Winkbeds PLUS Giveaway – 25 Days of Giving

Calling all heavy sleepers! For Day 23 of the 25 Days of Giving we have the Winkbeds PLUS!

Winkbeds PLUS is designed specifically for heavy sleepers and heavy couples – think extra support and a big focus on durability. Winner chooses the size for the Winkbeds plus, so get on and enter!

WinkBeds Plus Mattress Giveaway

The Winkbeds PLUS giveaway comes a week after our Winkbeds giveaway – so the innerspring love keeps on flowing! And make sure to enter our 25 Days of Giving remaining contests!

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74 thoughts on “Winkbeds PLUS Giveaway – 25 Days of Giving”

  1. I’m disabled and on a fixed income and needing a new bed. My bed was once a pillow top (its 15+ yr old). Based on the review, I would LOVE this bed!

  2. I LOVE it!!! I have learned so much from your reviews and videos and am thankful for your sharing and generosity this season. Thank you Sleepopolis. Good Luck and Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  3. I am in love with this bed ! `my daughter is in need of a new mattress !
    she is a little bit heavier , so its so nice that this mattress is made for the heavier person, also they can add a layer to the mattress is wonderful to..
    pillow top is really cool to !

  4. First I want to thank you for the opportunity to win this mattress. Your reviews are the most informative I have found, and the most complete. This mattress has so many positive features that I know my steel framed back would absolutely love it. To be able to sleep an entire night is a dream I wonder if I’ll ever experience again.

  5. I think this is amazing. Never knew mattresses were made specifically for heavy sleepers. My twins are heavy sleepers; this would be amazing!

  6. The Winkbed is beautifully designed. I love the tencel quilted cover, and the micro coils over pocketed coils construction. I even like the navy polka dot trim. I also like the Plus option that uses latex rather than the micro coils. I wish they had a softer version with the latex, too, but it’s a great option for plus size sleepers.

  7. The Winkbed is beautifully designed. I love the tencel quilted cover, and the micro coils over pocketed coils construction. I even like the navy polka dot trim. I also like the Plus option that uses latex rather than the micro coils. I wish they had a softer version with the latex, too, but it’s a great option for plus size sleepers.

  8. there are some wonderful attributes in this bed that I think I would love! A firm edge, as a side sleeper it important so you don’t end up on the floor. The cooling feature with options is awesome for those of us who sleep warm. The coil on coil for extra support should help those of us with less than perfect backs get a better nights sleep

  9. Honestly, I truly like how this mattress was constructed- the best of all worlds in durability and comfort. I’ve been looking for two solid years for a new mattress and this is one of the best I’ve yet to come across!

  10. I like that this company keeps the heavier sleeper in mind while designing their mattresses. This bed from Wink looks very well made and being a hybrid is definitely a big plus in the comfort, I’ve heard. Would love to win and thank you for the chance.

  11. The “Plus” line they have is wonderful! I would absolutely love to have this mattress. Such a nice step up from most I’ve seen. And especially a major step up from my coil mattress that is just so bumpy and uncomfortable!

  12. I like the structure and construction of the mattress! I like the thick pillow top. I sleep on my side and I like the way it did while he was on his side! It has also got some means of providing cooloness and that is a problem solver for me!

  13. Thinking this may be a perfect fit for my wife and I. I am 6’3″ 280 and my wife is borderline large. I also have two replaced hips and arthritis all over from a very nasty car accident years ago. The Winkbed might finally be the key to a restful night sleep that I have not had in over 25 years.

  14. The Winkbed Plus seems like a well made bed. Most mattresses I’ve owned have been coil, so the motion transfer is workable. Pressure wise I’d probally go for the softer verison. The option of Coolcontrol should be considered if getting this bed.

  15. Oh I never heard of WINKbeds until now and I want one so badly! Sounds just like what I need! Thanks for all the information and the opportunity to actually win one! Sweet!

  16. Of all the ones I have seen, the WinkBeds Plus Mattress is the one I most likely appreciate for a most beneficial sleep. I like very much the layers that offer comfort as well as support.

  17. This wink bed is for heavy sleepers and my husband is one heavy sleeper. He hears nothing and the snoring, yikes! This would be perfect for us. Comfortable & Durable. Will it help him stop snoring? If we win, I will let you know. Wink, Wink! Thanks Sleepopolis!

  18. WinkBeds is an online retailer selling hybrid mattresses in 3 firmness levels, as well as a Plus option for heavier individuals. And a mattress of this quality would easily go for $3K+ in a traditional retail store.

  19. I am not too sure about the coils and memory foam mix up but this really looks like a comfortable bed. I don’t think it will be a good fit for myself but perhaps for my husband it might work. It looks really soft. The review was nicely done.

  20. I like this mattress for several reasons. First I am a side sleeper and the edge support dosent give me the feeling I might fall off. My husband is disabled with back issues and the support for heavier people around 200 lbs is very appealing. Finally the pillow top for softness sounds really great

  21. With a man that is 300 lbs. this is a awesome fit for him, and like like a firm mattress also anyways but can sleep on a foam mattress no problem either. 2 sets of coils… the tempered pocket coils plus pocketed micro air springs make it a winner in my book.

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