Say Hello to the First Environmental Working Group-Verified Mattresses — Here’s What That Means

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Naturepedic is the first mattress brand to meet Environmental Working Group (EWG) standards for healthy ingredients, transparency, and safety. As a result, the brand has earned the EWG VERIFIED® designation for 26 of its mattresses. Mattresses are just one category included in the EWG VERIFIED program; cleaning products and personal care items are also featured.

The designation recognizes mattresses that meet strict criteria for quality. The goal is to give consumers peace of mind when they’re shopping for a mattress so they know exactly what they’re getting — and what they’re not. 

What Does EWG-Verified Mean?

Many mattresses on the market can contain harmful phthalates, fire retardants, fiberglass, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Mattresses can release chemicals into the air that pose health risks. Speaking of, make sure to check out our tried and tested, favorite fiberglass-free mattresses out there.

What’s worse, manufacturers don’t have to share all of the materials in their products, so consumers aren’t always sure what they’re buying — and if it could be harmful to their health.

Adults spend an average of nine hours a day on mattresses and babies spend more than 13 hours a day on a mattress. If harmful chemicals are present, there’s a potential harm in being exposed to mattresses. Some mattress chemicals can lead to hormone disruption and cancer.

In 2023, California passed a law that banned the sale of mattresses and upholstered furniture containing fiberglass, a harmful fire retardant. The law was sponsored by EWG and got bipartisan support. Other states have also banned chemical flame retardants because they can harm the nervous and reproductive systems. 

A Higher Standard in Mattress Quality

Mattresses that meet the EWG VERIFIED standards must share every material used, incorporate ingredients that emit lower VOCs, not use flame retardants and fiberglass, and be free from PVCs and forever chemicals. 

“Earning the EWG VERIFIED mark isn’t easy. The criteria for our mark are demanding, as anyone familiar with our exacting standards can attest. We’re excited to bring the same level of scrutiny to mattresses that we’ve already done with personal care products, cleaners and diapers,” Ken Cook, president of EWG said in a statement. 

“This is an important milestone for EWG, Naturepedic and the mattress industry,” Cook added. “We’re setting a new standard for mattresses. This new category of EWG VERIFIED products represents a new era in mattress safety, giving consumers peace of mind and empowering individuals and families to make informed purchasing decisions.

Cook visited the Naturepedic facility, and said he could attest that the mattresses were made and marketed with great care. 

“Naturepedic is proud to debut the world’s first EWG VERIFIED mattress,” Barry Cik, Naturepedic founder and technical director said. 

“Today’s consumers are discerning and seek more from the products they purchase. They want assurances about product ingredients and how they’re manufactured. Naturepedic is at the forefront, understanding and meeting the evolving demands of consumers by offering mattresses that meet the highest standards for health,” Cik added.

Kristen Fischer

Kristen Fischer

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