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Best Hybrid Mattress

If you’ve been looking for mattresses online, you’ve likely come across the term “hybrid” in your search. Though this category is a little less straightforward than foam or innerspring, the idea is actually quite simple — hybrid mattresses combine foam with springs for a one-two punch of pressure relief and support. In recent years, these beds have come to dominate the mattress conversation, as much for their novelty as for their ability to satisfy a wide range of sleeper needs. However, though a hybrid may sound enticing, these beds are far from created equal, so landing on the right one for you may be trickier than you think.

But never fear, Sleepopolis is here! Below, we’re going to walk you through our absolute favorite hybrid mattresses on the market today and talk about the methodology we used to pick them. These options range from the soft and pressure-relieving to the ultra-bouncy and have been chosen to reflect a diversity of wants and preferences.

Best Latex

Lucid Hybrid

If you’re in the hybrid market for the bounce, you may want to consider snagging a latex hybrid like this 10” model from Lucid. Here, a buoyant top layer of latex foam overlays sections of memory foam and pocketed coils for a dynamic and lively structure. 


  • First and foremost, I love how bouncy this structure is! The buoyant lift from the latex coupled with the strong bounce of the pocketed coils produces some excellent mobility, which could be great for combo sleepers. 
  • I also appreciate the choice to position the latex on top of the memory foam. By doing this, the naturally cooling latex foam is able to quell the overheating tendencies of memory foam, resulting in a much cooler sleep. 
  • Lastly, the section of foam edge support around the bed could be a great feature for couples who need to use the entire surface area of the mattress. 


  • If you’re looking to really sink into your bed, this may not be the model for you, as you’re likely to feel more “on top” of it than “in” it. 
  • This is a relatively thin section of pocketed coils, so may not be the best for those after a more traditional innerspring vibe.
Lucid Hybrid
Lucid Hybrid

The Lucid Hybrid provides great bounce and support and has the awesome cooling benefits of a latex comfort layer!

Best Value

Linenspa Hybrid

The Linenspa Hybrid mattress is built with layers of plush memory foam and individually wrapped coils, so could be a great pick for folks in search of pressure relief and support. An added bonus? A Queen retails for just $180, making it an attractive value buy. 


  • The low price point is a big selling point here! If you’re a budget-conscious shopper looking to revamp your bedroom with a new mattress, this bed might be the one for you. 
  • With just a single layer of memory foam over its section of coils, the Linenspa evokes a classic innerspring feel, which could be great for more traditional sleepers. 
  • All in all, I think this bed could be a fantastic option for college students or young adults moving into their first place! 


  • Given the no-fuss design, there’s not a lot of body-contouring or deep pressure relief going on here, so may not work for those with aches and pains. 
  • Additionally, heavier sleepers may find they sink straight through the thin foam top layer, resulting in some discomfort as they interact mostly with the firm coils.
Linenspa Hybrid
Linenspa Hybrid

The Linenspa hybrid is an inexpensive option for those looking for a mattress with some bounce.

Best for Back Sleepers

Signature Sleep Reset

Hybrid mattresses can be great beds for back sleepers, as the combination of coils and gentle foam can do a lot to promote healthy spinal alignment. And in my opinion, there is no better hybrid bed for back sleepers than the Signature Sleep Reset. 


  • This is quite a firm mattress, which makes it a nice fit for back and stomach combo sleepers who need a little extra support at the hips and lumbar region. 
  • It’s also incredibly bounce, so could provide some satisfying mobility to those who need to move around and change positions in the night. 


  • Considering how firm the mattress is, it’s no wonder it may not be the best for side sleepers who tend toward softer structures for pressure relief. 
  • The bounce also results in high motion transfer across the surface, which could pose a problem for couples.
Signature Sleep Reset
Signature Sleep Reset

The Signature Sleep Reset provides the strong support recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

Best Firm

Ashley Furniture

Here, a 9” section of pocketed coils reigns supreme and makes for a bouncy and ultra-supportive structure. 


