This New Foundation Makeup Is Meant to Be Worn… Overnight? Here’s the Scoop on the ‘Shark Tank’ Breakout

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After a long day of work or a busy night out on the town, it can be easy to just fall asleep when you get home — even if you still have a face full of makeup on. But what if you didn’t have to worry about that makeup irritating your skin? We know, it sounds pretty wild, but Youthforia creates makeup products that claim they’re so good for your skin, you could sleep in it. 

First launched in 2021 by Fiona Co Chan, Youthforia first gained recognition on TikTok after a video of their color-changing blush went viral. After seeing success from promoting their product on social media, the company was featured on Shark Tank in March. 

“Sharks, believe it or not, I woke up like this,” Chan said as she started her pitch on the show. She explained she slept in the makeup she was wearing because she was too busy preparing for the show. Barbara Corcoran didn’t believe her, saying, “No way!” 

Chan continues, saying, “I’m not wearing normal makeup, which can contain fossil fuels, liquid microplastics, and other nasty ingredients.” Instead she was wearing Youthforia, makeup she claimed to be safe to sleep in — but why can’t you sleep in most makeup brands’ products? Isn’t that one of the cardinal rules of skincare?

Why Is It Bad to Fall Asleep in Makeup? 

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t sleep in your makeup, but how badly could slipping up every now and then actually be harming your skin? Dr. Michele Green, a cosmetic dermatologist and research advisor at GYA Labs, explained, saying, “makeup can trap dirt and environmental pollutants that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day, leading to potential breakouts.” 

If you already struggle with acne or other skin conditions, Green said falling asleep with makeup on can make these problems worse. She explains the worst makeup to fall asleep in is anything long-wear, or if it has a non-breathable formula, because it hinders the skin’s natural repair process that occurs when you sleep. 

Along with skin irritation and breakouts, Green said “premature aging, reduced skin elasticity, and a lackluster complexion” can all happen from wearing your makeup to bed. 

While all advice points to not wearing your makeup to bed, what makes Youthforia different? 

What Makes Youthforia Safe to Sleep In? 

On Shark Tank, Chan explains that all of the brand’s makeup products are bio-based. “We’re using plant-based renewable ingredients, which are great for your skin and good for the planet,” she told the sharks. 

The Youthforia website explains the products go through sleep tests, which Chan and her husband both participated in by sleeping in the lab samples. After sleeping in the makeup, she said she woke up with better skin and a new philosophy: “makeup is an extension of skincare.”

The brand recently launched their Date Night Skin Tint Serum Foundation, calling it the first foundation you can sleep in. The product was tested in a dermatologist monitored study with 31 participants who slept in the foundation for 28 days. The results are as follows: 

  • 94 percent agreed the skin did not feel irritated after sleeping in it
  • 90 percent agreed their skin didn’t feel dry or dehydrated after sleeping in it
  • 87 percent agreed they didn’t have an acne breakout after sleeping in it

Since being released the product has received glowing reviews, with an average of 4.7 stars from customer reviews on Ulta’s website

Green explains that products can be marketed as non-comedogenic or breathable, but it’s still advised to remove the makeup before sleeping. However she does explain, “if a makeup brand has been specifically formulated and clinically tested for overnight wear, it might be less damaging than traditional makeup.” 

Overall, she said it’s a good practice to remove your makeup before sleep to allow your skin to breath and the natural process repair process to happen without any barriers. 

Alternatives to Washing Makeup Off Before Bed

We’ve all had a night where we’re exhausted and we fall asleep with our makeup on. While a full cleansing routine is not feasible, there are some things you can do to help get rid of the makeup on your face.   

Green recommends keeping makeup remover wipes or, even better, micellar water and cotton pads by your bedside table. “These can effectively remove makeup with minimal effort,” she said. Additionally using a gentle cleansing balm or oil can help your makeup dissolve quickly if you’re in a rush to get to bed. 

A quick cleanse is always better than sleeping with a full face of makeup on, or you could give Youthforia a try for the nights you know you’ll be needing your beauty sleep regardless of what’s on your face. 

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