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Best Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses have long been the bed of choice for many sleepers. Though some would say it’s because they’re firm, supportive, and bouncy, others might contest it’s because there never really seemed to be much of a choice at all. And truthfully, for many years, there wasn’t. But nowadays, there are a plethora of bedding options available, ranging from the soft and fluffy to the deeply contouring. So, is there a place for innerspring models in the modern mattress market? Of course! As the industry’s grown and developed, so too has innerspring technology, and there’s no better time to buy one of these springy beds than right now.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to buy any old innerspring mattress. Below, we’re going to walk you through the absolute best options on the Internet today, from the budget-friendly to the satisfyingly cooling and everything in between. Afterwards, we’ll also go over our tips for finding the innerspring mattress that’s going to be 100% right for you and your specific sleep needs.

Best Value

Linenspa Hybrid

The 10” Latex Hybrid mattress from Linenspa is our top innerspring pick for folks on a budget. Built with responsive latex foam and individually encased coils, this medium firm bed is designed with bounce and temperature regulation in mind, attractive qualities that are made even more enticing by the model’s wallet-friendly price tag. 


  • First and foremost, I like the relatively affordable price point, which could make it a nice pick for college students or young folks moving into their first apartment. The cost could also make it a fantastic option for a spare or guest bedroom. 
  • The combination of buoyant latex foam and individually wrapped coils also produces a ton of satisfying bounce, which works to keep the sleeper positioned more on top of the bed than in it. 
  • I also think the bed sleeps super cool! Latex is a naturally cooling material, so when paired with the individually encased coil system (which promotes airflow throughout the bed), you get a structure that’s actively working to dissipate body heat. 


  • If you’re looking for a soft mattress that you’ll be able to sink into, this probably isn’t going to fit the bill. As I mentioned above, latex and coils are incredibly bouncy, so will position you more on top of the bed than in it. 
  • That being said, it may not be a great match for side sleepers, most of whom need cushiony support at the shoulders and hips for pressure relief.
Linenspa Hybrid
Linenspa Hybrid

With a value price point, the Linenspa Hybrid is ideal for those on a budget.

Best Cooling

LUCID 12 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

If you sleep hot at night, you may want to consider the 12” Latex Memory Foam Hybrid from Lucid. Here, a tall section of individually wrapped steel coils creates a ton of space for air to flow throughout the structure. Though this coil system does a lot of the cooling work for the mattress, it wouldn’t be nearly as effective if it weren’t capped off by the top layer of latex foam, which works to dissipate body heat away from the sleeper. 


  • The hybrid design of contouring foams and bouncy coils makes for a balanced feel, which could work wonders for those after a little pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. 
  • Hot sleepers will also benefit from the great airflow this bed produces, ensuring that things don’t get too toasty at night. 
  • I also think this bed could make a great innerspring alternative for folks who want a fresh spin on a traditional feel.  


  • If you’re primarily interested in an innerspring for its tremendous bounce, this may not be the best fit as the lift here is somewhat dampened by the foam top layers. 
  • Additionally, strict stomach sleepers may find that the structure is a bit too soft for their sleeping needs.
LUCID 12 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress
LUCID 12 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

The Lucid Hybrid is a great choice for those that want a bouncy mattress with strong support. The combination of coils and latex comfort layer make this a comfortable mattress with the durability to stand the test of time.

Editor’s Choice

Zinus Extra Firm iCoil

The Zinus Extra iCoil Mattress is our Editor’s Choice because it perfectly embodies the most well-known characteristics of the innerspring in that it’s supremely bouncy, firm, and supportive. At 7.5” tall, the iCoil Pocketed Spring system dominates the vibe, ensuring not only excellent spinal alignment for individual sleepers, but also low motion transfer rates for couples. 


  • If you like the bouncy feel of traditional innerspring mattress, this Zinus model could be a fantastic pick for you as its thin foam topper doesn’t really curb the coil system’s powerful lift. 
  • I also think back sleepers could find a lot to love in this mattress as the iCoil support system does a lot to alleviate tension at the lumbar region and promote a healthy spinal alignment. 
  • The great bounce of the individually wrapped coils results in some great mobility, which could be a big plus for those sleepers who need to move around and change positions in the night.


  • There’s not a lot of contouring to this bed, which could be a dealbreaker for those who like to feel more “in” their mattress than “on top” of it. 
  • Additionally, it may not be the best fit for side sleepers who need to sink into a structure for pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. 
Zinus Extra Firm iCoil
Zinus Extra Firm iCoil

The Zinus Extra iCoil Mattress is our Editor’s Choice because it perfectly embodies the most well-known characteristics of the innerspring in that it’s supremely bouncy, firm, and supportive.

Best for Back Sleepers

Classic Brands

It’s no secret that back sleepers like the firm support they get from innerspring mattresses, but which model is the absolute best for these slumberers? In our opinion, the title goes to the Mercer Pillow Top Innerspring from Classic Brands, which combines a tall system of bouncy pocketed coils with a pressure-relieving top layer of gel memory foam for a one-two punch of comfort and support. 


  • The combo of supportive innerspring coils and cooling gel memory foam makes for a dynamic structure that’s as pressure-relieving as it is supportive. 
  • Back sleepers will likely enjoy this bed a great deal as the soft foam top layers fill in the space at the lumbar region while the coils keep the hips lifted on top of the bed. 
  • Hot sleepers could also find a lot to love in the memory foam’s gel infusion as well as in the tremendous airflow they’ll get from the pocketed coil system. 


