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Nectar Pillow Review

I’m extra pumped about this review because I’ve already tested (and enjoyed) both the Nectar mattress and adjustable base, but I’ve never had the chance to snooze on a Nectar pillow… until now. And I have to say — it sounds pretty inviting! It’s amply stuffed with memory foam, covered in cooling Tencel fabric, and features a “pillow-in-pillow” design said to meet the needs of every sleeping position.

Of course, the only way to really know how a pillow performs is to personally test it! So get ready, folks, because in this Nectar pillow review, I’ll detail everything you need to know about what it’s made of, how it feels, and which sleepers will love it the most.

Nectar Pillow
Nectar Pillow
Nectar Pillow

The Nectar pillow is an awesome memory foam pillow with a tall loft that's a great option for back and side sleepers. Click this link for latest pricing and coupon information!

Brand Snapshot

Nectar Sleep entered the bed-in-a-box scene in 2017 with its flagship product, the Nectar mattress. After that, it didn’t take long for Nectar to become one of the most popular brands in the industry, gaining recognition with its year-long trial periods, lifetime warranties, and cheeky advertising.

Here at Sleepopolis, we’ve already taken some of those accessories for a test run! We’ve reviewed the Nectar adjustable base, compared the Nectar mattress to other super popular beds, and now it’s time to see what the Nectar pillow is all about. So without further ado, let’s find out what it’s made of!

Nectar Pillow Review
Getting ready to review the Nectar Pillow!

What Is The Nectar Pillow Made Of?

As I mentioned up top, the folks at Nectar built this sleep accessory with a “pillow-in-pillow” construction, which basically means that both the cover fabric and the pillow itself are stuffed with memory foam. I know that might be kind of hard to picture, so let’s open it up and take a closer look.

Cover Fabric: Polyester, Tencel, Foam

The cover fabric of this pillow is made from a blend of polyester and Tencel, both of which are soft and naturally moisture-wicking. But Tencel, in particular, is known for its exceptionally smooth and breathable feel. Not to mention, it’s a sustainable fabric derived from dissolving wood pulp, which might appeal most to hot sleepers looking to go green.

But the reason this accessory is said to have a “pillow-in-pillow” design is that its cover fabric is stuffed with a thin layer of shredded foam, which adds a little extra cushion for your head and neck. In my experience, the foam-filled cover fabric made the pillow feel more plush and balanced, and I think it’s a pretty clever idea.

Nectar Pillow Cover Fabric
The Nectar pillow cover fabric is filled with a thin layer of foam for extra comfort!

However, I can’t say that the cover fabric is lofty or fluffy enough to be considered a pillow in and of itself, as is implied by the “pillow-in-pillow” description. I have tested accessories wherein one or more smaller pillows are stuffed inside a larger pillow, but it’s important to note that that’s not what’s going on here. Instead, the cover fabric is just extra plush and soft!

We’ll talk more about this pillow-in-pillow design in a moment, but first let’s get into the internal fill!

Internal Fill: Shredded Memory Foam

The Nectar pillow is stuffed full of shredded memory foam, which offers a soft-yet-supportive feel. Foam fans who prefer a pillow that’s more dense with a slower response to pressure are likely to be compatible with this one! Keep in mind, though, that the foam in this pillow is broken up into dozens of popcorn-sized shreds, which brings a few specific perks to the table.

Firstly, pillows filled with shredded memory foam are often adjustable, meaning you can manipulate the stuffing in order to customize the loft and feel. Of course, this isn’t possible with pillows that are filled with a solid piece of foam, and I’m pleased to report that the Nectar pillow is easily adjustable! All you have to do is unzip the cover fabric, reach into the pillow, and remove as much fill as you like.

Nectar Pillow Memory Foam
The Nectar pillow is amply stuffed with shredded memory foam.

I find that adjustable pillows like this one are especially beneficial for combo sleepers, or those still experimenting with the position that suits them best. If, for example, you find that the Nectar pillow’s 5-inch profile is is too lofty, simply play around with the internal fill until it fits your unique needs.

