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Saatva vs DreamCloud Premier Mattress Comparison

For this comparison, we’ll be taking a look at Saatva and DreamCloud Premier, two of the most popular brands on the market. Known for its traditional innerspring design, Saatva first leapt onto the scene in 2011, and has been shaking things up ever since. DreamCloud, on the other hand, didn’t make its debut until seven years later, when it challenged the former with its promise of providing a luxury feel at a value price.

Both of these mattresses feature foam and coil layers to strike a balance between comfort and support, but each mattress uses them differently. So which one uses them better? There’s only one way to find out…

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$200 off $1,000 Purchase!
Saatva Mattress
  • Traditional innerspring build
  • Great support and bounce
Save $200 + $399 in Accessories Included
DreamCloud Mattress
  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Great for couples

DreamCloud Premier vs Saatva: Similarities and Differences

Before we go into detail about each of these mattresses, let’s talk about a few key similarities and differences. If you want to learn even more about each of these mattresses individually, I’d recommend checking out our full Saatva mattress review and DreamCloud Premier mattress review. 

Main Similarities

The Saatva mattress
The Saatva mattress in the Sleepopolis studio.
  • Both of these beds have a more traditional feel, so sleepers who don’t love the “bed-in-a-box” feel might like them.
  • These mattresses are in a similar price range, so you’ll be able to focus on the features of these beds when choosing the best mattress for you.
  • Both mattresses have great edge support, which means you’ll be able to sleep all the way on the edges of these beds without feeling their sides collapsing under your weight.

Main Differences

DreamCloud Premier
The DreamCloud Premier in the Sleepopolis bedroom.
  • The Saatva feels a little bouncier than the DreamCloud, which might be a bonus for combination sleepers.
  • The Saatva is not a bed-in-a-box and will be delivered compressed. The DreamCloud will ship compressed in a box. Depending on what you find convenient, you might prefer one shipping method over the other.
  • The DreamCloud Premier is softer than the Saatva, which might make it a better fit for for side sleepers.

Which is Better for you?

What do those similarities and differences mean for you? Well…

  • If you’re a hot sleeper you might prefer the DreamCloud, which sleeps nice and cool thanks to a gel-infusion in its foam layers.
  • If you’re a combination sleeper the bouncy Saatva mattress might be the best choice for you.
  • If you’re a side sleeper the softer feel of the DreamCloud premier might work best for you.
  • If you’re looking for a long-lasting bed the Saatva’s durable construction might appeal to you.
  • If you sleep with a partner the DreamCloud might be best for you. You shouldn’t feel too disturbed by a restless bedmate on this mattress.
  • If you’re a back sleeper both of these beds should offer you a nice balance of pressure relief and support.
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper the Saatva’s firmer feel might be best for you.
  • If you weigh more than 250 lbs both of these beds could work for you, but a firmer Saatva model might be the more supportive option.

What Do These Mattresses Feel Like?

While feel is always going to be a personal thing, I’m going to do my best to demonstrate how each bed’s characteristics contribute to its overall vibe.

Let me start by mentioning that the Saatva mattress comes in three firmness options: Plush Soft (soft, ideal for combo sleepers), Luxury Firm (firmer feel, great for back sleepers), and Firm (the firmest and most effective for aligning the spine). For the sake of this comparison, I’ll be looking at the Luxury Firm mattress, which combines the best of both the softer and firmer versions.

Since everyone experiences the firmness of a mattress differently (because of size and weight distribution), I decided to bring in three more testers to try out each of these beds. Below is the graph showing the average firmness rating for each of the mattresses.

Saatva vs DreamCloud on firmness scale
The Saatva and the DreamCloud Premier on the mattress firmness scale.


$200 off $1,000 Purchase!
Saatva Mattress
Saatva Mattress
Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress combines a luxurious pillow-top layer with two sections of coils for that classic innerspring feel. 

Let’s start with the Saatva, a mattress that comes in three comfort levels and six different sizes to appeal to a wide range of sleeping styles.

I personally gave this bed an 7 out of 10, putting it above the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness level. When I lightly pressed my hand into the mattress, the plush Euro-style pillow top felt comfortably plush. In spite of this initial softness, once I began to pull my hand away, I could feel the bed pushing back against my pressure. What this tells me is that the double coil construction works to produce a ton of bounce and lift in this mattress.

