Saatva Latex Pillow Review

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Are you on the hunt for a high-quality pillow that gives you that hotel pillow feel, but still provides lots of support? Well, the Saatva Latex pillow could be just the pillow for you. Saatva is the brand behind one of our favorite innerspring mattresses, the Saatva Classic (read our Saatva mattress review to learn about it), as well as many other sleep products.

In this Saatva pillow review, I’ll discuss my personal experience with this pillow, what it’s made of, and who it’s best suited for.

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Saatva Pillow
Saatva Pillow
Saatva Pillow

A fluffable mix of down-alternative and Talalay latex makes this pillow cozy, cool, and great for combo sleepers! 

Is the Saatva Latex a Good Pillow for You?

Every sleeper has different wants and needs from their pillow, so let’s go over who I recommend the Saatva Latex pillow for and who I don’t recommend it for.

Who should try the Saatva Latex pillow

  • Shoppers looking for a luxurious pillow with a hotel-pillow feel should love the Saatva Latex pillow. I thought it had the fluffy, cozy vibe of a hotel pillow, but with more support.
  • Side and back sleepers should find the Saatva Latex pillow to be comfortable, as I felt properly aligned in both of these sleeping positions.
  • Hot sleepers shouldn’t find the Saatva Latex pillow overheating, as the shredded Talalay latex core promotes cooling and it has a breathable cotton cover.

Who should not try the Saatva Latex pillow

  • I wouldn’t recommend the Saatva Latex pillow to strict stomach sleepers. I actually think if you take the inner pillow out (this pillow has a pillow within a pillow design) it could work for stomach sleeping, but that’s not an ideal workaround for people who primarily sleep on their stomach.
  • This pillow is made with some high-quality materials, so it is priced on the higher end for a pillow. Therefore, it might not be the best choice for budget shoppers — although we do have a Saatva coupon to help you out.
  • If you’re looking for an adjustable pillow (many shredded fill pillows are adjustable), this pillow may not be the best choice for you.

What Does the Saatva Latex Pillow Feel Like? 

I personally tested the Saatva Latex pillow to get an idea of what it feels like and who it’ll be best suited for. However, keep in mind that feel is subjective, so you might have a different experience.

Saatva Latex Pillow Firmness

Here at Sleepopolis, we categorize pillows as either soft, medium, or firm. Each of these different firmness levels is best suited to a different sleeping position: soft for stomach sleepers, medium for back sleepers, and firm for side sleepers. However, there can be some variation.

I found the Saatva Latex pillow to have a medium feel. At first pass, this pillow has a super soft and plush feel from the down alternative filling, but the inner pillow made from latex provides additional support, giving the pillow an overall medium feel.

Saatva Latex Pillow Loft

Another factor to consider is your pillow’s loft, or height. Each sleeping position is also generally best suited to a different loft of pillow: low loft for stomach sleepers, medium loft for back sleepers, and high loft for side sleepers.

The Saatva Latex pillow has a fairly high loft because it’s so fluffy, but that fluff easily compresses beneath you so that it ends up being somewhere between medium and high. The down alternative-filled outer pillow conforms around you — much like a traditional down pillow — but then your head is supported by the inner latex pillow.

Now let’s go over my experience sleeping on the Saatva Latex pillow in different sleeping positions.

Side — I found the Saatva Latex pillow to be quite comfortable for side sleeping. The support from the inner pillow kept my neck aligned, while the soft outer pillow provided that cloud-like, ultra-fluffy feel. However, I will say some side sleepers with broader shoulders (who will have a greater distance between their neck and the mattress) or those who prefer a firmer pillow might not find the Saatva Latex to be the best fit, as it has a medium firmness.

Back — Back sleeping was my favorite sleep position with the Saatva Latex pillow. Once the pillow compressed beneath me, the loft was just right for keeping my head and neck elevated enough off the mattress, without causing my neck to crane upwards. Plus, I loved how my head sank into the down-alternative outer pillow for that hotel-pillow feel.

Stomach — I didn’t think the Saatva Latex was great for stomach sleepers. If you take the inner pillow completely out, it is actually decently comfortable for stomach sleeping, since you’re just left with a soft, low loft pillow. But if you’re a full time stomach sleeper, you’d likely be better off buying a pillow that’s better suited to sleeping on your stomach.

Under the Arm — The Saatva Latex works fairly well under the arm. Its fluffy exterior makes it nice and huggable, but the firmer inner pillow ensures that you have something to hold onto.

Between the Legs — I don’t think the Saatva Latex pillow is the best for sleeping with it between your legs, as it’s quite large. I would opt for something with a lower loft that’ll ensure your hips stay in alignment.

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Saatva Pillow
Saatva Pillow
Saatva Pillow

A fluffable mix of down-alternative and Talalay latex makes this pillow cozy, cool, and great for combo sleepers! 

