Memory Foam GhostPillow Review 

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The Memory Foam GhostPillow is a new pillow offering from mattress brand, GhostBed. If you’re not already familiar with GhostBed, the brand is known for its supremely cooling beds. Recently the brand has expanded to offer a number of sleep products, like mattress toppers, bed frames, and of course, pillows. 

GhostBed advertises its Memory Foam pillow as the “Coolest Pillow in the World,” but is it really? To find out, I put this pillow to the test, assessing it for feel, loft, cooling, and more. Below, I’ll share my opinion on this pillow and which sleepers I think it’s best for.

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Memory Foam GhostPillow
Memory Foam GhostPillow
Memory Foam GhostPillow

The Memory Foam GhostPillow is an ultra-cooling pillow that offers great support for back and side sleepers.

Is the Memory Foam GhostPillow a Good Pillow for You? 

Whether or not a pillow will work for you depends on factors like your sleep position and what type of feel you prefer. Take a look below at who I think might like this pillow, and who I think should look elsewhere.

Who should try the Memory Foam GhostPillow

  • First and foremost, this pillow is great for hot sleepers. From cover to fill, it’s made with tons of cooling technology. I felt really cool lying on this pillow.
  • I think side sleepers will really like this pillow. It comes in a pretty high loft (6 inches) and has a medium-firm feel, which should offer these sleepers some nice head and neck support.
  • I also like this pillow for back sleepers. While lying on my back, I liked how this pillow contoured around my head and neck.
  • Combination sleepers should also like this pillow. Though it is made of memory foam, it feels pretty responsive, which means your head won’t feel “stuck” in the pillow when you try to switch positions.
The Memory Foam GhostPillow in the Sleepopolis studio.

Who should not try the Memory Foam GhostPillow 

  • I wouldn’t recommend this pillow to strict stomach sleepers. These sleepers do best on a soft, low loft pillow, and the Memory Foam GhostPillow  is neither. I’d steer these sleepers to our best pillows for stomach sleepers roundup.
  • Sleepers who like the feeling of a traditional, down (or down-like) feel. This pillow is made from a solid block of foam, so it’s not moldable. These sleepers might like the Faux Down GhostPillow better.

What Does the Memory Foam GhostPillow Feel Like? 

Now that you have an idea of whether or not the Memory Foam GhostPillow might work for you, let’s get into the details, starting with feel. Keep in mind that feel is somewhat subjective, and will depend on your factors like your size and personal preferences. For reference, I’m 5’3” and weigh about 110 lb.

Memory Foam GhostPillow Firmness

Before I discuss firmness, I’d like to mention that different sleeping positions require different firmness levels. In general, side sleepers need a firm pillow, back sleepers need a medium-firm pillow, and stomach sleepers need a soft pillow. These firmness levels will help promote a neutral spinal alignment for each position, which helps prevent neck pain and shoulder pain.

The Memory Foam GhostPillow has a medium-firm feel. When I lay on it, I could feel it contouring around my neck and head, which felt really nice. Though I did sink into this pillow a bit, I definitely felt some support — I knew I wouldn’t sink through to the bottom of this pillow. This level of support is especially great for back and side sleepers, who need to keep their head elevated to prevent their neck from bending.

I think side sleepers will really like the memory foam GhostPillow.

Memory Foam GhostPillow Loft

If you’re not familiar with pillow loft, it simply refers to the pillow’s height. Similar to firmness level, each loft is best for different sleepers. In general, side sleepers should choose a high loft pillow (5 inches or higher), back sleepers should opt for a mid-loft pillow (3 to 5 inches), and stomach sleepers should pick a low loft pillow (3 inches or lower). These loft levels will help keep each sleepers neck in line with the rest of their spine. 

The Memory Foam GhostPillow has a 6-inch loft. Take a look below to see how it felt in different positions.

Side — I felt great in this position! I really like how this pillow supported my neck while lying on my side. 

Back — I also was a fan of back sleeping on this pillow. I got the lift I needed, while still experiencing some nice pressure relief.

Stomach — This position was not comfortable. I felt that my neck had to crane upwards, which would lead to pain over time.

Under the Arm — Personally, I like a moldable pillow under my arm. This pillow is a solid block of foam, so I couldn’t squish it close to me. However, that’s my personal preference — if you like to simply rest your arm on a pillow, I think you’d be comfortable here.

