TikToker Shares 5 to 9 Routine Before 9 to 5 — Is This For Everyone?

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TikTok gives us a quick glimpse into peoples lives from “what I eat in a day” content to workout routines that might give us inspiration to switch up our lifestyle. 

However, a new trend that we didn’t see coming might be making its way across your “for you” page. While sharing a post-work routine, also known as your 5-9, has been popular on TikTok, there has now been a slight twist. Users are sharing their 5 to 9 schedule before they head out for their work day. Yes, 5 a.m. We gasped too. 

Content creator Avery Lauren, the face behind the account @averyday.eats, posted her very own 5-9 before her 9-5 on her account that gathered 1.3M views. Lauren is best known for her lifestyle content that ranges from yummy and healthy recipes to killer workout routines. (1

No wonder Lauren seems to have her life together and is so productive in the morning. She wakes up every morning at 5:40 a.m. Wonder what the first thing she does? It’s the one thing we dread but force ourselves to do. She puts on her cute gym outfit and heads to Lifetime by 6:00 a.m. for an hour to do some strength training

Now time for the most important time of the day. Lauren whips up a quick but delicious looking breakfast that includes yogurt, some crushed nuts, sliced strawberries and chocolate almond butter for the ultimate protein packed breakfast. 

She then continues with the usual prep before work such as showering, putting on makeup and doing her hair in her trendy Djerf avenue robe and headband. 

Finally, breakfast wasn’t the only yummy recipe she shared. She showed her meal prep for lunch which included what seemed to be a taco bowl. She gets dressed at 8:15 a.m. and then heads to work. 

Wow, she got a lot done in just four hours, but this definitely couldn’t have been easy for Lauren on the first try. She says in the caption of the video that she just got her morning routine “down to a science.” 

“Overall, it all comes down to time management and prep,” Lauren wrote in the caption. “Prepping my foods on Sunday, laying out my outfit the night before, cleaning my apartment each night, etc are the little things I prioritize that make a big impact.” (1)

This works for Lauren, but could this be effective for everyone? The comments definitely show this might not be the ideal lifestyle for every type of person, especially if you like to sleep in.

One comment said “I get up at 8:40 for my wfh (work from home) 9-5 lol.” Another said “I wish but I just physically can not operate like this.” 

So, in the long run is this something everyone should give a try for a healthier and more productive lifestyle, even if they might be hesitant to do so? We decided to ask a sleep expert to see. 

Is Waking Up This Early Suitable For You?

Waking up at 5 a.m. can be a challenge for anyone, even early risers. That’s why it’s important to consider if it’s suitable for your lifestyle and something that should be done with patience. 

We spoke with Bayu Prihandito, a certified psychology expert and the ceo and co-founder of Life Architekture. We knew there had to be some sort of health benefit of waking up this early in order for people to feel motivated to set their alarm clock for that time and Prihandito confirmed this. 

“Waking up at 5 a.m. can align your sleep cycle with natural circadian rhythms, synchronizing with the sun’s rising cycles, leading to better quality sleep and overall increased alertness during the day,” he told Sleepopolis. 

However, you won’t feel these positive side effects until you get used to the adjustment. Prihandito said your body might reject waking up this early because of your typical sleeping habits. With this, you might feel initial fatigue and sleep deprivation

“The transition period might induce feelings of grogginess or lethargy, but as you allow your body time to adjust, these negative feelings should dissipate,” he explained. “It’s vital to ensure you’re getting adequate sleep by going to bed earlier, to maintain your overall emotional balance and mental clarity.”

After seeing an array of influencers waking up this early, are you intrigued to try it out? Prihandito gave us some advice on how to transition smoothly. 

He said one needs to adjust their bedtime and wake time by 15-30 minutes every day until you reach the time you want to wake up to. If you want to feel ready to get up at 5 a.m. and hit the gym just like Lauren, Prihandito said you must hit the sack no later than 10 p.m. to ensure you get 7-9 hours of sleep. He also suggested the activities you do before bed can impact the time you wake up in the morning and how you feel. 

“I would suggest establishing a strict evening routine, with an early light dinner, limiting exposure to any blue light at least one hour before bedtime, and incorporating non-excessively stimulating activities such as reading or meditating as it helps prepare the body for sleep,” he said.

Lauren makes this routine look easy, but it definitely will take some getting used to. If this is something up your alley, give it a go. Not for you? Then just continue to wake up when the sun rises.

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