Best Memory Foam Mattress on Amazon

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First developed by NASA in the 1970s, memory foam has in recent years become a super popular mattress material. It’s best known for its characteristic “hug,” which allows the material to conform to the unique curves of a sleeper’s body. This, in turn, produces plenty of sinkage, body-contouring, and deep pressure relief. It’s a cozy foam, one best-suited for those who like to feel more “in” their mattress than “on top” of it. But though the material is used in a lot of different beds, it doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. So, what is the best memory foam mattress? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

In this guide, I’m going to introduce you to the best memory foam mattresses on the market. Though they range in terms of style, design, and price, they’re all great examples of this cushiony material. After we go over my picks, I’m going to dig into the methodology I used to pick them, so you know exactly what to look for in your search. And then I’ll wrap things up with a few expert tips you can use along the way.

best amazon memory foam

Editor’s Choice

amazon memory foam zinus


The Ultima Comfort mattress from Zinus is a truly luxurious memory foam mattress. It features a 3” thick top layer of memory foam over a 2” section of the brand’s Super Soft foam, so provides plenty of room to sink deep into the structure. Plus, its memory foam is CertiPur-US certified, which ensures that it’s toxin and chemical free. 


  • I think the Zinus is a fantastic value buy. It has the feel of a luxury mattress at a price that’s not likely to break the bank. 
  • The thick top layer of memory foam could do a lot for side sleepers or any other folks who need to alleviate tension at the shoulders and hips. 
  • All in all, there’s a ton of sinkage here, so could be great for folks looking to feel more “in” their bed than “on top” of it. 


  • Unfortunately, the bed sleeps a little hot, so may not be the best cooling memory foam mattress on the market.

The Zinus Ultima Comfort mattress provides plenty of room to sink deep into the mattress for great pressure relief

Best for Side Sleepers

amazon memory foam ashley

Ashley Furniture

Built with twelve inches of memory foam and poly foam, the Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress from Ashley Signature is a fantastic pick for side sleepers. These folks typically need a softer bed that’ll provide deep pressure relief to the shoulders and hips, which this mattress does with ease. 


  • Memory foam lovers could find a lot to love in this mattress, as it embodies all the great characteristics of the material! 
  • I also think this mattress could be great for side sleepers! The Chime Express is a super soft bed, so will allow for plenty of cozy cushioning at the shoulders and hips. 
  • In general, this bed could work wonders for anyone in need of deep pressure relief, especially those with pesky aches and pains. 


  • Though the softness is a plus for side sleepers, it could be a negative for back and stomach sleepers, who typically prefer a firm mattress. 
Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture

The Ashley Furniture Chime Express is a super soft bed, so will allow for plenty of cozy cushioning at the shoulders and hips.

Best Cooling

amazon memory foam vibe


Those in need of a cooling memory foam mattress could be well satisfied with this gel memory foam option from Vibe. The construction kicks off with a whopping 5” of memory foam, which imbues the bed with ample body-contouring, sinkage, and pressure relief. But, the memory foam is infused with gel, so shouldn’t overheat at night. 


  • If you want a seriously soft mattress, the Vibe may be the one for you as it’ built with a ton of cushiony memory foam. 
  • Side sleepers, in particular, will likely enjoy the deep sinkage of this bed, especially at the shoulders and hips. 
  • Folks who sleep hot could also find some nice comfort in this mattress as the gel infusion works to dissipate body heat. 


  • Back and stomach sleepers may find this mattress a touch too soft for their needs, so should look for a slightly firmer bed. 

The Vibe mattress is great for those that sleep hot could also find some nice comfort in this mattress as the gel infusion works to dissipate body heat.

Most Affordable

amazon memory foam bestprice

Best Price Mattress

For folks on a budget, this Memory Foam mattress from Best Price could be a real winner! Made of gentle memory foam and supportive poly foam, this bed strikes a nice balance between pressure relief and support. 


  • This bed is a fantastic value buy! It’s cozy and supportive, but definitely more affordable than other beds on the market. 
  • Side sleepers in need of pressure relief at the shoulders and hips will likely enjoy the top layer of memory foam on this bed. 
  • Younger folks moving into a college dorm or first apartment may also find this to be a solid budget option. 


  • The bed’s profile is a little thin, so it may not be the best fit for heavy sleepers or couples who need a bit more support from their mattress. 
Best Price Mattress
Best Price Mattress
Best Price Mattress

The Best Price Mattress is cozy and supportive, but definitely more affordable than other beds on the market.