The other thing I like about shredded memory foam as compared to a solid piece is that it tends to be much more breathable. This is because the individual tufts are able to freely move about, which can promote better airflow and prevent the foam from trapping body heat.

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All that said, I think sleepers looking for a breathable, adjustable foam pillow should give the Nectar pillow a try!

The Bottom Line: Lofty, Adjustable & Breathable

While you do have the option to adjust the loft of the Nectar pillow, it’s important to note that it has a relatively tall profile of about 5 inches. A high-lofted pillow like this one is generally best-suited to back and side sleepers, but I’ll show you how it performs in every sleeping position in the next section. For now, the important takeaways are that it’s adjustable, supportive, and breathable!

Nectar Pillow
Nectar Pillow
Nectar Pillow

The Nectar pillow is an awesome memory foam pillow with a tall loft that's a great option for back and side sleepers. Click this link for latest pricing and coupon information!

What Does The Nectar Pillow Feel Like?

After taking a close look at what the Nectar pillow is made of, let’s take a closer look at how it performs. In this section, I’ll cover everything you need to know about loft, firmness, and with which sleeping positions this pillow is most compatible.

Nectar Pillow Loft
The Nectar pillow is lofty, breathable, and medium-firm.

Loft & Firmness

Like I said earlier, the Nectar pillow has a lofty profile of about 5 inches high and, in my experience, it can be fluffed up to about 5.5 inches. A pillow with a profile of 4 inches or taller is considered to be relatively high, but remember — you can’t talk about loft without talking about firmness too!

When it comes to evaluating a pillow’s feel, it’s important to note that firmness directly affects how the loft will compress under pressure. For example, a high-lofted pillow with a soft firmness rating can sink into a very low loft when you press into it. In fact, I’ve tested high-profile pillows that compress into a loft of less than one inch under the weight of my head!

Nectar Pillow Side Sleeping
The Nectar pillow has a lofty profile and medium-firm feel, ideal for back and side sleeping.

With the Nectar pillow, though, its medium firm feel helps it maintain its shape and loft throughout the night, no matter which position you’re in. So, if you’re looking for a foam pillow that won’t go flat while you slumber, this one might do the trick!

Best For: Back & Side Sleepers

Loft and firmness are the first things to pay attention to when you’re searching for the pillow that’ll be most compatible with your go-to sleeping position. And the general rule of thumb is: Side sleepers need a high-lofted pillow with a firmer feel, and stomach sleepers need a low-lofted pillow with a softer feel.

Meanwhile, back sleepers can kind of experiment with different levels of firmness and loft, keeping in mind that neutral spine alignment is your pillow’s most important role. And by that I mean that your pillow should support the natural C-curve of your spine, and never crane your head up or down out of alignment with your neck.

That said, I found this pillow’s lofty 5-inch profile and medium firm feel to be ideal for back and side sleeping. When I tested it on my back, I enjoyed the plushness of the cover fabric, and the whole pillow seemed to cradle the precise contours of my head, neck, and shoulders.

Nectar Pillow Back Sleeping
Enjoying some back sleeping with the Nectar pillow!

But my favorite position for this pillow is side sleeping! Its firm feel prevented it from sinking down over the course of the night, which kept my head and neck in neutral alignment with my spine. Not to mention, its high loft served to relieve pressure at my hips and shoulders as well.

When it comes to stomach sleeping, on the other hand, I found the Nectar pillow to be too firm and lofty. When I first rolled onto my stomach, I could immediately feel the strain on my neck as my head was craned upwards. Of course, you do have the option to adjust the fill until the loft is low enough… But in my experience, I had to remove a ton of stuffing in order to make it low enough for stomach sleeping.

Nectar Pillow Stomach Sleeping
I found the Nectar pillow to be too lofty and firm for stomach sleeping.

That said, I enjoyed testing the Nectar pillow and think it would be a great fit for back and side sleepers. My only real complaint is that I find the “pillow-in-pillow” description to be a bit misleading. The cover fabric is soft and plush, but it’s filled with a very thin layer of foam which, in my opinion, is not supportive enough to be used by itself.

