am in love with this mattress, most of my back pain has gone away after 2 weeks. As someone who had back surgery 6 months ago and is 270 lbs getting a new bed is just what the dr ordered. If you are a side sleep and like to flip sides it is a bit of an effort to do so even with the hybrid mattress but I find I don’t move much in my sleep anymore so no weird positions in the middle of the night.

      We did get a new slat bed for this since we needed the airflow, though we are still getting used to the temperature of the mattress for colder months we have decided on flannel sheets and will go something lighter during the warmer months. The bed was just cooling us down to much during winter. I still feel that the nest after awhile is a little softer then Sleepopolis says, I would think it closer to a 5 compared to all the other beds I tried and the other foam mattresses I have slept on over the years.

      One of the weird side effects we are sleeping better and having a ton more vivid dreams, kind of weird but hey better sleep instead of back pain I will take the weird dreams any day.

    • Thanks so much for providing this feedback, James! This is really helpful.

      I’m really glad to hear that you’re sleeping better. I hope that it continues to improve every night from here.

  24. Hi Sleepopolis,
    Thanks for a terrific resourse. I would like your opinion on the firmness difference between the Nest Alexander Hybrid and the Saatva Luxury Firm. We tested the Alexander Hybrid at the nearby Nest store and want to pick between the two. Love the bounce!

    • The Alexander Hybrid is slightly softer and has slightly more hug than the Saatva Luxury Firm. Alexander Hybrid is a 5-5.5 out of 10 firmness (where 10 is the most firm) and the Saatva Luxury Firm is a 6 out of 10.

  25. Hi Sleepopolis –
    Love your blog! We have been reading your reviews and comments and have a few questions for you. First, some background… We were sleeping on a feather-top mattress that I loved for years, but it is old and time to replace. It was sagging in the middle and not as supportive as it used to be, both my husband and I would wake up with aches. He has some minor back issues and I have overall joint problems. A friend brought over a 4 inch gel memory foam topper and that made a huge difference so we decided to buy a foam mattress. We purchased a foam mattress at Sam’s, although it felt comfortable in the store, I do not like it at all. It is way too firm so we put the gel memory foam topper on it. It is a lot better but my still not great. We went to a Tempur-Pedic store and tried the whole line, the one that felt most comfortable was the Tempur-Cloud Luxe. Although we think we like the Tempur-Cloud Luxe we do not have $4000 to drop on a mattress. I read in your comments that the Alexander Soft is very similar. We are wondering if we should buy that or see if the Helix mattress company can make a similar mattress since they build custom beds? Or if you have a better choice for us, we are definitely open to suggestions! I think I need soft but supportive. I am a side and back sleeper. My husband is primary a back sleeper and needs lower back support. He is ok with soft as long as he has support. In case it matters, I am 5’7″ 125 pounds and he is 6′ 185 pounds.
    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • If you really like the feel of the Tempur-Cloud Luxe your best options are going to be the Nest Bedding Alexander (all foam) in the soft version or perhaps the Helix. I haven’t personally tested a Helix in the softest version, so I cannot say for sure how that feel is going to relate to the Tempur-Cloud Luxe.

      My gut says the Alexander (all foam) in the soft is going to be the best and closest option to the Tempur-Cloud Luxe for you and your husband. Like the Tempur-pedic it’s built from a visco elastic memory foam, compared to the Helix, which is built from latex, microcoils, and polyfoam. The material difference is going to create a different feel, so while you may be able to get a similar firmness, latex simply has a feel very different than memory foam.

      If I were you, I’d say go with the Alexander in the soft.

    • Thanks Sleepopolis. We’ll try the Nest Bedding Alexander Soft. What is the best base for it? Flat board or box? We are also considering getting an Adjustable Bed Frame.

    • Flat board or platform would be best. Though a box spring can work if that’s all you have.

      Adjustable bases are great also.

    • Flat board or a platform bed / slats is the best option. Though some higher quality box springs can work too.

