Could Sleeping On Your Left Side Actually Improve Your Health? Doctors’ Answers May Surprise You

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Whether you consider yourself a back, stomach or left side sleeper, it might be time to switch it up. Not only might this sleep position be more comfortable, but it also may bring significant health benefits to your entire body. 

In a TikTok that received 406.9k likes, Ali Ramadan, a.k.a. @holisticali, an herbal practitioner, discussed some advantages of sleeping on your left side.

In just 15 seconds, Ramadan gave his viewers a sufficient amount of information to convince anyone to start sleeping on their left side. 

Some remarks in the comment section included, “Dramatically switched to the left side after seeing this vid.” Another user said, “I tried it, it’s true it makes a difference.” 

Sleeping on the left side not only promotes a more restful sleep but, according to Ramadan, it has the potential to alleviate stomach and heartburn problems.

“When we sleep on the left side, the stomach and its gastric juices remain lower than the esophagus thus reducing heartburn and digestive upsets,” Ramadan said. 

Additionally, he said this sleep position can assist in relieving any existing back pain while also preventing undue pressure on the back.

You might be set in stone with your all-time favorite sleeping position. We understand that. So we brought in experts to truly see if it’s worth switching to the other side. 

So Which Side Wins?

To give you some clarity, Sleepopolis spoke with sleep expert and co-founder of Rise Science, Jeff Kahn. Kahn said one side is not better than the other, but sleeping on your left side might be more suitable for someone who is pregnant or suffers from certain health conditions. 

“For instance, it might be advantageous for pregnant women because it can improve circulation to the heart, benefiting both mom and baby,” Kahn said. 

Along with side sleeping being helpful for aiding pregnant women, it can also help people who suffer from stomach unease.

“It’s also thought to help with digestion and reduce heartburn, which can be beneficial for those with gastrointestinal issues,” he said.

Kahn also said that, since the digestive tract is structured in a certain way in your body, laying on your left side can help food flow more smoothly throughout your intestinal tract. 

“​​This is due to the layout of the digestive tract; when you’re on your left, gravity can help move food along from your small intestine to your large intestine,” he said. “When you lay on your left, your stomach is lower than your esophagus, making it harder for stomach acid to rise up into it causing acid reflux.”

Martin Seeley, the founder and CEO of Mattress Next Day, spoke with Sleepopolis about the cardiovascular benefits that come with sleeping on your left side. 

“Sleeping on the left side can increase circulation and is often recommended for those with heart disease or high blood pressure. This position allows for better oxygenation of the body, which may help improve cardiovascular health,” Seeley said. “Meanwhile, sleeping on the right side can reduce circulation to some areas of the body such as the legs and feet.”

Even though the left side seems to take the win for the better sleeping position, Kahn said that the research on which side is better is limited. 

At the end of the day, it is most important to choose the sleeping position that works best for you and helps you achieve that good night’s sleep. 

“The best sleeping position for you is the one that you find most comfortable and that allows you to get enough healthy, naturalistic sleep,” Kahn said. 

If your sleep is important to you, it might be best to stick to the sleeping position you have been accustomed to. You definitely don’t want to end up waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

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