  • Stomach sleepers may find that the gentle pillow top layer causes their hips to sink out of alignment with their shoulders, resulting in discomfort along the spine. 
  • Additionally, there’s not as much bounce here as you’ll see in other innerspring models, so may not be best for those who want a lot of lift.
Classic Brands
Classic Brands

The Mercer Pillow Top from Classic Brands combines a tall system of bouncy pocketed coils with a pressure-relieving top layer of gel memory foam for a one-two punch of comfort and support. 

Best Firm Support

Signature Sleep Reset

For this in need of some firm support from their innerspring mattress, we highly recommend the Nanobionic Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress from Signature sleep Reset. Here, four layers of foam and coils come together to produce a highly supportive vibe, which could be ideal for those who want to be positioned squarely on top of their bed. 


  • Back and combo sleepers could find a lot to enjoy in the bouncy, firm mattress, which not only produces a ton of great mobility, but works to lift the sleeper up and out of the structure. 
  • I also think the mattress could work well for stomach sleepers, who will likely appreciate the firm support they get at the hips. 
  • I’d add that the layer of naturally cooling latex does a lot to cool the mattress, namely when it comes to absorbing and dissipating body heat evenly throughout the bed. 


  • Though the pillow top layer is certainly gentle, it’s not quite soft enough to satisfy the needs of side sleepers, who typically need a bit more cushiony support at the shoulders and hips. 
  • In general, if you’re interested in deep body-contouring, this may not be the mattress for you, as it’s quite bouncy and firm.
Signature Sleep Reset
Signature Sleep Reset

The Signature Sleep Reset is a bed in a box hybrid mattress that provides nice bounce and support for the back and stomach sleepers out there.

How We Picked

Now that we’ve gone over our picks, let’s dig into the methodology behind our choices. Below, I’ll outline some of the most important characteristics to consider when buying an innerspring mattress.


Quality is a crucial factor to keep in mind when shopping for an innerspring mattress. Since the product is dominated by its coil system, you’ve gotta make sure the metals used are durable, strong, and resistant to wear-and-tear.

When sussing out an innerspring bed’s quality, you’ll want to consider the types of coil used (more on that below), the gauge or the thickness of the springs (higher gauge makes for a thinner coil and vice versa), how many coils there are, and how the coils connect to each other.

Coil Type

Though innerspring coils might seem identical upon first glance, there are actually some pretty significant differences that set them apart.

  • Bonnell Coils – This coil was the first type used in traditional innersprings. Its hourglass shape compresses or expands based on the amount of pressure applied. The individual coils are laid out in rows across the mattress, and all of the rows are then woven together using a helical lacing technique that uses a long spiral wire to connect all of the coils. Inexpensive to manufacture, these are the most affordable types of coils on the market.
  • Pocketed Coils – Pocketed coils, or pocket coils, are individually wrapped in a thin fabric. These fabric pockets are then joined together (wire-free) to unify the assembly. Unlike Bonnell coils, pocket coils perform independently of each other, which provides a bit more hug/contour and a little less motion transfer. They’re also more expensive than their Bonnell brothers.
  • Offset Coils – Offset coils are very similar to Bonnell coils, but instead of the rounded top, these coils have one straight side, resulting in a “D” shape. This shape allows for the coils to hinge together and provide less gaps between them.
  • Continuous Coils – Continuous coil mattresses are created using a single piece of wire that coils and turns in on itself. Since it uses only one piece of wire, the drawback to this type of mattress is motion transfer. This method is typically inexpensive to produce and may use low-quality materials.

Coil Count

Coil count and density are going to play a large role in how supportive and comfortable an innerspring mattress is going to be. A bed with a smaller number of coils provides fewer areas of contact with the body, thereby leading to the formation of uncomfortable pressure points. Conversely, a mattress with more coils is generally going to feature better contouring and responsiveness. Most brands provide coil count information on their websites, so always make sure to check the specs before you buy.


The main focus of an innerspring mattress may be its coil system, but it’s also important to consider the types of foam being used. If a coil system is overlaid by memory foam, it’s going to have a softer contouring feel that’ll be best-suited for side sleepers. On the other hand, latex foam will produce a gentle yet lively vibe that could work for back or combo sleepers who need to change positions in the night. If you sleep on your stomach, or just prefer a firm vibe, look for an innerspring with a thin top layer of foam.

Sleepopolis Buying Tips

Still not sure how to pick the right innerspring mattress for you? No worries! Let’s wrap up this guide with a few tricks you can use in your next search.

  • Like the idea of an innerspring, but don’t want to give up on the comfort of foam? Consider a hybrid mattress, which combines foam top layers with spring coils for a one-two punch of pressure relief and support.
  • If you sleep with a partner, you’ll want to find a bed that uses pocketed coils, as these are the best at isolating motion across the surface. Pocketed or individually wrapped coils are also fantastic at cooling, as they promote great airflow throughout the mattress.
  • You should also always make sure that a brand explicitly states that it’s utilizing “steel coils,” which are durable, bouncy, and supportive. If a company doesn’t specify what kind of metal it’s using, chances are the material’s not very high-quality.
  • For a supremely bouncy vibe, make sure the coil system (whether pocketed or straight up innerspring) is between six to seven inches tall. Any smaller than that and the vibe will be dominated by the foam top layers.

Wrapping Up

Well that’s all folks! Whether you want to sink into a cushiony hybrid or float atop an ultra-firm steel coil structure, you now know everything there is to know about innerspring mattresses and can happily bounce along to the bed of your dreams.

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