  26. I read your review and the comments and am hoping you can quickly advise based upon your experience so far with the Hybrid.

    We currently have the Brooklyn Bed medium firmness and I am getting ready to send it back. I’m 115lbs 5’7″ side sleeper 100%, husband is 175lbs 6’3″ side 85% and back 15% sleeper. Brooklyn firm is waaaaaay too firm for me and just a little bit too firm for my husband. I’m worried the Alexander soft maybe too soft. Based upon your experience and knowledge of firmness levels of Brooklyn and Alexander beds, would you suggest we try the Alexander soft or hybrid? Thanks for all you do!

    • The Alexander Hybrid could be the right mattress for you. The BB medium is a 6 out of 10 firmness, the Alexander Hybrid is a 5.5…and arguably a 5 out of 10. The Alexander Hybrid has a more pronounced sinkage and a deeper hug.

      My fear with the Alexander (all foam) soft is that it is extremely soft…you really need to love a soft mattress to enjoy it. It’s a 3-3.5 out of 10. You might consider going to a mattress store and trying the Tempur-pedic Cloud Luxe. If you like the Cloud Luxe you’ll probably like the Alexander Soft. While you’re there, also try the Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme. If you like the Flex Supreme you’ll probably love the Alexander Hybrid.

    • I am glad you mentioned the Flex Supreme as that is one of my favorite mattresses I have tested in stores. My concern with the Nest Hybrid is that the descriptions make it sound closer to the Flex Elite in terms of sinkage which was a bit too much for my taste. Would you say the feel was more like the Supreme or the Elite?

    • Yeah…the Alexander Hybrid is probably somewhere in the middle of the Flex Supreme and Flex Elite. It definitely has a little more sinkage, but it’s still a relatively balanced comfort / firmness to it. I think the Alexander Hybrid is a 5.5 out of 10, where 10 is the most firm.

    • This is *exactly* the info I need to make a choice. I’ll head down to the local Tempur-pedic retailer and check out the 2 models you mention. If you have any other mattress recommendations in the 4-5 firmness range based upon what I’ve mentioned, I’m open to other suggestions also. Cheers!

    • Great! Glad I could help. Check those out and let me know what you think. Then I can help really zero in on your perfect mattress.

  27. So now that you have had more time with the hybrid how would you compare the feel to the regular Alexander? You rate both 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale although Nest considers the hybrid to be softer. Are there differences in the softness of the top layer and the amount you sink into the mattress? I am looking for something that has a soft top layer but I don’t want to sink in too much. I was originally looking at the Bear Mattress but this one looks interesting to me with the hybrid aspect.

    • Initially I felt like they both were a 6 out of 10. However, after a little more time on the Hybrid I would say it’s closer to a 5.5, arguably a 5 out of 10. It has a deeper level of sinkage, but no sharper of a contouring hug than the all foam Alexander has. I am actually working on my full review of the Alexander Hybrid today and expect it to be up by tomorrow.

  28. Thanks for the amazing reviews. I have been stuck between this mattress and the love bed. I just placed my order for this mattress though hoping it will be somewhere in-between the medium and soft love bed and still have similar bounce. And the $200 promo was a huge incentive. Hopefully I made the right choice.

    • I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Alexander Hybrid, Ron. It truly is one of the most impressive mattresses I’ve tested to date. It does strike a nice balance between the medium and soft.

  29. Love the blog! Been reading a lot lately. Wish I’d found it before I spent too much money at a brick and mortar store :(
    I’m not happy with that purchase (traditional “luxury firm” innerspring mattress). My old mattress was a 15 year old pillow top that I thought had become too soft. I was looking for something with more support, as I’d been experiencing minor back pain, and even muscle pain in my upper torso. But now, I’m waking up with intense shoulder and back pain.
    I’m generally a side sleeper, but sometimes stomach as well. I’m also a heavier guy – close to 300lbs. I’d probably like a little bounce to the bed as well, but not so much that I fall into it when sitting on it. I also have a new motorized adjustable base. (I think I’d really like the Saatva, but can’t put it on the base )
    I’ve been looking at the Alexander and the Hybrid; and also the Loom and Leaf. But I’ve never slept on an all foam bed before. I’m worried about sinkage, and edge support is important to me as well. Considering all that info (hope not too much!) any thoughts or recommendations?

