The Most Dangerous Consumer Products Might Literally Be In Your Bed

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The goal is to sleep “safe and sound,” but a recent study shows that might not always be the case for Americans. While our bedrooms are supposed to be cozy places of relaxation, it turns out they are actually full of potential hazards. 

According to research conducted by injury lawyer Bader Scott in Atlanta, using data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2022 Electronic Injury Surveillance System, bedroom items, such as beds, mattresses and pillows, are amongst the most dangerous consumer products. (1) A total of 906,231 injuries from bedroom items were reported nationally in emergency rooms, giving bedroom items a second place category ranking behind stairs, ramps and landings.

Adults over age 65 were most affected by bed-related injuries, making up 45 percent of the injuries in the bedroom item category. But how are these injuries happening? Some of the injuries reported included getting caught between the bed rail or falling from the bed. Children also reported injuries from jumping on beds or falling out of bunk beds.  

The third most dangerous category also included a type of bed — sofa beds. Chairs, sofas, and sofa beds posed the greatest risk to those over 65. In other research, sofa beds were also associated with head injuries to children. (2)

Bathroom structures and fixtures ranked fourth for injuries, especially as water in bathrooms presents additional slipping and falling hazards. Scott calls for safer bathroom designs and anti-slip products to prevent these.

Overall, the study shows the importance of having a safe sleep environment for quality sleep. For senior adults, make sure that the room is clear of any tripping hazards, including rugs, cords or furniture on the floor. If lying flat to sleep is difficult or makes it hard for you to safely move from the bed, it may be beneficial to look into an adjustable bed. When it comes to kids and babies, it’s equally important to follow the guidelines in place to ensure they’re sleeping in a safe environment.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission shares data that bedroom items like tipping furniture is a source of injuries as well, pointing to the need to secure anything that a child could climb, or an adult could run into a tip over. 

“This study sheds light on the critical importance of product safety and the need for continuous improvement in design standards to protect consumers,” said Seth Bader, founder of Bader Scott, in a news release. “Awareness is key to prevention. By understanding the risks associated with these common products, consumers can take proactive steps to safeguard themselves and their families.”

So, don’t assume your bedroom is safe without implementing some proper precautions, and teaching kids about potential hazards, to sleep safely and soundly.

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