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Layla Pillow Review

Layla is a popular choice within the world of bedding. From mattresses and sheets to pillows and weighted blankets, this brand aims to cover all its bases. We at Sleepopolis have already had the pleasure of testing Layla mattresses and sheets, but today is all about the pillows.

In this review, I’m going to review the plush and airy Layla Kapok pillow. Read on to learn what it’s made of, how it feels, and if it’s right for you. Plus, I’ll compare it to Layla’s memory foam pillow at the end of my review.

Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow

A copper infusion in the cover helps to make the Layla pillow ultra cool and comfortable. 

Is the Layla Kapok Pillow a Good Pillow for You?

Before you get into the details, I want to offer a brief overview of who the Layla pillow may or may not work for.

The Layla Kapok pillow.
The Layla Kapok pillow.

Who should try the Layla pillow

  • Side sleepers should like the high loft of the Kapok pillow, which helps promote healthy posture and relieve pressure throughout the body.
  • Sleepers looking for a fluffy and plush feel might like the balanced feel of this pillow, which strikes a nice balance between soft and supportive.
  • If you like adjustable fills that allow you to fluff and mold your pillow as desired, you’ll probably like the Layla Kapok pillow.

Who should not try the Layla pillow

  • If you’re looking for something machine washable, this is not the pillow for you. Its cover fabric can be thrown in the washing machine, but its internal fill can’t get wet, so you’d have to remove all the stuffing before washing it.
  • Stomach sleepers will need a pillow with a lower loft to feel comfortable. These sleepers should check out one of the best pillows for stomach sleepers instead.
  • Budget shoppers should opt for Layla’s memory foam pillow, which feels quite similar to the Kapok pillow, but is a bit cheaper.
Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow

A copper infusion in the cover helps to make the Layla pillow ultra cool and comfortable. 

What Does the Layla Kapok Pillow Feel Like?

Alright, folks, now that we know what we’re working with, allow me to detail my personal experience with the Layla Kapok pillow.

I’ve had the opportunity to test this pillow over the course of a couple years, and I’ll admit that it’s one of my all-time favorites. Read on below to learn more about its firmness and loft.

Layla Kapok Pillow Firmness

Firmness and loft are closely tied, because a softer pillow will compress more than a firmer pillow, reducing its loft. The Layla pillow has a fluffy, medium-firm feel. Its internal fill is supremely balanced, which gives it a uniquely dense yet plush feel, which means it does an excellent job of maintaining its shape over time. This means that it should feel soft and comfortable, but it won’t flatten out like a pancake or compress super far under your weight.

Layla Kapok Pillow Loft

The Kapok pillow has an extra-lofty build that does a great job relieving pressure at the shoulders and hips while internal fill cradles your head and neck. In fact, this is the loftiest pillow I’ve ever tested, and stands at 7-inches tall. In my opinion, that makes this pillow a back and side sleeper’s dream. But let’s detail how this pillow felt in all of the main sleep positions!

Side — I can’t recommend this pillow enough for side sleepers. It has the high loft and plush-yet-dense feel I love for these folks. It’s been featured in my best pillows for side sleepers roundup two years in a row because, to me, its extra lofty build and fluffy feel make it perfect for that position. It should relieve shoulder pressure while supporting your neck.

Side sleeping on the Layla Kapok pillow
Side sleepers should really like this pillow.

Back — Back sleepers should also be a big fan of this pillow. Its internal fill is very balanced, and will do a great job supporting your head and neck in this position.

Stomach — That said, this is probably not going to be a good pick for stomach sleepers. It’s not soft or low-lofted enough for the prone position. It does have an adjustable fill, but you’d have to reach in and remove a considerable amount of stuffing in order to reduce the loft enough to feel comfortable.

Layla Kapok Pillow Loft
A closer look at the Layla Kapok pillow’s loft.

Under the Arm — This pillow uses an adjustable fill, so it’s super huggable! Sleepers who enjoy hugging a pillow at night should like the Layla Kapok pillow.

Between the Legs — This pillow is dense enough to put between your legs or under your knees to offer lumbar pressure relief. It should maintain its shape over time and feel comfortable in this position.

Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow

A copper infusion in the cover helps to make the Layla pillow ultra cool and comfortable. 

What Is The Layla Kapok Pillow Made Of?

Wondering what I mean when I say Kapok pillow? Then you’re in the right section! I’m going to go over all the materials in the Layla Kapok pillow here.

The Layla Kapok pillow cover is made of a polyester/viscose blend that’s infused with CuTEC copper fibers. This copper infusion gives the cover a cooling feel.