  • Back and combo sleepers could find a lot to love in the bed’s incredible bounce, which makes it easy to move around and change positions. 
  • I also like that the bed has a more traditional innerspring vibe, marking it as an excellent choice for those foam-avoidant sleepers in the bunch. 
  • And lastly, I’m a big fan of the fact that the bed is hypoallergenic, meaning it’s able to keep airborne pests (like dust and pet dander) at bay while you sleep. 


  • Side sleepers may find the structure just a bit too firm, resulting in some tension at the shoulders and hips. 
  • Even though there’s a layer of memory foam atop the coils, you’re not likely to get much sinkage or body-contouring from this mattress.
Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture

If you like the feel of an extra firm mattress, you may want to consider the Chime Express Hybrid from Ashley Furniture.

Best Memory Foam

Olee Sleep

For those who like the support of coils but also want the gentle pressure relief of memory foam, the Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid could be an excellent choice. 


  • Side sleepers could find a lot to love in the soft foam top layers of this mattress, which allow for pleasant contouring at the shoulders and hips. 
  • I also like that the memory foam here has been infused with cooling gel, helping to mitigate the overheating tendencies of memory foam. 
  • The marriage of lift and give in this bed also makes it a unique hybrid that could work wonders for those who want both sinkage and bounce. 


  • Overall, the bed may be too gentle for back and stomach sleepers who typically need more lift at the hips for spinal alignment. 
  • Additionally, the memory foam does dampen some of the bounce of the coils, so may not be a great pick for those looking for a particularly lively structure. 
Olee Sleep
Olee Sleep

If you want the pressure relief of memory foam, but don't want to feel stuck in a mattress, the hybrid build of the Olee Sleep Galaxy may be for you!

How We Picked

Now that we’ve gone over our best hybrid picks, let’s take a minute to chat about the methodology behind our choices.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a hybrid mattress is durability, especially when it comes to the types of coils used. Preference should be given to sturdy steel springs, as they’ll last much longer than coils made of other metals. Considering how much bounceback these mattresses experience, it’s crucial to land on a model that’ll be able to support this movement over the course of time. If you’re unsure of how strong or durable the coils are, pay extra close attention to the warranties and trial periods associated with the mattress — the longer the warranty, the better the quality.


An excellent hybrid mattress marries pressure relief with support by combining soft foams with buoyant coils. But that doesn’t mean any ol’ foam layer’s going to do. Instead, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for a diverse design that utilizes an array of different foams to achieve a balanced feel. Ideally, you’d want your hybrid to have at least two foam layers on top of its pocketed coils, so as to prevent any sort of abrupt transition throughout the structure. If you specifically need pressure relief at the shoulders and hips, look for a bed that utilizes memory foam in the comfort layers. If you sleep hot and are more interested in bounce than sinkage, consider a bed topped with latex.


Bounce is a hallmark characteristic of the hybrid mattress, but not all bounce is created equal. For a more “extreme” lift, look for a layer of steel coils without edge support or individual wrapping. For something more subtle, opt for pocketed coils or ones surrounded in a layer of foam edge support.


An important aspect of the bounce discussion is height, more specifically the height of the coil system. In hybrid mattresses, the typical range you’ll see is anywhere from 5” – 9”, with the bounce increasing with each new inch. In general, the taller the coil section, the more it comes to dominate the overall feel of the mattress i.e. making it firmer and more supportive.

Sleepopolis Tips

Still not sure how to find the hybrid mattress of your dreams? No worries! Check out some of our favorite tips for sorting through the online pile and landing on the bed that’s 100% right for you.

  • Couples should pay extra close attention to hybrids that feature individually wrapped pocketed coils and edge support. The former characteristic ensures lower levels of motion transfer while the latter increases the usable surface area of the bed.
  • It’s also important to spot the difference between beds with “pillow tops” and “foam comfort layers.” A pillow top is usually thinner than a foam comfort layer, so provides less body contouring and pressure relief.
  • Heavier folks may want to consider snagging a hybrid that features a “coil-on-coil” construction in which there are actually two layers of coils stacked on top of one another for added support.

Wrap Up

And that about does it for this guide to the Best Hybrid Mattresses on the market today! From bouncy value buys to beds outfitted with plush memory foam, these mattresses are guaranteed to liven up your bedroom and send you happily drifting off to dreamland.

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