Philips Is Now Discontinuing Certain Devices, Including Its CPAP Machine, After Painful Year of Recalls

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On the heels of ongoing legal troubles with product recalls, Philips Respironics recently announced on the company’s website that it is updating its portfolio, and it will no longer manufacture certain home and hospital ventilation systems, certain oxygen concentrators, and sleep diagnostic devices (1). This includes the DreamStation Portable PAP Therapy System (CPAP), among others.

This announcement affects the U.S. and U.S. Territory customers, and comes amidst a Congressional inquiry into the possibility that the company withheld complaints from the FDA about their CPAP, BiPap, and ventilators (2, 3). The inquiry also claims that Philips Respironics failed to notify patients and providers about the dangerous nature of their product for over 11 years. 

The company states on its website that, “Philips Respironics will focus on the sale of consumables and accessories, including masks, and will not return to the sale of hospital ventilation products, certain home ventilation products, portable and stationary oxygen concentrators and sleep diagnostic products.” The company also goes on to say that this discontinuation will not impact their “commitment to the remediation of devices impacted by the June 2021 recall of certain CPAP, BiPAP and mechanical ventilator devices.”

Products impacted by this discontinuation include:

  • Alice 6: Sleep Diagnostic Machine
  • Alice NightOne: Sleep Diagnostic Machine
  • Alice PDxa: Sleep Diagnostic Machine
  • CoughAssist: Airway Clearance Device
  • DreamStation Go: Portable PAP Therapy System
  • E30: Ventilation Solution
  • EverFlo: Home Oxygen System
  • I-neb AAD Nebulizer: Respiratory Drug Delivery
  • Millennium M10: Home Oxygen System
  • NightBalancePositional Sleep Therapy Device
  • OmniLab Advanced +: Titration System
  • Other nebulizers: Respiratory Drug Delivery
  • Other RDD products: Respiratory Drug Delivery
  • SimplyGo: Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • SimplyGo Mini: Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Trilogy 100/200/202: Portable Ventilator
  • Trilogy EVO and EV300: Home Ventilator
  • V30: Ventilator
  • V60 / V60 Plus: Ventilator

Philips Respironics says that products impacted by the discontinuation will continue to be serviced by the company through each product’s end-of-service date. This includes providing repair kits and spare parts for as long as parts are available.

Customers are encouraged to reach out to Customer Service at 800-345-6443 with any questions they have regarding the products being discontinued, though some of the information is available in their FAQs for those with specific situations.

Philips continues to try to salvage a path forward after a rocky last few years. As recently as last October, reports show that their finances were still struggling after recalls dating back since 2021. All eyes will be on their future endeavors after this major shift in product offerings, to gauge how they fare in the future of sleep medicine.

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