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your kind words! I’m glad Sleepopolis has been helpful thus far.

      I’ve got just a few more questions for you to make sure I provide you with the best recommendation:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm?
      Do you prefer lots of hug and contour? Balanced hug and contour? Or less hug & contour (more floating on top of the foams)?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?

    • The easy answers first: Looking for a queen at around the $1000 mark. Not sure exactly about the firmness – that’s been the source of my problem. I thought I’d wanted firmer, but this S&F “Luxury Firm” seems too firm. So probably between 4-6? I don’t think I want much hug either. I’m worried about too soft a bed that doesn’t support me – especially given I’m a larger guy. I’d probably have to say a balanced hug and contour, though I’m not entirely sure I even understand what that means. For example, I tried adding a Therapedic 2″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper from BB&B to this mattress, and I didn’t like the way I kind of sunk into it. Plus I was still sore in the morning (back and shoulders). So maybe that means I want less hug???
      Sorry if my answers aren’t exact enough – but those two questions in particular are exactly what I’m trying to figure out!

    • Thanks for this background information. This very helpful!

      Based on your needs, desires, and weight I believe the Alexander Hybrid is going to be the best choice for you. High end hybrid mattresses like the Alexander do extremely well with regards to edge support, cooling, and deep compression support…3 of the most critical factors, especially for heavier sleepers. Additionally, the Alexander Hybrid doesn’t have an excessively sharp contouring hug, which it sounds like you don’t like. So having a more balanced traditional feel + hybrid design should help to meet your all of your needs and desires.

    • Thanks, Sleepopolis, for the info. This combined with the promo code might have just made my decision easier. I just noticed Nest is opening a storefront in NYC not far from me at the end of the month too! Not sure if I want to wait that long though…

    • Nice! Yeah, I heard they are coming to NYC soon. Will be pretty cool to see them on the East coast (They already have a few stores in California).

  30. Trying to decide between the alexander and alexander hybrid and leesa and loom and leaf? I am 210lbs and wife is 130lbs. Wife sleeps on side 80% of time and I sleep on side 60% and stomach 40%. Wife prefers firmer and I prefer some sink in. Sizing will be king. Thanks

    • Just a few more questions to help make sure we select the right choice for you.

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?

    • I think a 5 to 6 on the firmness scale seems about right. The size would be king. Pricing is not important. I want the best quality materials and most durable mattress available.

    • Well, you are definitely on the right track. The Alexander, Alexander Hybrid, Leesa, and Loom and Leaf are all exceptional mattresses. They are 4 of my personal favorites and 4 of the best quality / performance / values available both on or offline. Based on your needs I would say that any of these 4 could be a perfect fit for you. All are 5-6 firmness, have great support / deep compression support, great pressure relief, and are built from some of the best materials available. Take a look at the summary statements below…these can help you zero in on what mattress sounds best to you:

      Leesa – great overall value and the lowest price in this group of 4, thin modern cover (same style Tempur-pedic uses), 6 out of 10 firmness
      Loom & Leaf – most expensive in this set of 4, but you do get a few extra bells and whistles…including an organic cotton cover, natural thistle fire barrier, plant-based foams. 5.5 out of 10 firmness
      Nest Alexander (all foam) – 2nd most expensive, thick padded traditional cover (almost like a mini-pillow topper), virtually zero smell (least amount of smell in the group, tied with Alexander Hybrid), 5-6 firmness (heavier sleepers tend to find it a bit softer)
      Nest Alexander Hybrid – great overall value, especially with the current $200 promo code (SPECIAL200), best edge support in the group, exceptional cooling, good bounce. 5.5 out of 10 firmness.