Stomach sleeping on the Saatva
I like the Saatva for stomach sleepers.

Once I hopped onto the bed, I could feel how responsive this mattress is. I felt much more “on top of” than “in” this Saatva. While this feel could appeal to a wide range of sleepers, I think it would be especially well-suited for combo sleepers who are looking for mattresses that raise and support them as they shift and move through the night.


Save $200 + $399 in Accessories Included
DreamCloud Mattress
DreamCloud Mattress
DreamCloud Mattress

This tall hybrid mattress combines foams with pocketed coils for a luxuriously supportive sleeping experience. 

The DreamCloud Premier is a 15″ tall mattress that combines pocketed coils with plush foams for a breathable, pressure-relieving vibe. These layers of premium materials come together to create a truly luxurious sleeping experience with lots of cushioning.

I gave the DreamCloud Premier a 6.5 on the firmness scale which means this is a medium firm bed. When I pushed my hand into the mattress, I felt some light sinkage from the soft foam and quilted top layers. The coiled construction in the lower layer gave me a bounce-back feeling when I removed my hand from the bed’s surface.

DreamCloud Mattress Side
Testing out the DreamCloud Premier for side sleepers.

Climbing onto the bed, the first thing I noticed was how my body sank into the plush foam layers up top. My weight was evenly distributed across the surface and I could feel the foams working to relieve pressure points at my shoulders and hips. In spite of this slight contouring, the bed’s tall layers of coils lifted me on top of the bed. As I rolled onto my stomach, I was particularly pleased by how well the mattress did at keeping my hips in an even alignment with my shoulders, providing some nice spinal alignment.

I’d recommend this bed to back and side sleepers especially, it should offer them a nice balance of pressure relief and support.


Price is certainly an important factor to consider when buying a new mattress. Below, you’ll see our up-to-date pricing comparison chart for the Saatva and the DreamCloud. Don’t forget to check out our Saatva coupon or DreamCloud coupon to save even more.

Prices listed will be before discount or offer for each size.

$200 off $1,000 Purchase!
Saatva Mattress
  • Traditional innerspring build
  • Great support and bounce
Save $200 + $399 in Accessories Included
DreamCloud Mattress
  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Great for couples

SaatvaDreamCloud Premier
Twin XL$1,087$1,099
California King$1,899$1,599

What are These Mattresses Made Of?

I’m going to walk you through a brief synopsis of each bed’s specific build below, but would encourage you to also check out our full Saatva mattress review and DreamCloud Premier mattress review.


Cover – The cover of the Saatva is made of a soft and breathable organic cotton material. This cover is antimicrobial, which is a nice perk.

Euro Top – Underneath the cover you’ll find a Euro-style pillow top made of soft foam. It provides some great support to the lumbar region. Additionally, it helps to transition the sleeper into the firmer coils below.

Comfort Layer — Up next, you’ll find a layer of individually-wrapped coils, which work to both support and encourage bounce in the mattress. This section is what gives Saatva its “innerspring” feel over that of the DreamCloud, as the coil-on-coil construction here has a firmer, more traditional vibe.

Transition Layer — Beneath this first layer of coils is a layer of memory foam. This offers some additional pressure relief at the hips.

Support Layer – This mattress features a second coil layer in order to increase the bed’s bounce and cooling support. This tempered steel coil layer improves airflow for temperature regulation throughout the night.

Edge Support Layer – Saatva’s edges are wrapped in high-density poly foam to offer maximum edge support and durability. This keeps the structure in shape when pressure is applied to the sides of the bed.

Saatva layers
A look inside the Saatva.


Cover – The bed’s quilted memory foam cover is made from a luxuriously soft cashmere blend, providing sleepers with some immediate comfort and relief.

Comfort Layer – Underneath the cover, you’ll spot a layer of high-loft memory foam, which adds extra pressure relief and reduces motion transfer. Below that you’ll find a layer of gel memory foam, which has a slow response to pressure for contouring relief at the shoulders, hips, and lower back. And though memory foam has a slight tendency for trapping and absorbing heat, the gel infusion here helps to cool things down.

Transition Layer – A layer of firm poly foam helps curb the sinkage of the memory foam comfort layer and prepare the sleeper for the sturdy pocketed coils below.

