This New Workout Class Is Focused on Improving Sleep — How Exactly Does It Work?

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Terry Crews at Barry’s Bootcamp, 2024

Each January, millions of hopefuls set out to crush their New Year’s resolutions, aspiring to improve their health and wellness, better manage time and stress, get fitter, and have an overall better year. Yet, a crucial element often slips through the cracks — sleep. 

Natrol, founded in the 1980s and considered a leader in drug-free sleep aids, has joined forces with global fitness brand Barry’s to launch the Wake Up Hour classes, a clever initiative that blends fitness with sleep education. The company believes that when people start lacking commitment to their resolutions, it’s often due to a lack of quality sleep, leaving them zapped of energy, reducing willpower for maintaining healthy eating habits, and a general decrease in the ability to stay productive and fully engaged throughout the day.

Gheisa Cruz, VP of Marketing at Natrol, explains, “Natrol partnered with Barry’s specifically because we both share a commitment to prioritizing personal wellbeing.” She adds that the Wake Up Hour classes fill a gap in the fitness market, blending Barry’s standard high-intensity workouts with a unique educational twist, providing insight into the importance of sleep for class participants. Cruz adds, “It’s about doing a workout that works for you, complemented by practical sleep tips.”

The Role of Sleep in Wellness

The link between sleep and overall wellness, including mental, physical, and even romantic, is undeniable, yet people often overlook it in the rush of daily life. As Cruz points out, “Nearly 25 percent of them give up by the second week in January (1). We believe this drop off in people reaching their goals is because they haven’t gotten their sleep together, and therefore, they’re lacking the energy and motivation to follow through with their ambitions.” 

Natrol’s goal is to change this all too common scenario (approximately 53 percent of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of sleep). By focusing on mastering quality sleep, they believe people can be more present and engaged in nailing their wellness goals once and for all. “We see this as a long-term opportunity to connect and share education around sleep and when and how a drug-free sleep aid supplement can help improve individual sleep routines to live a more present life,” says Cruz.

Terry Crews Joins the Conversation

Actor and television host Terry Crews (well known for his impressive physique) is collaborating with Natrol to energize and elevate the campaign and promote the vital role of quality sleep. Crews participated in the first Wake Up Hour class at Barry’s in Venice, California, on behalf of Natrol. The event combined a high-intensity workout with sleep education and advice on optimizing their sleep routines. 

“Sleep and physical activity are the dynamic duo that fuels our bodies and minds. They’re not just choices; they’re the essential keys to unlocking an active, energized life. Rest well, move often, and watch yourself become the unstoppable force you were meant to be,” Crews shared in a press release. He seems genuinely stoked about the collaboration: “I’m thrilled to partner with Natrol because they share my commitment to finding a way to achieve better sleep,” he said.

Natrol’s Products in Focus

At the heart of this campaign are Natrol’s tailored sleep solutions, including their 10mg melatonin gummies. Provided as samples at Barry’s studio locations, the gummies represent Natrol’s commitment to accessible, drug-free sleep aids. It’s worth knowing that Natrol is the top-selling brand of melatonin in the U.S., according to their press release. “Natrol offers consumers a full suite of sleep and stress supplements in various formats so every individual can find a solution that fits their needs,” says Cruz.

Natrol views this partnership as a long-term opportunity to shift the conversation around sleep and wellness. ” With this partnership, we’re looking to reach new audiences in the fitness vertical, knowing personal wellness always is top of mind — we know sleep is often an afterthought when it comes to the picture of overall wellbeing and want to help bring sleep to the forefront and acknowledge the foundational role it plays in achieving our goals,” Cruz states. Through educational programming and product integration, Natrol is set on making sleep a forefront consideration in personal wellness.

Making Wellness Accessible and Inclusive

Inclusivity and accessibility are at the forefront of Natrol’s campaign, so they’re extending an invitation for a complimentary first class at Barry’s to newcomers eager to jumpstart their wellness journey this year. After a free class, you can join the Wake Up Hour classes every Wednesday morning at their local Barry’s studio. “Natrol, Barry’s, our celebrity partner Terry Crews, and expert physician partner Dr. Jess Andrade (@DoctorJesss on IG/TikTok) will all be sharing various tips, tricks, and hacks for prioritizing sleep across their own social media channels through the end of February,” adds Cruz.

Sleep, Train, and Recover Better This Year

As you kickstart another year with ambitious goals, Natrol’s partnership with Barry’s centers quality sleep as a top priority. Waking up to just how profoundly sleep affects your daily life is vital, and if you’ve ever struggled to stay on the fitness bandwagon, it could be that getting more rest is the missing piece. Natrol’s Wake Up Hour classes and their lineup of sleep aids combine the power of restful nights and physical activity so you can build a better, more energized year.

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