  31. I’ve been eagerly awaiting your review of this mattress since I first heard about it from Nest. How would you compare it to the regular Alexander in medium in terms of overall feel and sinkage? Nest says the hybrid is softer although you give both 6 out of 10. I like the idea of a plush top layer but don’t want to sink in too much either. Are the biggest differences edge support and bounce?

    • I would say the Alexander all foam mattress has a little more sinkage and hug than the hybrid. There’s still great pressure relief and contour in the hybrid, but it’s not quite as pronounced in my opinion. The pocketed coil support layer creates a nice amount of push back and bounce that works really well with the top layer on the Alexander Hybrid.

  32. Hi. Can you please clarify the firmness level? You state 6 with 10 being most firm and nest website has it at a 6-7 with 10 being the softest. Looking for softer [than medium] mattress.

    • In terms of build quality, design, support, and edge support I would say they are very similar. Personally, I really prefer the Alexander Hybrid’s top comfort layers. They have a more plush feel, allow for more contour / hug, and create better pressure relief. I found the WinkBed’s pillow top to be quite dense.

  33. Hi there, I am trying to decide between the Honest Pocket Coil bed and this new Alexander Hybrid model, and I noticed you mention here that this is a medium firm, and that it’s about a 6 on the scale, whereas you rated the Honest Pocket Coil (medium side) similarly, in the 6-6.5 range. I tried both of these in out in the Nest store, but I found the Alexander Hybrid to be considerably softer/plush feeling than the Honest.

    What are your thoughts on the similarities/differences between the two beds? It’s a considerable price difference.

    • I would say the Honest Bed is closer to a solid 6.5, maybe even a 7 (I need to update that review). However, I do believe the Alexander Hybrid is a very solid 6 out of 10 (where 10 is the most firm). Softness and firmness is always a tough one to say for sure, because it’s so subjective.

      The biggest differences are: Honest Bed is firmer, flippable, and you can choose your preferred foam materials. Additionally, the Honest Bed’s foam is a bit more traditional and dense feeling…whereas with the Alexander Hybrid you have a true plush feeling top cover which creates more pressure relief and better contouring hug in my opinion.

      All factors considered, I really prefer the Alexander Hybrid mattress. It just strikes such a beautiful balance of comfort and support. Additionally, the materials used to craft the Alexander Hybrid are among the very best in the industry. Advanced edge support system, pocketed coils, and copper infused foams (Nest is the first and only company with copper infused foams…this is bleeding edge foam that’s likely to make it’s appearance across more mattress products by Q3 this year once it’s more widely available).

    • I talked to Nest about this and the reason they say the hybrid is plusher is due to weight as heavier people will experience more sinkage on it due to the extra two inches of memory foam. Perhaps that’s it? I’m only 145lbs myself. They said at lighter weights you won’t notice as much of a difference but at heavier ones you will.

    • Hmmm….that’s interesting. I am about 120lb, so I’d say we are all on the relatively lighter side of things, but there is a noticeable difference in feel between the two mattresses. Sleepopolis, I think your description is accurate about the Honest feeling a more like a traditional mattress whereas the Alexander Hybrid had that plush top feeling.

      I am coming from a medium-firm innerspring mattress (which is why I wanted a hybrid since I just don’t like the feel/lack of bounce from all foam). It was a touch choice, but while I also really liked the Alexander Hybrid, I am concerned it might actually be too soft for me, so I have decided to order the Honest. I suppose worst case scenario, if the Honest doesn’t work out I could switch to the AH, but fingers crossed it’s the right one!

    • Sounds like a good plan to me! The Honest Bed is a great mattress and based on your description it sounds like it may be the better option for you. Just in case you didn’t see it already, you can save an extra $100 off your Honest Bed order with code HONESTSLEEPOPOLIS

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