Layla Kapok Pillow shredded Memory Foam
A look inside the Layla Kapok Pillow.

The pillow is filled with a shredded foam blend. It includes shredded memory foam fill to offer some density and a contouring feel (which is why this pillow doesn’t compress far) and shredded Kapok fibers. Kapok fibers are harvested from the seed pods of Kapok trees and feel fluffy, soft, and lightweight. They’re often used as a down alternative because they’re all-natural and can make down alternative pillows feel like luxury down pillows.

This internal fill is adjustable, meaning you can unzip the cover and remove as much stuffing as you like.

Is the Layla Pillow Good for Hot Sleepers?

The Layla pillow has made my best cooling pillows list several times. Its copper-infused cover draws heat away from the body, making for a cooler snooze. Plus, its shredded foam blend does a great job encouraging airflow throughout the pillow.

Layla Pillow Sizes and Prices

The Layla Kapok pillow comes in a queen/standard size and king size. It’s a standard shape so you can use any pillowcase you prefer with this pillow. Take a look at the chart below to see more in-depth sizing and pricing information. And be sure to click the button below to have our coupon code applied when you check out!

Price listed will be before discount or offer for each size.

Queen18″ x 28″$109
King18″ x 34$129
Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow

A copper infusion in the cover helps to make the Layla pillow ultra cool and comfortable. 

My Final Thoughts About the Layla Pillow

I want to take a second here to recap my thoughts on this pillow before I compare it to Layla’s memory foam pillow and answer a few FAQs. As I mentioned earlier, I love this pillow, and it gets two thumbs way up from me!

I’d highly recommend it to side and back sleepers looking for a lofty pillow that maintains a soft feel. I also think hot sleepers could really like how cooling it is, which is uncommon for a denser pillow like this one.

Layla Pillow Policies and FAQs

Does the Layla pillow come with a sleep trial period?

Yes, this pillow comes with a 120-night sleep trial. That’s quite uncommon for a pillow, and a great sign that the Layla Kapok pillow is a high-quality option.

Does the Layla pillow come with a warranty?

Yes, this pillow comes with a lengthy 5-year warranty.

Can you wash the Layla pillow?

The cover fabric can be washed and dried by machine, but you’ll need to open the zipper and remove all its internal fill first. This is a bit of a hassle, so I’d recommend spot cleaning this pillow instead.

Is the Layla pillow good for side sleeping?

All the Layla pillows are excellent choices for side sleepers, as they feature a lofty profile and firmer feel. The Layla Kapok pillow, in particular, is exceptionally lofty, making it ideal for broad-shoulder side sleepers.

How does the Layla pillow ship?

The Layla pillow will ship for free in the mail. It will arrive uncompressed, so there’s no need to worry about any off-gassing.

Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow

A copper infusion in the cover helps to make the Layla pillow ultra cool and comfortable. 

Layla Kapok Pillow Vs

As I mentioned earlier, Layla Sleep also offers a popular memory foam pillow. I’ll compare it to the Kapok pillow below to help you decide which is better for you.

Layla Memory Foam Pillow Back Sleeper
Sleeping on the Layla memory foam pillow.

Layla Kapok Pillow vs Layla Memory Foam Pillow

  • The Layla memory foam pillow includes a moisture-wicking polyester cover and is filled with a blend of shredded memory foam and polyester fiber. It feels similar to the Kapok pillow, but is a little bit firmer.
  • The Layla memory foam pillow has a less lofty profile than the Kapok pillow. But, at about 5-inches deep, it’s still quite lofty.
  • Back sleepers could prefer the slightly firmer and lower-lofted memory foam pillow, and side sleepers could prefer the Kapok option. But, both pillows are good fits for these sleeping positions.
  • The memory foam pillow’s fill is cased in polyester, which makes it possible to remove the cover fabric for a wash without extracting handfuls of stuffing.
  • The Kapok pillow sleeps cooler than the memory foam pillow thanks to its copper infusion and Kapok fill.
  • The memory foam pillow is less expensive than the Kapok pillow, and it feels very similar to the Kapok pillow, so shoppers on a budget may want to opt for the memory foam option.
  • Check out the best memory foam pillows for a little more info on the Layla memory foam pillow.

Other Products from Layla

As I mentioned earlier, Layla offers several other sleep products (including two awesome memory foam mattresses). The Sleepopolis team has reviewed several of their products, and you can find links to our reviews below.

Still not sold on the Layla pillow? Take a look at how I rated it below for more help deciding.

Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow
Layla Pillow

A copper infusion in the cover helps to make the Layla pillow ultra cool and comfortable. 

  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Cooling
  • Value
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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