The Verdict: Back and side sleepers looking for an adjustable foam pillow should definitely take advantage of Nectar’s generous trial period and give it a whirl!

Nectar Pillow
Nectar Pillow
Nectar Pillow

The Nectar pillow is an awesome memory foam pillow with a tall loft that's a great option for back and side sleepers. Click this link for latest pricing and coupon information!

Should I Buy The Nectar Pillow?

Well, we’ve gotten up close and personal with the Nectar pillow which means it’s time to recap the highlights:

  • Memory Foam Fans – Sleepers who love the way memory foam conforms to pressure are probably going to be most compatible with this pillow. It’s cushy yet dense, and offers balanced support for your head and neck. Not to mention, it’s more breathable than other memory foam pillows I’ve tested, which might appeal to hot sleepers!
  • Back & Side Sleepers – This pillow is best for back and side sleepers, thanks to its lofty 5.5-inch profile and medium level of firmness. Side sleepers, in particular, are likely to enjoy this pillow’s high loft, as it helps to relieve pressure at the shoulder and hips.
  • Adjustable Fill – The great thing about an adjustable fill is that it allows you to reach inside the pillow and manipulate its loft and firmness to your liking. If, for example, you find that the Nectar pillow is too firm and/or tall, simply unzip the cover and remove as much stuffing as you need to reach your ideal comfort zone!
  • 50-Night Trial Period – I find that a nice, long trial period eases the purchasing pressure a bit, and you’ve got 50 full nights to test the Nectar pillow! Additionally, Nectar offers free shipping and returns within the U.S.

Nectar Pillow Complaints

Of course, there are some things to consider about the Nectar pillow before making your purchase:

  • Stomach Sleepers – In my experience, the Nectar pillow is too lofty and firm for stomach sleeping. Of course, it is adjustable, but you’d have to remove a considerable amount of fill in order to achieve a loft that’s low enough for stomach sleepers! Remember — stomach sleepers need a soft, low-lofted pillow with a compressible internal fill.
  • Misleading Description – I find the “pillow-in-a-pillow” description on the brand’s website to be a bit misleading. I have tested pillows that feature a dual-design wherein one pillow is stuffed inside another pillow (the original Casper pillow and Sleepgram pillow are great examples), but I think it’s important to note that that’s not what you’re getting with the Nectar pillow. Yes, the cover fabric is soft, but it’s not plush enough to be used as a pillow by itself.
  • Spot Clean Only – Keep in mind that no part of this pillow is machine washable or dryable, which might not be ideal for folks looking for low maintenance sleep accessories. To clean this pillow, use a damp cloth, mild detergent, and spot clean as necessary. But even then, you don’t want to get the pillow too wet, as water can damage the foam.

Anything Else I Should Know?

  • Sizing – the Nectar pillow comes in one size, and its dimensions are 29 x 17 inches
  • Price – $75
  • 50-Night Trial Period
  • Free Shipping & Returns – within the U.S.
  • Wash Care – spot clean only
Nectar Pillow
Nectar Pillow
Nectar Pillow

The Nectar pillow is an awesome memory foam pillow with a tall loft that's a great option for back and side sleepers. Click this link for latest pricing and coupon information!


What size are Nectar pillows?

The Nectar pillow only comes in one size, and its dimensions are 17 x 29, with a loft of 5.5 inches tall.

Can you wash Nectar pillows?

Nectar pillows can not be washed or dried by machine, and must only be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Do Nectar pillows expand?

Because the Nectar pillow is filled with foam, you may find that it needs some time to expand after removing it from its packaging. In my experience, the Nectar pillow expanded fully and reached its true size about 15 minutes after I unboxed it.

Are Nectar pillows good?

The Nectar pillow has a lofty profile of 5.5 inches which makes it particularly well-suited to back and side sleepers. Additionally, it features a moisture-wicking cover fabric that might be beneficial for hot sleepers or those prone to night sweats.

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