Support Layer – The bulk of the DreamCloud is made of this pocketed coil system, which brings a lot of firmness and lift to the structure. If you want to feel positioned squarely “on top” of your bed, you’ll likely enjoy the supreme bounce of these coils. Combo sleepers, in particular, could find a lot to love in this tall pocketed coil system.

DreamCloud Mattress Construction
Showing the materials used in the layers of the DreamCloud Premier.

Saatva vs DreamCloud: Best Qualities

Now that we’ve zoomed in on both mattresses, I’m going to wrap up with my biggest takeaways. First and foremost, the unique foam and coil layers in both beds offer support and bounce to sleepers with a variety of sleeping needs.

Saatva pairs a Euro-style pillow top with dual-spring layers to achieve a balance of comfort and bounce, which sets it apart from many other traditional innerspring mattresses on the market. Unlike Saatva, the DreamCloud Premier combines three foam layers to create a luxuriously soft feel that contours to the body. While both mattresses are supportive options for a variety of sleepers, DreamCloud seemed more pressure-relieving while the Saatva was better for shifting positions on the bed.

Saatva Best Features

$200 off $1,000 Purchase!
Saatva Mattress
Saatva Mattress
Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress combines a luxurious pillow-top layer with two sections of coils for that classic innerspring feel. 

  • If you’re looking for a classic innerspring feel, the Saatva could be a great pick for you.
  • If it’s all about that bounce for you, then Saatva’s dual-spring coils could have you jumping for joy.
  • If you prefer firm support, the Saatva is the way to go.

DreamCloud Premier Best Features

Save $200 + $399 in Accessories Included
DreamCloud Mattress
DreamCloud Mattress
DreamCloud Mattress

This tall hybrid mattress combines foams with pocketed coils for a luxuriously supportive sleeping experience. 

  • If you’re a back or side sleeper, then you’ll want to lean into the DreamCloud for its cloud-like support and its ability to lift and align your spine.
  • If you’re looking for a bed in a box but are worried the all foam options just won’t do it for you, the coils of the DreamCloud do a great job of supporting the sleeper.
  • The DreamCloud’s 365-night sleep trial means the brand is confident you’ll like its mattress.

Company Policies

DreamCloud Policies

  • Trial Period – 100 Nights
  • Shipping – Free
  • Mattress Warranty – Lifetime

Saatva Policies 

  • Trial Period – 180 Nights
  • Shipping – Free White Glove Delivery
  • Mattress Warranty – 15-year warranty

Sleepopolis Customer Service Ratings

We rate each company for their customer service based on factors like call wait time, politeness, and responsiveness. Companies can receive one of four ratings: Stellar, Great, Satisfactory, or Poor. 

Saatva Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating


The Saatva got a Satisfactory rating because when I asked a question on their site’s chat function, it took a while to receive a response. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes to have my question answered.

DreamCloud Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating


The DreamCloud got a Great rating because when I asked a question in their chat function, I was simply sent a link rather than given an answer. I got what I needed, but I would have rather they answered my question directly.

More from Saatva and DreamCloud

DreamCloud and Saatva both offer other high-quality mattress options. Take a look below to learn more about two of them.

DreamCloud Original

DreamCloud Mattress
The DreamCloud in the Sleepopolis studio.
  • The original DreamCloud mattress is a more affordable option than the Premier, and still has many of the same great qualities, like its gel-infused memory foam layer.
  • It’s a bit firmer than the Premier, making it a better option for anyone looking for a bit more support.
  • Check out my full DreamCloud mattress review for more information.

Saatva Latex Hybrid

Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress
The Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress.
  • The Saatva Latex Hybrid uses organic, all-natural latex as well as pocketed coils for a mattress that’s bouncy and responsive, which is great for combination sleepers.
  • It’s a firm mattress that I would recommend to back, stomach, and back-stomach combination sleepers, who will appreciate its sturdy support.
  • For more info, check out my Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress review.

Other Common Comparisons

Saatva vs

DreamCloud vs

$200 off $1,000 Purchase!
Saatva Mattress
  • Traditional innerspring build
  • Great support and bounce
Save $200 + $399 in Accessories Included
DreamCloud Mattress
  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Great for couples
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