TikTok Users Are Claiming This “Pineapple Sleep Hack” Makes Them Go to Bed Instantly

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Do you like juicy fruit and sleep? Well, you can have the best of both worlds. TikTok has done it again with another crazy, but seemingly helpful hack under the hashtag #Pineapplehacks that has gained 3.7 million views (as of publication). 

Users across TikTok are claiming they are getting the “best sleep” just by having a couple bites of the fruit before bedtime. So are you wondering what’s in this fruit that could make you sleep? The answer is simple. It’s our good old friend melatonin. 

Similar to cherries, pineapple contains a good amount of melatonin that can make you feel sleepy without taking any supplements. And this fruit seems to be helping as users’ posts and comments indicate many plan to continue enjoying this fruit as a delectable treat and a natural bedtime supplement.

One user, Emma Leigh, wrote in one of her videos, “Eating pineapple before bed helps me fall asleep faster and sleep so much deeper.” (1)

She doesn’t seem to be the only one this works for as one of the comments on her video said, “I started eating pineapple before bed since watching your videos about it and it has worked so well.” 

Does this yummy fruit actually help with sleep or is it just a placebo effect? We wanted to speak with experts to see if this is another TikTok hack we can, or can’t, trust. 

Should You Try This Before Bed? 

We all love a sweet treat before bed, but could eating a couple of pineapples be the bedtime remedy for those sleepless nights? It might be, according to past studies, and Cali Barenfuss, CCSH, RPSGT, who points to its reasonable amount of melatonin. (2)

However, there is some variation in thought. According to Barenfuss, there might be some other fruits that can work even better than pineapple. We will give you hints. We tried the viral sleepytime sorbet and this fruit is the key ingredient in it. 

Tart or sour cherries are the highest source of natural melatonin and may be a better option than pineapple,” Barenfuss told Sleepopolis. “Studies have been done that show tart cherries may positively impact sleep, but the studies are small and more data is needed.”

If you are willing to try this hack, Barenfuss gave us some suggestions on how to properly do so for it to work right before bedtime. 

“If falling asleep at bedtime is an issue, eating pineapple 1-2 hours before bed may help one fall asleep as the highest concentration of melatonin happens around two hours after consumption,” she said.

She also said that if you struggle to stay asleep throughout the night, it might be best to eat a couple of slices right before bed so your body can receive a higher amount of melatonin that can last throughout the night. 

However, there might be some downsides to indulging in this flavorful fruit right before bed. Fruit has sugar, so Barenfuss said people with diabetes or blood sugar issues should think twice before trying this hack. 

“It’s also important to note that relying on food to fall asleep can have its downsides as well,” she said. “It may be used as an asset to sleep, but shouldn’t be relied on solely to improve sleep.”

In fact, she said the factors that will produce long term results include establishing sleep hygiene habits, controlling stress, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Ava Girardi

Ava Girardi

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