What is the Saatva Latex Pillow Made Of? 

Cover: The Saatva Latex pillow has an organic cotton cover in a sateen weave. The cover has side gussets to maintain the shape of the pillow, and it can be unzipped to access the inner pillow or to machine wash.

Outer Pillow: The outer pillow is filled with microdenier fiber, a down alternative that gives the pillow its fluffy exterior. Saatva says this fiber is both hypoallergenic and breathable.

Inner Pillow Core: The inner core of the pillow is shredded natural latex. Latex foam is derived from rubber trees and is a common alternative to memory foam, as it is more durable, more responsive, and more cooling.

The Saatva Latex pillow is available in both a queen and king size. I tested the queen size for this review. Saatva does note that their sizes are slightly larger than standard queen and king sizes, so the pillow may not fit in standard pillowcases

Is the Saatva Latex Pillow Good for Hot Sleepers?

I think the Saatva Latex pillow is a solid option for hot sleepers. Latex is a great cooling material, as it maintains a naturally cool temperature. For many, this makes it preferable to memory foam pillows, which naturally retain heat. Additionally, the fill being shredded allows for airflow within the pillow, promoting further cooling and breathability.

When I was testing the Saatva Latex pillow, I didn’t notice it being cool to the touch, but I also didn’t find it overheating much. I’d say it maintains a temperature neutral feel, meaning it doesn’t feel overly hot or cold. 

Want to see more cooling options? Check out our best cooling pillows, as well as our best cooling sheets.

Saatva Latex Pillow Sizes and Prices 

If the Saatva Latex pillow sounds like the right pillow for you, I bet you’re wondering how much it costs. Here’s a breakdown of the prices, by size. 

Prices listed will be before discount or offer for each size, but be sure to click one of the coupons throughout this article to get the best price.

Queen28″ x 18″$165
King34″ x 18″$185
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Saatva Pillow
Saatva Pillow
Saatva Pillow

A fluffable mix of down-alternative and Talalay latex makes this pillow cozy, cool, and great for combo sleepers! 

My Final Thoughts About the Saatva Latex Pillow

The Saatva Latex pillow is a high-end product that combines the cloud-like feel of down with proper neck support, while also maintaining a temperature neutral feel. This pillow delivers on what I always want from ultra-fluffy hotel pillows, because I love that downy, cushy feeling but often find my head and neck sinking right through, throwing off my spinal alignment

The pillow-within-a-pillow design makes this one of the best pillows for sleepers with neck pain, especially those who love that down pillow feel. This is also a great pillow for back sleepers in particular, but can also work well for side sleepers and occasional stomach sleeping.

I also appreciate that this pillow’s outer cover is machine washable, as that will help to keep your pillow feeling fresh and clean. 

However, I wouldn’t recommend the Saatva Latex pillow to full-time stomach sleepers, as it’s not an ideal stomach sleeper pillow. I also wouldn’t recommend this pillow to anyone who doesn’t like that fluffy, down alternative pillow feel and instead prefers a more solid feel, such as from a memory foam block pillow. It is also a fairly pricey pillow, since it is made with such high-quality materials, so it might not be the best for budget shoppers.

Saatva Latex Pillow Policies and FAQs

How does the Saatva Latex pillow ship?

Saatva ships for free within the contiguous United States. They do not currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii, but they are able to arrange delivery with a freight forwarding company.

Does the Saatva Latex pillow come with a sleep trial?

Saatva offers a 45-night trial period for this pillow. This return policy says you can return the pillow within 45 days and receive a full refund.

Does the Saatva Latex pillow come with a warranty?

Saatva offers a 1-year warranty on this pillow.

Is the Saatva Latex pillow machine washable?

The pillow cover and outer pillow (the microdenier fiber pillow) on the Saatva Latex pillow are machine washable. The shredded latex core should not be machine washed.

Is latex hypoallergenic?

Yes, the latex core of this pillow is hypoallergenic, as well as mildew and dust mite resistant.

Saatva Latex Pillow Vs

Now let’s compare the Saatva Latex pillow with a competitor latex pillow: the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex pillow.

Saatva Latex Pillow vs Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

  • Like the Saatva Latex pillow, the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex pillow is also made with natural latex. Unlike the Saatva Latex, the core is a solid block of latex foam instead of being shredded.
  • This pillow’s latex core gives it a bouncy, responsive, and supportive feel and I rated it as medium firmness. The latex also maintains a cool temperature and the pillow’s organic cotton cover promotes breathability.
  • The Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex pillow is also available in two different lofts: high and low. Depending which loft you choose, this pillow can work for any sleeping position.
  • Read my full review of the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex pillow to learn more.
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Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow
Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow
Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

Combo sleepers can enjoy light, buoyant support to ease neck and back pain in every position!

Other Products from Saatva

Finally, here are my star ratings for the Saatva Latex pillow.

  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Durability
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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