Sleep Number Is Offering an Affordable Smart Mattress — What You Need to Know

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On Monday, Sleep Number announced its most affordable lineup of mattresses yet, the c1 Smart Bed, with prices starting at just $599 for a twin sized mattress. The company announced via a press release that it was adding the c1 Smart Bed to its lineup of Classic Series Mattresses, Sleep Number’s more affordable line of smart mattresses, which include the c2 and c4 Smart Beds. (1)

Sleepopolis’ review team has reviewed both the c2 and c4 Smart Beds, which might be able to give you an idea of what the c1 Smart bed might be like.

The c1 Smart Bed will set you back $599 for a twin mattress, $799 for a full mattress, $999 for a queen mattress and $1,499 for a king mattress. The lineup also includes a twin XL mattresses and several split and Flextop king and California king mattresses. The entire lineup of c1 mattresses comes in under $2,000. These prices make the c1 Smart Bed the most-cost effective in the Classic Series, with the c2 coming in at $1,299 for a Queen and the c4 Queen coming in at $1,899. 

Regarding Sleep Number’s newest addition to their Classic Series, Kevin Brown, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sleep Number told Sleepopolis that Sleep Number is “thrilled to introduce the c1 smart bed at only $999, helping us bring high quality sleep to even more couples.”

What Features Does the New Sleep Number c1 Smart Bed Come With? 

The c1 Smart Bed has most of the same features that the other smart mattresses in the Classic Series have, which includes : 

  • A ceramic gel layer to help cool you down while you sleep 
  • The ability to adjust your bed to your preferred levels of firmness and support according to your Sleep Number setting
  • The c1 Smart Bed responds to your movement during the night and automatically adjusts based on what support you need in your new sleeping position
  • Provides personalized sleep health data and insights using Smart Number’s Sleep Number app 

The biggest difference between the c1 Smart Bed and the c2 and c4 Smart Beds is the size. The c1 comes in at 8 inches tall, with a 1.25-inch comfort layer. Comparably, the c2 comes in at 8 inches tall with a 2-inch comfort layer and the c4 is 9 inches tall with a 3-inch comfort layer. Sleepopolis reviewers found the c2 and c4 somewhat firm, so it’s reasonable to expect the c1 to be a bit firmer, given the smaller comfort layer. Reviewers did recommend snagging a mattress pad for a bit of additional cushion if you prefer a softer mattress. 

Can I Buy the Sleep Number c1 Smart Bed Now? 

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, and the c1 Smart Bed ticks all of your boxes, you’re in luck. You can grab one right now on Sleep Number’s website and at Sleep Number stores. 

What are the Benefits of Smart Beds? 

Smart beds or smart mattresses are mattresses that have an additional functionality beyond simply using them for sleep. Usually, these mattresses can be adjusted to fit your sleeping style, by tweaking the angle at which you’re sleeping or the firmness of your bed, adjusting the temperature of your mattress, and some can even provide data on your sleeping habits. The same way a smart watch can do more than just tell time, a smart bed allows you to fully customize your bed for your sleep preferences. 

Sleep Number is one popular manufacturer of smart beds and mattresses, but there are many other brands that manufacture these mattresses like Staava or Emma. Ordinarily these beds will run you anywhere from $1,800-$5,000. 

We’ve yet to see whether any of Sleep Number’s favorite celebrity spokespeople will be taking advantage of the c1 Smart Bed, but for those looking to take care of their budget and customize their sleep, the c1 Smart Bed is the latest, budget-friendly smart mattress offering on the market. 

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