Between the Legs — Similar to under the arm, I prefer a moldable, down-like pillow between my legs. This pillow felt a bit awkward in this position, and it didn’t stay in place.

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Memory Foam GhostPillow
Memory Foam GhostPillow
Memory Foam GhostPillow

The Memory Foam GhostPillow is an ultra-cooling pillow that offers great support for back and side sleepers.

What is the Memory Foam GhostPillow Made Of? 

The Memory Foam GhostPillow is made of — you guessed it — memory foam! But it’s not just any old memory foam, it’s specifically designed to be cooling. Take a look at my detailed description below.

Pillow Cover – This pillow has a removable, zippered Ghost Ice Fabric cover. It feels smooth and cool to the touch, and is moisture-wicking. It’s also machine-washable, which is a great perk.

Inner Cover- Below the outer cover is an inner cover made of mesh, which allows for some added airflow.

Cooling Side – The top of the pillow has a coating of Phase Change Material, which is a special substance that absorbs and releases body heat, which helps regulate your body temperature.

Fill – The bulk of the GhostPillow is made from a block of aerated gel memory foam. This foam is CertiPUR-US® Certified, which means it’s free from harmful chemicals and pollutants. 

These materials are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

Opening up the Memory Foam GhostPillow.

Is the GhostPillow Good for Hot Sleepers?

If you haven’t already guessed, I think this is a great pillow for hot sleepers! It’s super breathable, is made from cooling gel foam, and has Phase Change Material, which is pretty much the gold standard for temperature regulation. If you’re after a cooling pillow, but don’t think the Memory Foam GhostPillow is right for you, I’d recommend checking out our best cooling pillows roundup.

Though GhostBed says you don’t need a pillowcase with this pillow, if you would prefer one, I’d recommend checking out our best cooling sheets roundup for some great options.

Memory Foam GhostPillow Sizes and Prices 

The Memory Foam GhostPillow comes in one size and price, which you can see listed in the chart below. Be sure to visit our GhostBed coupon page or click one of the coupons in this article for the latest discount. 

Price listed will be before discount or offer for each size.

One Size16" x 23" x 6"$85
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Memory Foam GhostPillow
Memory Foam GhostPillow
Memory Foam GhostPillow

The Memory Foam GhostPillow is an ultra-cooling pillow that offers great support for back and side sleepers.

My Final Thoughts About the Memory Foam GhostPillow

I think the Memory Foam GhostPillow is a high-quality pillow that will work best for hot sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers. The brand’s cool burst technology and moisture-wicking breathability make it nearly impossible to overheat on this pillow. Its memory foam layer provides great head and neck support for side and back sleepers. The one group who might want to look elsewhere is stomach sleepers, who will likely find this pillow to be too lofty and firm for their needs.

GhostBed Pillow Policies and FAQs

How does the Memory Foam GhostPillow ship?

The GhostPillow ships for free.

Does the Memory Foam GhostPillow come with a trial period?

Yes, GhostBed offers a 101-night sleep trial for this pillow.

Does the Memory Foam GhostPillow come with a warranty?

Yes, GhostBed offers a generous 5-year warranty on this pillow, which is a testament to its durability.

Is the Memory Foam GhostPillow machine washable?

The cover of this pillow is machine washable, but the inner foam core is spot clean only.

What is GhostBed’s return policy?

GhostBed offers free returns before the end of the 101-night trial period. 

Memory Foam GhostPillow Vs

It can be helpful to see how this pillow stacks up to a similar pillow from one of the brand’s competitors. Below, I’ll compare it to Casper’s foam pillow.

Memory Foam GhostPillow vs Casper Foam Pillow

  • The Casper Foam pillow is made from the brand’s proprietary AirScape foam, while the GhostPillow uses gel memory foam. Though both sleep cool, I’d say the GhostPillow sleeps cooler.
  • The Casper Foam pillow has a 5-inch loft, which is slightly lower than the GhostPillow’s 6-inch loft.
  • GhostBed offers a longer trial period and warranty than Casper.
  • Learn more in my full Casper Foam pillow review.

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Take a look at how the Memory Foam GhostPillow performed on our star rating chart below!

  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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Zoe Ettinger

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