Could Sleeping Naked Significantly Improve Your Sex Life? Expert Shares Risqué Opinion

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Sleeping Naked

When you picture sliding into your cozy bed at night, what are you wearing? A new survey says that if you want optimal sleep, you might want to consider skipping pajamas altogether, and sleeping naked. The survey, conducted by OnePoll and Avocado Green Mattress, asked 2,000 participants about their sleep habits, and wardrobe specifically (1).

Those who slept naked were more likely to report better quality of sleep than those who wore pajamas. But the benefits didn’t stop there. The nude sleepers were happier with their sex lives, and for those with a partner, they said it also positively impacted intimacy. 

In addition, those who slept naked were more likely to:

  • Be extroverted
  • Fall asleep to TV or podcasts
  • Be night owls (instead of early birds)
  • Consider themselves “very confident”
  • Be happy with their sex lives

Jackie Golob, a sex therapist in Minneapolis, says, “I believe this is because people are in tune with their body. The more we are naked, the more we are exposed to being in our skin and vulnerable. Once we are more vulnerable or naked with ourselves, that’s going to influence mental health, body shame, and limiting beliefs regarding sex, and my guess would be for the better.” She says people who are more in tune with their bodies and feel less shame are more likely to initiate sex more.

But, this begs the question, are naked people sleeping better because they are naked, or because they are having more sex? Other research concludes that “partnered sex with an orgasm” which excludes masturbation or sex without orgasm, is linked to falling asleep more quickly. So, it might not be the missing pajamas by themselves that’s really helping improve sleep for the naked sleepers…

If you are ready to give naked sleeping a go, Golob has a few tips:

  • Use undressing as a mindfulness exercise to help rid your mind of any shame associated with your body or nakedness: “Notice any sensations through touch, sound, sight, feel, and taste (if any) and tune in. If emotions are rising that feel unpleasant, notice where in the body, and on the outbreath picture that feeling leaving your body and breathe in relaxation,” she says. “If any negative beliefs or thoughts arise,  don’t judge, shame, or criticize yourself, just simply breathe and go back to your breath and body with what this experience is like.”
  • Use positive words: “Say out loud affirmations of, I am trying and I am noticing how my body is reacting. Use self compassion skills of common humanity, and tell yourself, ‘I am trying something new and when other people try something new it may feel odd at first and that is okay. I will and am getting more comfortable with this every day.’”
  • Enjoy being naked even when it has nothing to do with sex! “We came out of the womb naked and it can feel more freeing to just be in our naked bodies,” she says.
  • Don’t mistake being naked for consent to have sex — being naked isn’t the same as agreeing to sex, she explains.

So, next time your favorite pajamas are in the wash, give it a go without them. You might be pleasantly surprised (or a bit chilly!).

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