Which Side Of The Bed You Sleep On Determines Your Personality Type… Wait, What?!

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Do you always find yourself drifting off to sleep on the left or right side of the bed? Well, it’s not just a matter of comfort. Your choice of sleeping position on your bed may be influenced by your personality type.

In a TikTok video shared by @justthenobodys, a well-known podcast hosted by brothers Ryan and Daniel Omoto, they explored how your personality type might be reflected in your choice of which side of the bed you sleep on. (1)

The brothers credited the information they mentioned to sleep psychologist, Hope Bastine, who conducted research on how individuals who favor either the right or left side of the bed exhibit distinct personality traits. (1)

To claifty which side is which, the left and right side of the bed would be determined when you’re lying in the bed rather than looking at the bed. 

In the post, the brothers indicated that people who sleep on the left side of the bed are happy campers and harder workers. However, people who sleep on the right side can’t say the same for themselves but they also have some pretty strong and admirable personality traits. (1)

In the podcast, Daniel Omoto said Bastine indicated through her studies that people who sleep on the right side are more grounded and could potentially make more money. 

“And another study found that people who sleep on the right side are more logical and analytical, but people who sleep on the left side are more creative and imaginative,” Omoto said in the TikTok post.

Both sides of the bed seem to both have pretty good aspects, but is this really true? We decided to speak with an expert to learn more about the correlation between sleeping on opposite sides of the bed and personality traits. 

So What Side Will It Be? The Expert Weighs In

This is definitely a new phenomenon we have never seen before so we were definitely intrigued. We spoke with Alexandra Cromer, LPC, a licensed counselor who specializes in sleep, anxiety, and coping skills. She confirmed that specific sleeping habits and preferences can relate to what type of person you are. 

She said that someone might feel more comfortable on their right side, facing the wall, as a response to heightened anxiety or feelings of claustrophobia.

Additionally, someone with PTSD might sleep on the right side facing the door if they experience PTSD. They might prefer the right side as they feel more comfortable facing the door as a way to escape and get out quickly in case of an emergency.

Even though the Omoto brothers just discuss how left and right sleepers have different personalities, Cromer said there are other patterns of sleep that can indicate one’s personality traits. 

“A few more examples include sleeping on top of the covers if you have anxiety; some with depression sleep on their stomach or underneath covers as a way to subconsciously provide comfort through different pressure points on the body,” she told Sleepopolis. 

Through the podcast and Cromer’s insights, we reached the final verdict that your specific sleeping patterns and behaviors can in fact depend on what personality traits you exhibit, but it’s less about which side of the bed you’re on, and more about what’s closest to your side of the bed. So are you a wall-hugger, or closest to the door? 

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