How We Picked

Now that we’ve gone over the best memory foam mattress, it’s time to talk about the methodology used to pick them. Think of this section like a round-up of all the major factors you need to consider when buying a memory foam mattress of your own.


Not all materials are created equal, so it’s crucial to land on a bed built with high-quality memory foam. But how can you determine the quality of a foam? Well, there are a few variables to keep in mind, namely density and thickness.

  • Density – The density of a foam is a measure of its weight. Basically, it’s how much actual foam is present within a material. So, the higher the density, the greater the lifespan of the foam. For memory foam, you’ll want to hone in on a sweet spot somewhere between 3.0-5.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot). The denser the memory foam, the more “hug” and body-contouring you’ll get from the material. Lower densities aren’t technically uncomfortable, but they won’t provide you with the material’s most beneficial properties.
  • Thickness – Another important indicator of quality is thickness. A one inch thick layer of memory foam, for example, isn’t going to be nearly as comfortable (or effective) as one of two or more inches. Considering that sinkage and body-contouring are the most crucial characteristics of memory foam, it makes sense that a thicker material would better embody those properties. So, if you’re trying to hone in on a high-quality memory foam mattress, you’ll want to see at least two to three inches of the stuff in the comfort and transition layers.


Memory foam is a highly dense material, so has a tendency to trap and absorb body heat. This can cause overheating at night, which can be a big bummer for folks who naturally run hot. To mitigate this pesky problem, many brands will infuse their memory foam layers with special cooling properties to help disrupt and dissipate the heat.

So, if sleeping cool is a major concern of yours, I’d recommend keeping a look out for the following buzzwords:

  • Infusions – Infused memory foams take the pressure-relieving goodness of traditional memory foam and amp it up with a little added cooling. These infusions are worked right into the foam, so help to counteract the material’s natural tendency to overheat. Some of the most popular infusions include ones of gel, graphite, and copper. Though all three are slightly different, they’re all effective at regulating temperatures throughout a structure. Of the three, gel infusions are probably the most powerful.
  • Open-cell or Ventilated designs – Open-cell memory foam has a similar feel to traditional memory foam, but has been manufactured with tiny air pockets for added breathability. This results in a material that has a faster response time and overall better air circulation, which helps with temperature regulation throughout the night. Cooling is directly tied to breathability, so any modifications that help to increase airflow will also help to lower temps.


Though a mattress may feature memory foam, it’s rarely (if ever) the only material at play, so it’s important to note what else is going on in the construction. If the memory foam’s paired with pocketed coils, for example, you’re not likely to get as much sinkage as you would if it were paired with memory or poly foam. Remember: Just because a bed claims to have memory foam doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be super soft!

If you’re after a bed that really epitomizes a classic memory foam feel, you may want to look for a mattress built with two top layers of memory foam. The sections will work together to draw the sinkage deeper into the structure, producing a super cozy “hug.” If you want memory foam, but also want to be able to change positions with ease, you may want to land on a bed that slips a layer of memory foam under one of latex.


What is the best memory foam mattress?

The best memory foam mattress is one that features high-quality memory foam over a supportive core of high-density poly foam or pocketed coils. It’s soft, but still able to set the spine in a nice, even line.

Is a memory foam mattress good?

Definitely! A memory foam mattress can be great for folks after deep pressure relief at the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

How long does a memory foam mattress last?

A high-quality memory foam mattress can last between 7-10 years. To extend the life of your bed, make sure to rotate it if you notice any sagging in your normal sleep spot.

Sleepopolis Tips

Still not sure how to find the memory foam mattress of your dreams? No worries! Allow me to impart some expert tips you can use to narrow down your search.

  • Pay more attention to the inches of memory foam than the number of layers of memory foam within a mattress. The former is a solid indicator of the bed’s total memory foam power while the latter is used mostly as a selling point.
  • If you want to sleep extra cool, keep an eye out for mattress designs that feature latex over memory foam. Latex is a naturally cooling material, so helps to curb the overheating tendencies of memory foam, even better than gel infusions do.
  • The base of a memory foam mattress is going to be just as important as the memory foam itself. High-density poly foam or coils will provide the sturdy support these soft layers need.

Wrapping Up

And just like that, we’re done with this guide to the best memory foam mattresses! Now that you’re ready to start your search, remember that the way to spot quality memory foam is to consider its density, thickness, and cooling properties. By doing this, you’ll be sure to land on a mattress that’s 100% right for you and your specific sleep needs.

Logan Block
Logan is the former content director of Sleepopolis. As content director, he reviewed new mattresses every week and curated the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. Logan perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole.