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MyPillow Pillow Giveaway!

Hey, sleepers! I know it’s hard to come back from a long Labor Day weekend, but how about an awesome pillow giveaway to boost your spirits? Three sleepers now have the opportunity to win two pillows from MyPillow — pretty cool, huh? Not to mention, the winners may select which levels of firmness best suit their sleepy needs. All you have to do is scroll, enter, and cross your fingers!

MyPillow Pillows Giveaway!

MyPillow pillows come in a variety of four fill levels, each one ranging in firmness and feel. So, whether you sleep on your stomach, back, side, or all of the above, the different fill levels are meant to accommodate every sleep style. This is especially beneficial for combo sleepers who shift between positions throughout the course of the night.

MyPillow Stack Tags Corner
The font color on the MyPillow tags shows which fill level it is

Fluff-able, foldable, and oh-so-cushy, these pillows are designed to offer a supportive foundation for your head and neck while also providing that cuddly-soft plushness. And remember: each winner gets to select two pillows. So, you could pick one pillow for your head, and one pillow for hugging. Or, if you’re a pillow-stacker, these lightweight sleep accessories are great for that too! Get creative!

MyPillow White Hug
Hugging the White Level MyPillow

So what are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance at some brand new pillows and a better night’s sleep. Oh, and don’t forget to read the full written review of these MyPillow pillows to get extra pumped!

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277 thoughts on “MyPillow Pillow Giveaway!”

  1. I’ve heard great things about my pillow, I would love to find out for myself. I like that they are available in so many different fills.

  2. I have heard nothing but good about these pillows. I could REALLY use one. I have feather pillows and they are pretty darn old. I just know I would love to sleep on a MyPillow.

  3. My daughter said last year she wanted to get a my pillow for everyone for Christmas because it would be the perfect gift. Then she realized she couldn’t afford it so we got moon pies. Would love to win this to give her one!

  4. I’ve tried just about pillow out there, am still looking for the perfect one for me. Would love to win one and finally quit searching!

  5. I have heard nothing but great things about these pillows. I would love to try a set, we are due for pillow replacement right now, and i think these would be perfect!!

  6. My mom swears by these pillows, yet I have never tried them. I like that they come in different sizes for position for sleeping. I would want one for stomach sleepers. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  7. I would love to own one of these pillows they sound wonderful but its more than I can afford to spend on a pillow but maybe someone will buy it for me for christmas.

  8. Both my husband & I have the worst time with our pillows. I’m both a side sleeper and a stomach sleeper, so if I have a flatter pillow for my stomach position my neck hurts when sleeping on my side and vise-versa. I would love a pillow that supports my neck while watching tv in bed but comfortable enough to sleep later. I also hate a pillow that goes flat in the middle & you sink down and feel like you can’t breath. Thank you for the chance to win.

  9. Sleep yes. Snoring partner no more. Love these pillows. Tell everyone about it. Went to a store and the women in front of me had My Pillow at checkout. I told her it was the best pillow (I had many) that let me sleep and wake up without pain.

  10. I have wanted one of these pillows for a long time! I have issues with sleeping so Figures crossed I can have a chance to sing one! <3 <3 <3

  11. I have seen them in the store and at a friends home. They look Fantastic!!!!
    I always prefer to have a lot of pillows when I sleep and this looks very promising.

  12. I am a side sleeper, and snore. I have bad allergies, even on a daily dose of Claritin. I have all kinds of problems sleeping. This looks SO cozy!

  13. I have watched the “My Pillow” advertisements on TV a multitude of times and they appear to be exactly what I need to end my constant neck pain.
    Your review only confirms my opinion.
    Cant afford them, so praying random finds my entry.
    Blessings to you and yours for offering the opportunity <3

  14. Love to try these, have lots of trouble, (with my GERD especially) in getting good sleep thanks for opportunity, ❤️LOVE TO WIN!!❤️

  15. These sound amazing hope i get a chance to try them I have severe migraines finding the right pillow helps, thanks for the opportunity

  16. I am very interested in the “My Pillow” and have been for quite awhile. I like it a lot and would love to own one. I am thrilled about this giveaway.

  17. I’m definitely a combo sleeper so this seems like it would be a good choice for me. I am curious as to the longevity of the pillow though.

    • I need a good pillow for my neck but yet to find one,that you s affordable. If all else fails hopefully if I get a raised then I shall purchase a coupe in medium and a hard

  18. The ability to adjust the firmness & feel of the pillows is a huge plus to me! I dislike pillows that are too soft, yet too-firm hurts my neck.

    • We asleeping on a 20 plus year mattress. Brand new pillows would be greatly appreciated. Tired of waking up stiff and more tired than when i went o bed. Grateful for the opportunity to win.

  19. I’ve been intrigued by My Pillows for the longest time, I have severe bulging cervical discs. I must own about 8 pillows right now always searching for the perfect one. Love the different fill levels, I also use one between my legs for my lower back & hip issues. Would love to try!

  20. I have been wanting to try the My Pillow since the first infomercial came out. I love the 10 year warranty and I also love that there are 4 different levels of fill so that I can choose the best pillow for me.

  21. I love these pillows. My boys received a MyPillow for Christmas and I’ve been so jealous! Anytime they sleep away from home I steal theirs. 😁

  22. I’ve always heard such INCREDIBLE things about these pillows!! My birthday is Sept. 10 so I would LOVE to get a NEW NICE pillow for my BIRTHDAY!! 🤞

  23. I would so luv to win a my pillow. I saw and tested out one at a demonstration booth, it was wonderful but out of my price range unfortunately, so to win would be extraordinary.

  24. I’ve had back & neck surgery and dealing with uncomfortable pillows😯 have heard so many wonderful things on “my pillow”. So, would love to win to be able to experience them for myself 😊

  25. Very interesting pillows. I like how you can make them to accomodate individual users needs instead of one size fits all mentality.

  26. We have bought other pillows in the pass, but none of them held up. I saw mypillow in a ad and decided to try it. It has been a great pillow for both my husband and me.

  27. I have wanted to try My Pillow for a long time and winning would give me that chance. The pillow I’m using now is way beyond its expiration date.

  28. I need and want one or two of these amazing pillows that are made to fit you personally!! I love the way they are one size fits all!

  29. These pillows look so comfortable! As someone who has so much trouble sleeping, having easily remoldable pillows would benefit me a lot, since I am always tossing and turning!

  30. Hey guys, I am disabled and have been sleeping on the same twin bed and sleeping on the same old pillow for many years. I have entered for a new mattress many times but didn’t win never win. Now, you have a pillow of good quality, and I am hoping I can win this one.
    Thank you

  31. I love MyPillow products. My mom got me 1 MyPillow for my birthday and it’s GREAT !! I’d love to WIN a pair of them. The one I have is so comfortable and my neck pain has gone away. I’ve got a really bad back from an injury and surgery and would LOVE to have a queen sized topper but it’s just not in the budget. :( I’m sure it’s a fantastic product just like the pillow. Thanks for making your products in the U.S.A.

  32. I have heard rave review from my friends who swear they are the best pillows ever. Would love to see for myself 😃 thanks for the awesome chance!

  33. Im 80 yrs old hate pillows till i got from walmart my pillow i love it as i can push it anyways i want i love it God bless the maker to care for pillow s

  34. I think the only pillow I would consider buying would be the firmest one. The other pillows don’t seem to have enough filler in them. And I like soft pillows not firm.

  35. [email protected]/ Hello my name is Michael Smith Sr. I currently have been looking for a pillow/mattress combo but, I unfortunately am unable to afford it right now. I not asking for you to feel sorry for me. But, I’m asking for your help. I have currently had issue with sleeping at night. I simply ask you to consider me for the free pillow. Thanks and have a great day. Michael Smith Sr.

  36. I’ve always been partial to feather pillows, but I can’t find ones like the ones I’ve had for 20 years now and the ones I have are going just too flat so these sound interesting, I definitely need to do something about pillows and even my bed soon.

  37. I like the fact that it gently conforms to your head and neck and recovers its shape night after night. That’s always been a problem with my pillows.

  38. Mike is like the person who invented sliced bread. He has provide a wonderful night’s sleep. My MY PILLOW is even better than Sliced bread. I wake up in the morning feeling so refreshed that I can go hours until I just want to get back to it. Thank you Mike.

  39. I’ve been dying to try My Pillow. I’ve seen it on QVC, and all the commercials, but I have not yet pulled thee trigger!. I guess it’s because I’ve been disappointed in the past and didn’t want to be disappointed again. I’ve tried pretty much everything.

  40. I have always wanted one of these pillows but have seen lots of mixed reviews. This gives me a little more hope on the My Pillow. Definitely want to try it but most importantly win it.

  41. Both of my parents had these and loved them. I didn’t know they came in different fills. I think I’d need the green one since I’m a side-sleeper.

  42. I love how you can pick the firmness of your pillow and also if you are not sure of the firmness the MyPillow site will describe each firmness for you.

  43. OMG, I need pillows so bad, I bought a couple last year and already they have lost all of their fluffiness. I heard that the Mypillow is good if you have migraines and neck pain. I need to try these so bad!!

  44. My husband purchased two my pillows 2 yrs agk. And whst a dicfetence. Sadly one of the pillows went tl his mom who resides in a nursing home and we need to purchase twwo more pillows.

  45. These pillows luck so comfortable. I have neck and back problems and these like it will just cradle my neck. Thanks for this FAN tastic Giveaway!

  46. Ooh, I’d LOVE so much to win these pillows… It’d literally be a “Dream Come True”! My current pillow is flat & needs to be folded in half to sleep… (NOT the most comfortable night’s sleep!) Winning these MyPillow pillows!! 🤞😍🤞 #FingersCrossed


  48. I am really excited to find a new pillow and these look like the one to try. They look well made, thoughtfully designed and even have a nice design on them.

  49. I’ve always wanted a MyPillow! I have many chronic illnesses, one terminal, and I still haven’t found the right pillow. I’ve heard many wonderful things about MyPillow!I love you could choose which one would be right for you.

  50. Winning the pillows would be like putting the cart before the Horse, as I really need both a mattress and some pillows. But I have to start somewhere. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  51. I’d give these pillows a try. I hate finding a pillow that’s supportive but soft only to have them deflate after a few months.

  52. I like that the pillow is washable. I am getting a stiff neck from sleeping on a standard pillow so I’d like to try the infamous My Pillow. Tried SO many different pillows and mattresses (waterbed, toppers, gel, memory foam, etc.).

  53. I’ve really been curious about these pillows since I first saw them advertised. They sell in stores, but unfortunately are in boxes so there’s no way to feel them. I’m really hoping to win so I can finally try them! I’m a side sleeper and have yet to find the perfect pillow for me.

  54. I have been wanting to try My Pillow, and watching the video only makes me want to try it more. I love the fact that it’s machine washable and keeps it shape too.Ty so much for the opportunity to win and try for myself.

  55. I have always wanted to try MyPillow! Finding a good pillow is hard, especially when my budget does not allow for much extra costs.

  56. We have one MyPillow that my boyfriend and I try to distract each other and switch it out from underneath the other. Having 2 would solve several weekly if not daily quarrels.

  57. I have had my My pillow for 3 years and use it nighty. It has changed the way I am able to sleep at night. I love how you can just throw it in the dryer and it’s like brand new.

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